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Presenting Lomography.com's Latest Feature: The FAQ Section

The long wait is over - as we finally unveil the extensive FAQ section on Lomography.com to solve all of your Website and Analogue camera woes and queries in one section!

Ever been on a headlock on how to load films and shoot with your pristine Lomographic cameras? Probably wondering how much Piggies you’ll receive for your contributions? Or maybe you’d like to save on shipping costs or facilitate product returns – The new Lomography FAQ is finally out and about!

Over the years, we have collected the most important and hardly sought-of questions from both the Lomographic Community and the LomoStaff. We’ve broken down the FAQ into the following sections:

Caters to questions specific to the Lomographic Society, Culture and Community. Questions such as What the Hell is Lomography? to What is the Membership Agreement of Lomographic Society International? are given light in this section.

Lomography Shop
The Lomography Shop section is divided into two sections. Lomography Shop Assistant is all about Navigating our Online Store and other product related pages, with questions like How do I go through the Product Categories?- to Where can I find the list of Microsites of Lomography?

The Customer Care subsection is the place to go to if you have questions regarding your purchases, or if you’d like to return a faulty product. Questions range from How do I pay for an item that I want to purchase? to The item I purchased is broken! Does this item have warranty?-

  • Watch out for changes with the way you Shop at Lomography soon!

Then we have the Member’s Benefits Section – bookmark this page for all those queries about the Lomography Online Magazine sections:

Finally, for all the Newbies and Seasoned Lomographers alike – the Camera and Film section answers all basic questions and minor modifications with your favourite Lomographic cameras and accessories! This section also features a slew of interactive instructional videos wonderfully crafted by the LomoStaff for your viewing pleasure!

We’re also putting up some surprises in the near future! Note: Some FAQ texts may be subject to change.

Liking the FAQ so far? Hate anything about it? Comment away and we’ll try to incorporate your requests! (given that they’re reasonable)

written by kazarareta


  1. kazarareta


    woot woot!

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    kudos! even videos on some topics!

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  6. ethermoon


    job with this one. :)

    oh, i will be ordering a mini by next next week. i've read about the avoidance of high taxes but i know you guys can do something about it, as what you've said :)

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  7. halfawakehaiku


    I think the what the hell is lomo answer seems pretty vague still.

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