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  • Fairy Tale Location: Langkawi, Malaysia

    Fairy Tale Location: Langkawi, Malaysia
    The Langkawi archipelago in Malaysia has a very relaxed atmosphere, gorgeous beaches, and great nature, which makes it a true fairy tale destination, straight out of your dreams.
  • Dataran Lang (Eagle Square) Langkawi, Malaysia

    Dataran Lang (Eagle Square) Langkawi, Malaysia
    Dataran Lang (Eagle Square) is the first sight that greets you when you arrive at Langkawi island by the sea. Dataran Lang has a huge sculpture of an eagle poised proudly facing the sea, welcoming you to this mystical island.
  • Pulau Payar Marine Park

    Pulau Payar Marine Park
    A very clean beach.
  • The Pulau Payar Marine Park

    The Pulau Payar Marine Park
    The Pulau Payar Marine Park is one of the most beautiful and exotic marine parks in Malaysia with an abundant and colorful tropical marine life.
  • A Break at Songkhla, Thailand

    A Break at Songkhla, Thailand
    Take a break from study. Take a break from busy working life. I love this place!
  • Eagle Square, Langkawi (Malaysia)

    Eagle Square, Langkawi (Malaysia)
    Eagle Square is an impressive landmark, with its monumental 12-metre high giant eagle signifying the Lang or brown eagle from which Langkawi got its name.
  • Sawasdee Hat Yai

    Sawasdee Hat Yai
    Hat Yai is the biggest city in southern Thailand and it has its own unique blend of cultures and traditions. It may not be the most beautiful city in Thailand but it can be a rewarding place to have a great time without spending too much money.
  • Pantai Cenang, Langkawi (Malaysia)

    Pantai Cenang, Langkawi (Malaysia)
    The most popular beach in Langkawi is carpeted by fine, white grains of sand that doesn’t stick to you.
  • The Bar Babylon Mat Lounge, Langkawi

    The Bar Babylon Mat Lounge, Langkawi
    The bar is an excellent place to have a drink with other travellers night or day. You can also order Shishsas (best on Cenang beach apparently) and beers from RM4 onwards on the beach till 12am.
  • Langkawi Island, Malaysia

    Langkawi Island, Malaysia
    Langkawi Island located at Kedah, Malaysia. Brimming with culture, mysteries, legends and an abundance of natural scenery, Langkawi is the perfect getaway for families or friends looking for a pleasant holiday. Visit Langkawi, you won’t regret it!
  • Hat Yai, Thailand

    Hat Yai, Thailand
    Hat Yai is the commercial center of Southern Thailand and a popular weekend destination for visitors from Malaysia. It is located 1300 km from Bangkok and about 50 km from Pedang Besar on the Malaysian border. Hat Yai’s particular interest is shopping – driven by Malaysian weekender the market stalls offer virtually everything.
  • Endless Langkawi

    Endless Langkawi
    Westin Langkawi Resort Spa - I saw this long jetty many times since the project was going on last year, but haven't got the right time to go there. Well, this time I've made myself another favorite album from there. By applying the green filter, I find it useful for strong sun ray reduction and it makes my pictures more clearer. It's not difficult to get to the location and you it's absolutely free to enter to that jetty, it's beside the Westin Resort hotel.
  • A Visit to My Neighboring City: Samila Beach, Songkhla

    A Visit to My Neighboring City: Samila Beach, Songkhla
    I visited Samila Beach on May 2012. It is located at Songkhla, Thailand, a city near Malaysia. It is about a 45-minute drive by from Hat Yai, Thailand. Most of the taxi or tuk-tuk drivers will fetch you from your location and bring you back.
  • Out to Sea @ Berjaya Langkawi Resort Malaysia!

    Out to Sea @ Berjaya Langkawi Resort Malaysia!
    Staying at the Berjaya Langkawi Resort in Malaysia is a great way to spend a relaxing beach holiday with your loved ones and friends!
  • Alor Setar

    Alor Setar
    Alor Setar, the place surrounded by huge rice fields. Travelling by car from Kuala Lumpur (Capital of Malaysia) will take you about 5 hours instead of 12 hours with a journey by train. But as a Lomographer, I prefer using train. Don't you? I went there once really early in the morning, just after the sunrise. You will see designed lamp posts along the street. These design represent the flag & history of Alor Setar. The air was so fresh, the sky was so gorgeous and the sun was so hot! I took my brunch at an old, clean and cheap "kopitiam" (coffee shop in Chinese). The food is just delicious. Don't forget to eat and shoot there! The ambience is just good for shooting. Few miles away, you will see some historical buildings. Muslim is the main religion in our country. Of course, mosque is the place for muslims to pray everyday. From city to town, from town to village. Here we go, the rice fields. I love huge, spacious and green scenery, because I cannot see this in my city anymore. My camera just couldn't stop shooting. Not many cars, little noise, just only green and blue colours in my sight. The "kampung" (village in Malaysian) is just in peace every day. Local people used to call the hill near their houses as The Elephant Hill. It just looks like a giant elephant lying on the ground. According to the local history, that hill was in the past a living-place for elephants. The Elephant Hill really looks good and is well-known. Besides just "green and blue", you can also find combination of "blue & blue" which means "sea & sky".
  • Hat Yai: Once a Bustling and Lively City

    Hat Yai: Once a Bustling and Lively City
    Hat Yai, a city situated at the southern region of Thailand is connected to the northern states of Malaysia. More than a decade ago, this bustling and lively city used to be well-favored by tourists; with visitors and shoppers from everywhere, but things seemed to have changed through the years.
  • A Wonderful Island in Malaysia - Langkawi

    A Wonderful Island in Malaysia - Langkawi
    Langkawi is located in Kedah, Malaysia. The word Langkawi is our nation language - Bahasa Melayu.
  • Krabi Beach, Thailand

    Krabi Beach, Thailand
    Krabi, known as the island paradise in Thailand. With its beaches, water and sun, I call it a heaven instead. =D
  • Songkhla, Thailand

    Songkhla, Thailand
    I wasn't aware that there is seaside at the Songkhla, till I found it on the map during my trip to Hadyai. Without hesitate, I asked a local business women of how to get there. A ride on a van or bus only takes roughly 30 minutes and it's only around cost around 30bath. I still remember my first impression towards Songkhla was - a small peaceful town.
  • Langkawi Island & Westin Resort Hotel

    Langkawi Island & Westin Resort Hotel
    If you are to have a totally relaxing summer holiday, Langkawi Island is your choice. There're so many beautiful beaches on this island where you can't resist stopping by and giving a good Lomo shot. And if you are to wish to soak under the sun in Langkawi Island, or to get your body tanned while facing the pretty sea view.

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