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mattcharnock's LOMO LC-A Race Commentary (The Story So Far)

When I first had the idea for the race I thought it was going to be a quirky bit of fun, when LSI got involved it took on a whole new life. To the point where if I stop and think I am unsure if I can actually comprehend the magnitude of what is happening. So many people are now involved all over the world. This thought has really excited me.

When I started looking through the images that were coming back from the competitors I realized that this race is actually even bigger than my original thought. But how? It isn’t just the high quality of images that are coming through (I kind of expected them to be good!) It isn’t the volume of images that I am seeing (I mean if you guys are as addicted to shooting like me then I of course there would be lots) what struck me is the spectrum of images. The interpretations of the missions. Especially in the locations. These cameras are seeing everything, from great touristy attractions to more personal places. We are sharing your cities, your friends and in some cases your holidays. When stragelilgirl got her tattoo – we were there, when sugiyasatomi clung to her horse with her “super thighs” we clung to! All types of places are being explored shot and shared. we have been every where from museums about communism to horse drawn carriage rides arround a city, a river cruise exploring bridges to playing pool. And that’s what makes judging them so darn difficult! How to compare them? How do you remain objective? Let me tell you it isn’t easy – but I, for one, love it. So we all know who the winners are so far but I just wanted to share some of the shots and stories that have really stood out to me.

Firstly, in the first heat anarchy introduced the character of Mr. Flinky:

I have not just enjoyed watching his adventure through Europe, but have loved how each of the team has involved him and added this feature them selves.

I also loved northwardnimbus inclusion of a lyric from the song he was listening to while shooting.

One of my favorite stories was from halfawakehaiku and the Vigan River Cruise in which we hear about how the tour operators understood the global significance of the race so well that they rounded local people up just so the boat tour would happen. Brilliant

From halfawakehaiku

From rater

From strangelilgirl

From hanspan

From mephisto19

From sugiyamasatomi

But these are just my personal opinions. I have really enjoyed reading all the locations. And now I would like to give you some LC-A Race Statistics!

There has been 116 race Locations to read through from 19 Lomographers averaging 6.105 locations each

Of those 116 8 were about religious buildings and 8 were about bars 1 was about a kitchen

47 different types of film have been used by 19 Lomographers
6% of Lomographers used Kodak BW400 CN
8% used Lomo X-Pro 200

(see pie chart for the full break down)

The most commonly used brand is Fuji with 38% of Lomographers using it so far (10% more than Kodak)

So what do these facts tell us? Well 2 things – firstly I have had a very quiet day in the office and secondly you guys rock.

written by mattcharnock


  1. lomosexual_manboy


    Ha, Matt this is great. Way to break it down.

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  2. sugiyamasatomi


    Hahaha, this is really awesome! thank you for including me!

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  3. iliketwee


    ah! that picture by hanspan looks great!!!!
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  4. stouf


    Good job Matt ! I see you keep a close eye on your baby (the race)... And it's surely a beautiful baby !!!

    over 5 years ago · report as spam
  5. disdis


    Such a quiet and productive day in the office!

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  6. anarchy


    Awesome report, Matt =)))) I think we all agree that this race is something really really special =)

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  7. mephisto19


    thanks matt
    and i hope it was not the HAPPY friday!

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  8. vicuna


    Great recap and statistics of the race so far!! Hope for you that your day at the office wasn't so busy (was it on a friday? :) ... Can't wait to receive the cam and finalize the last round of the race... but still have some time to wait yet...

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  9. maxpinckers


    fantastic post man!

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  10. dirklancer


    I love you, man. But you already knew that.

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  11. spendospend


    safe as.... cant wait to see the same again once the whole race is done.. cheers matt!!

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  12. xbalboax


    this is madness! i love it, dont forget to add the 9 rolls of mitsubishi film i sent to my teammates!

    over 5 years ago · report as spam
  13. rater


    Nice recap! And xbalboax is right, Mitshubishi film is missing in the pie chart! And thanks for including one of my pics in your selection!!

    over 5 years ago · report as spam
  14. halfawakehaiku


    I like the analysis.That chart must have been a bitch to construct. Sometimes I get swept up in the competition but the locations always manage to bring me back to the fact that its the journey & collective not the piggy points.

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  15. hanspan


    thanks for picking one of my fave pics of my own too - i love my bucket pic!
    Go Euro team 1! xxx

    over 5 years ago · report as spam
  16. mattcharnock


    Glad you like it - ha ha! if i have missed any films that you have used drop me a message on my home and i'll update the chart of pie! mmmmm pie .... i'm hungry

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  17. cruzron


    that pie chart is just wild hahaha

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  18. zekiyeayse


    great commentary and yummy pie!!

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