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  • Poetry Park in Marijampolė

    Poetry Park in Marijampolė
    Almost twenty five years ago in my town somebody spread rumours about new place to take time. This engaged local artists, specifically literates, to organize night verse reading which met with great success.
  • Water Tower in Marijampolė

    Water Tower in Marijampolė
    I remember this water tower since i was a little kid. This hard and tight build, 100m red bricks beast is located 500m from my house (in the west corner of my city Marijampolė).
  • Sugar House Urban Adventure Spot in Marijampolė

    Sugar House Urban Adventure Spot in Marijampolė
    Every morning from my bedroom window I can see high tower – chimney of sugar house. It was founded in 1931 and was the first industrial object in the region. In Europe Sugar from sugar beetroots people started to get in nineteenth century.
  • St. Archangel Michael Church in Marijampolė

    St. Archangel Michael Church in Marijampolė
    In my city, Marijampolė, catholic people have two places to visit on Sundays. One of them is St. Archangel Michael Church and another St. Vincent Saint Paul Church. Both of them have a great history and interesting facts, but for now lets have a closer look at the St. Archangel Michael Church.
  • Coffee Bar - Kavos Baras

    Coffee Bar - Kavos Baras
    Coffee Bar is a cafe for everyone who likes high quality coffee. There are some reasons why you should choose this bar: first of all it starts to work from 7 am in the morning, so this is a place where you can find me after the sunrise and before first lecture during winter seasons (and tell me, who doesn't like to take some photos of the sunrise?). Secondly, Coffee Bar bakes its own confectionery. You really need to try éclairs, "cause they're so tasty.
  • history Kaunas Oval Office Park

    history Kaunas Oval Office Park
    If you want to visit only the park just like me so you can come when ever you want, but if you want to enter the museum, come on Wednesday, because you won't need to pay for the ticket (it's the day when everyone can visit museum for free). Inside the museum you can find interesting stuff about Lithuania's history.
  • Kaunas Jazz festival

    Kaunas Jazz festival
    Festivals are always good. Why? Because you can change the routine of your day by dancing, singing and of course doing all the crazy LOMO things in the crowd. Kaunas Jazz festival started even in 1991 and today it is one of the biggest that kind of festivals not only in Lithuania, but even in the Eastern Europe.
  • Vytautas – the Great War Museum Park

    Vytautas – the Great War Museum Park
    You can find Vytauto Didžiojo karo muziejus (English: Vytautas the Great War Museum) in the Kaunas center. It was opened in 1936 and named after the Grand Duke of Lithuania, Vytautas. Inside of the museum you can find many interesting things like historical weapons and a thing that I am proud of - Lituanica plane, on which Steponas Darius and Stasys Girėnas had crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 1933.
  • Christ's Resurrection Church

    Christ's Resurrection Church
    Christ's Resurrection Church is a monumental Roman Catholic church in Kaunas, Lithuania which was consecrated three years ago and finally completed in 2005. This church stands atop Kauno Žaliakalnis (English: Kaunas's Green Hill) and has two towers: one is about 70 meters high and another arises from the main altar. Inside of the church there is an elevator which permits access to the church's roof (about 2 euros for one person), but you can take a cheaper way - stairs (less than 1 euro for one person). By the way, inside of cellarage house you can find a parish museum. During community events this church can accommodate more than 5000 people. Best time to access the church's roof is sunset or sundown or when someone is getting married. Of course don't forget to bring presents for the newlyweds!
  • Laisves aleja - Freedom avenue

    Laisves aleja - Freedom avenue
    Liberty Avenue is the main street (avenue) in Kaunas. As far as I can count so there are about 20 restaurants and cafes and more than 50 shops. At one end of the avenue there is a church and on the other it turns to Vilnius Street, which goes to the old town.
  • Kaunas

    First of all, I am living in this city at the moment, so there is no chance that you will not meet me if you're coming (smiling). Ok, the city is interesting - first of all, it is not so very tourist-like, but there are lots of things to see. Museums (even the Museum of Devils), theaters, cinemas, photo-shops (where a good film costs around 2 euros and the development of the film is only 80 cents) and of course the main streets.
  • “Stanczyki” railway viaducts in Poland

    “Stanczyki” railway viaducts in Poland
    If you ever gone travel through north east Poland and accidentally arrive in to a small village “Stanczyki” don‘t leave it without seeing one really impressive location. Just ask local people where could you find “Stanczyki” railway viaducts.
  • Kauno marios – Kaunas Lagoon

    Kauno marios – Kaunas Lagoon
    Kauno marios (English: Kaunas Lagoon) is the largest Lithuanian artificial lake created in 1959 on Neman River near Kaunas and Rumšiškės. It covers territory of 63.5 km² which is approximately 0.1% of the total territory of Lithuania. The greatest width of the lagoon is 3.3 km and the greatest depth is 22 m. In preparation of the dam opening 721 farms and villages were moved to different places. The entire Rumšiškės town was moved and now is an open air museum of traditional architecture. But nowadays it's a great place where you can take your Lomo camera and with some friends go for a swim. As you can see on the photos we took some beer and meat too. By the way, this place is terrific for the frogeye lovers! Usually during the summer Kaunas lagoon water is great. The last but not the least - don't forget to take something to fight with mosquitoes which are trying to kill you in the evening.
  • Train station in Marijampolė

    Train station in Marijampolė
    Marijampolė it‘s not a big town. It‘s in the seven place by size of all Lithuanian towns, but it‘s my home town and I Love it. Marijampolė don’t have a lot famous locations, but there are some which you definitely need to see.
  • Kudirkos Naumiestis

    Kudirkos Naumiestis
    This town is not very popular in Lithuania, and I even could never ever turn my car towards this town, but my girlfriend told me a story about one of the biggest sabotages in Lithuanian history of the 20th century.
  • Liškiava Monastery Complex

    Liškiava Monastery Complex
    Never stop getting excited hearing stories about superb locations in unknown places. I did understand that after visiting some small towns around my home, that I did not know they exist. For example, this Liškiava town is one of my pearls right now – I would advice everyone to visit it. It is a small village in south of Lithuania, but it's not the village itself.
  • Kaunas Days Festival

    Kaunas Days Festival
    Kaunas - is the second largest city in Lithuania, which was even the capital of Lithuania lots of years ago. Today this is a city, known for its basketball club "Žalgiris", basketball player Arvydas Sabonis and so on. So it is so natural, that the city with such history has got its own festival, which is called the "Kaunas' Days" festival (sometimes it is called only the "Day", not "Days").
  • Kaziuko Muge

    Kaziuko Muge
    Kaziuko Muge (English: Kaziukas Fair) - is a biggest annual Lithuanian folk crafts fair dating back to the beginning of the 17th century, held on the Sunday nearest to St. Casimir's Day, March 4, the day Saint Casimir Jagiellon died, and is referred to as Kaziukio mugė in Lithuanian, literary - Little Casimir's Fair. Kaziukas is a diminutive of Casimir in the Lithuanian language.
  • Zilinskas Art Gallery (Kaunas)

    Zilinskas Art Gallery (Kaunas)
    It is unfair, that such a big and great museum is known just like a "some art place with a nude guy outside". Anyway, it is true - the statue of the nude man is still near the front door and is often more popular than the gallery itself.
  • Žaliakalnis Funicular Railway

    Žaliakalnis Funicular Railway
    Žaliakalnis Funicular Railway is an electrically operated funicular railway in Kaunas, Lithuania. It is the oldest funicular in Lithuania and one of the oldest still working funiculars in Europe. It was officially launched on 5 August 1931.

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