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Being reassigned as the new web magazine editor, I guess it's about time I told you guys about myself and how I got into the wonderful world of Lomography!

I’ve always been a huge fan of photography. Hailing from a family of architects, product designers and painters I guess it was innate in me to be interested in the arts and humanities. My dad used to take a lot of photographs way way back in the 80s. He was tugging around around 8 SLR cameras and shooting just about everything until our house got broken in back in grade school (pretty sad), so it isn’t a new thing to me, but I must say that I’m not that much of a pro. Haha.

You could check out some of my Dad’s great shots here

I haven’t really taken any formal classes with photography as I am a graphic designer first and foremost, but have always been enthusiastic about taking photos here and there and fully appreciating the art. And then came Lomography. I first heard of Lomography when I was still in art-school, introduced to me by my basic drawing & illustrator professor back in Uni. I’ve then heard of these once-strange contraptions like the Holga, the Supersampler and the legendary Lomo LC-A

Since then, I’ve been really interested in getting my own Lomography camera. Living on a student budget though, it wasn’t until the late 2006 or 2007 when I got to purchase my first analogue camera, a Holga 120 CFN. I was intrigued by its capability to produce such mysterious vignettes and the square format. It eventually got me through the rest of my college years. Let’s just say that I really got hooked. I got myself a Pop9 and the Holga 135 Black Corner (pretty fairly new back then)

Then came the mentioning of my good friend and arguably one of the shapers of graphic design here in Manila, Jowee Alviar that Lomography was hiring new staffers for the redevelopment in their website. I was fresh out of college and was looking for a job. A good number of offers poured in and I almost signed a contract with a good ad agency here, but then I reconsidered the last-minute – deciding to take the risk in getting a job writing and designing for something I’m interested and akin to.

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It’s been a great ride so far – meeting new people (albeit remotely). Being a part of this diverse team that keeps the analogue photography spirit alive is one great feat!

My Lomographic collection grew on from there, and I finally purchased my own Lomo LC-A – for what is a staff member without this legendary piece of Russian relic on their bag?

Pushing through my second year working for Lomography and taking over my friend Lucas as the new Magazine editor, I hope there will be lots more stories to tell and photos to share with all of you guys!

Seeya guys around!

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Got your own interesting LomoStory to tell? Submit them here

written by kazarareta


  1. dogma


    Great story ;)

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  2. stouf


    Nice story, great shots ! Welcome in your new chair dude ! You know that now you're gonna be covered by e-mails from lomographers asking you crazy stuff now (including me) ? Ahaha ! What a responsibility ! Good luck mate ! And goodbye to Lucas, he'll be missed...

    over 5 years ago · report as spam
  3. kazarareta


    @dogma: thanks!
    @stouf: bring it on :) hope I could handle 'em all!

    over 5 years ago · report as spam
  4. cinzinc


    Great lomographic journey! You've been seen around the site so much, finally we know who you are!hehe. Keep up the great work! Us lomographers must be more than a handful at times.hehe. More success to you!

    *i didn't know Lucas was gone, its an end and a birth to a new chapter for Lucas and Kazareta! =)

    over 5 years ago · report as spam
  5. eyecon


    A nice story - and great pics!

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  6. panelomo


    good luck, kaz! :)

    over 5 years ago · report as spam
  7. kokakoo


    Good job! Aaron ,-)

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  8. breakphreak


    finally a few words from you, man :) cheerZ :)

    over 5 years ago · report as spam
  9. jblaze823


    Cool story and very nice shots

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  10. dd1212


    nice story :) it must be really cool to work on something u r passionate about! good luck on your new job! i agree with stouf , u will be getting lots of emails including from me hehe

    over 5 years ago · report as spam
  11. tattso


    see you soon in Hong Kong ;)

    over 5 years ago · report as spam
  12. kazarareta


    @everyone: thanks! really means a lot to me :)
    @tat: see ya soon!

    over 5 years ago · report as spam