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  • Yokozuna Shop in Hamburg

    Yokozuna Shop in Hamburg
    In Yokozuna shop artists can rent shelves, to make their art accessible to the world! In addition we you will find here lots of unique gift items and crazy art products for every occasion. We carry jewellery and shirts for the unique outfits and looks, and of course, Logographers always feel welcome, as we have a wonderful Lomographic selection
  • Photoautomat in Hamburg

    Photoautomat in Hamburg
    A wonderful discovery of the wonderful black and white Photoautomat at Feldstraße in Hamburg. I guess you all know those old instant photo booths where you could do 4 different snapshots (originally for using those pictures in your passport) or get as many of your friends into the cabin and try to get all the heads on one picture.
  • Welcome to the Holy Wackenland

    Welcome to the Holy Wackenland
    Every year a small village in the north of germany becomes the center of every Headbangers Universe. Follow Eyecon behind the scenes of the world´s biggest Metal Festival, the Wacken Open Air.
  • Elbe und Schanze (Hamburg, Germany)

    Elbe und Schanze (Hamburg, Germany)
    Hamburg is a exciting city with a "big wide world feel", combing industrial romantics of the harbor and the urban punk scene in the "Schanze".
  • Wacken Open Air - Faster, Harder, Louder

    Wacken Open Air - Faster, Harder, Louder
    The Wacken Open Air is the biggest Metal Festival in the world. Full stop. It is a miracle. The festival is happening during the last weekend of July. And all the tickets have been sold before 2009 had even begun. 65.000 tickets gone within a few weeks of sale!!!
  • Fischmarkt St.Pauli

    Fischmarkt St.Pauli
    "Frrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiischer Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisch, Leudddddddddde", "Schoooooooooooooooooooooooooookolade" and "Käääääääääääääääääääääässe ohne Ende". You don't have to understand a word, but you might get a feeling for the volume of the vendors at the fish market in Hamburg. It don't matter what you buy it is all about the experience of shopping.
  • Schwerin – Taken from a Fairy Tale

    Schwerin – Taken from a Fairy Tale
    Situated right in the middle of the Schwerin lake the Schwerin castle is an eye catcher for visitors. It looks really like a castle from a fairy tale.
  • Tall Ship Fridtjof Nansen

    Tall Ship Fridtjof Nansen
    Today I'd like to share a somewhat unusual location with you. If you're adventurous and would like to try new things (as I'm sure most lomographers do), this might be just for you.
  • Kubik

    The Kubik is what it is called. Like a Sausage is a Sausage, a carrot is a carrot, the kubik surely consists of square boxes. The special treat here is, that these boxes are illuminated and the surrounding installation of a club on the road.
  • Helgoland (The Red Island)

    Helgoland (The Red Island)
    Helgoland is known as Germany's only offshore-island situated somewhere in the North Sea. It belongs to Sleswig-Holstein although it is about 60km away from the coastline. The island is famous for its cliff line of red stone and especially for the only freestanding rock in Germany, the “Lange Anna”. Besides, there are millions of birds populating the island, most of them protected species which you can watch on guided tours exploring the island.
  • HSV Cemetery - Where Fans Lay Down For Good

    HSV Cemetery - Where Fans Lay Down For Good
    Hence my favorite team is in the number one spot right now in Germany it is time to bury all the other teams. Let's start with the HSV in Hamburg one of the greatest teams in the German Bundesliga. And how lucky they are: They have there own cemetery to be buried on ;)
  • Double-XX - The glas sensation in Hamburg

    Double-XX - The glas sensation in Hamburg
    I live just across an architectural sensation of our modern days. This is because where I live, nobody else lives and only people go to work. We are talking about „Double-XX“! A stunning object completely made of steel and glass. It’s two houses in form of X, which are surrounded by a facade made of glass. So the glass which you see as the outer shelves is not carrying the weight of the house.
  • Kubik Club in Hamburg

    Kubik Club in Hamburg
    The Kubik is a traveling club that is exactly what its name promises! A collection of glowing boxes that light up to the beat of the music (Billie Jean says 'hello').
  • Strand Pauli Beach Club (Hamburg)

    Strand Pauli Beach Club (Hamburg)
    When you live in a big city without any access to a beach you probably notice the beach clubs that grow like mushrooms in summer. Be it on top of a parking lot or at the most busy street in your town.
  • Hamburg - the City of Fish, Rain and My Dreams

    Hamburg - the City of Fish, Rain and My Dreams
    I still remember the first time I've been to this precious city. I immediately fell in love with its beauty, its atmosphere, its buildings, and of course its shopping street. ;-)
  • Secret Place - Sandtorhöft

    Secret Place - Sandtorhöft
    The harbor of Hamburg is a very busy place and I don't mean the ships that sail down the Elbe. I speak of the millions of tourists that pass by the Landungsbrücken everyday; that stroll alongside the most touristic part of the harbor. I love this place because it is never the same and it changes with every ship that enters the harbor.
  • Bullerdeich In Hammerbrook

    Bullerdeich In Hammerbrook
    The area I live in is basically not inhabited. Hammerbrook in Hamburg is an industrial- and business-territory. But there are lofts and there am I. I live in an Artists House where people live in lofts and start projects together, but this very spot will be explained in a few weeks. The main objective is the Bullerdeich: It is one fantastic secret wild park close to my flat.
  • The St. Pauli-Elbe Tunnel in the Heart of Hamburg

    The St. Pauli-Elbe Tunnel in the Heart of Hamburg
    The St. Pauli Elbe Tunnel also known as the old Elbe tunnel with its approx 425 meters long, tiled tunnels invites you to a journey into the past. Ever since a native of Hamburg showed me the tunnel, I have visited this impressive site on my visits to Hamburg for walking and shooting.
  • Ferry harbour cruise - Hamburg

    Ferry harbour cruise - Hamburg
    Hamburg, Landungsbrücken. Men with blue hats advertise the “Große Hafenrundfahrt” (harbour cruise). Their shouts ring in my ears while I make my way to the ferry pier. I don’t want to pay a lot of money for a harbour cruise when I can have one without stupid cock-and-bull stories.
  • The "Michel" (Hamburg)

    The Michel, actually St.Michaelis Kirche, is Hamburgs landmark. And it is also the most famous church in the city. With the biggest clock in Germany. Everybody knows this church and you can always see it when strolling through the main parts of the city.

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