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  • Spooky Amersfoort

    Spooky Amersfoort
    Even an uneventful town like Amersfoort, Netherlands, has it's spooky little corners. Like the oldest cemetery in Amersfoort, the Rusthof.
  • Lomowalk Nijmegen

    Lomowalk Nijmegen
    This is a brief article about the recent Lomowalk in Nijmegen.
  • First Lomo Meeting Nijmegen, NLD

    First Lomo Meeting Nijmegen, NLD
    March 13, 2011 was the day we finally organized a Lomo meeting in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. There where some start-up problems, but the day itself was a big success!
  • Amsterdam, the Water City

    Amsterdam, the Water City
    What’s the essence of a country? What’s the feeling that you get from a land? What defines city flavour? What remains in your memory when you leave a certain place? What’s Tipish Nederlandese about Amsterdam? If there's one thing that best characterizes it, it has to be without a doubt, the canals. The canal system running through the city resembling blood veins and giving it life.
  • Goffertpark Nijmegen

    Goffertpark Nijmegen
    Goffertpark is an outdoor concert venue located in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. You can also find the NEC Nijmegen stadium here. It is sixty acres of woodland and heathland that was transformed into a spacious park which now includes a sports field, stadium, tea house, and even a zoo.
  • Amsterdam Street-Markets

    Amsterdam Street-Markets
    One of the most interesting shopping possibilities in Amsterdam is the several street-markets which can be found all over the city. The most famous one is maybe the Waterlooplein –market. There you can buy second-hand clothing but also new clothes, dvds, cds, rummage, and so on. It has its own metro-station and it is open from Monday to Saturday, 8:30 am – 5:30 pm.
  • Dutch Record Stores - #2 Waxwell Records, Amsterdam

    Dutch Record Stores - #2 Waxwell Records, Amsterdam
    The second shop I’ve covered for my Lomography record store series, is Waxwell Records. Waxwell Records is co-owned by Taco and located at the Gasthuismolensteeg. Because of their Hip Hop attitude, almost every genre of music is present in the shop. This draws both well known artists and tourists and parents. By means of attracting more customers, Waxwell Records is also present on different social media.
  • Visiting the Rotterdam Zoo with a Fisheye

    Visiting the Rotterdam Zoo with a Fisheye
    At a ten-minute walk from Rotterdam Central Station (or a ten-minute bike ride from my home) is Rotterdam Zoo (Dutch name: Diergaarde Blijdorp). For me it's a bit of nostalgia, but this is also one of the most beautiful zoos in Europe. The enclosures are spacious and green, there are almost no fences (especially ditches) and the amount of animals is enormous.
  • The Festival Season in Holland Begins with Paaspop!

    The Festival Season in Holland Begins with Paaspop!
    What better way to begin the festival season than with the Paaspop in Schijndel, The Netherlands. Paaspop is a 3-day festival (22nd -24th April) and has 10 circus tents with national and international acts. Dance, pop, rock and theater are combined into 3 days of awesome partying!
  • The Sensuous Bricks of the Amsterdam School

    The Sensuous Bricks of the Amsterdam School
    There are many reasons to visit Amsterdam: a beautiful century center, drugs, Anne Frank, Rembrandt, a Lomo Gallery Store... When it comes to architecture, there is more to Amsterdam than the 17th century stepped gables and canals. In fact, there's a whole architectural style named after Amsterdam: the Amsterdam school. I took some of my first lomographic photos of these buildings, but they are dying to be photographed by you as well!
  • Amsterdam

    One of my favorite places in Amsterdam is Amsterdam itself. It has so much diversity, you can't imagine. Every day there is a new face to this city, revealing it's true nature to the eye of the beholder...
  • At the beach in Zandvoort

    At the beach in Zandvoort
    Zandvoort in the Netherlands is always good for a nice day at the beach. The name comes from "sand" and "ford" (voorde) - and if Zandvoort is known for one thing, it's vast beaches. So put your suntan on and get ready to have the time of your life!
  • Amsterdam Grachten

    Amsterdam Grachten
    What makes Amsterdam such a special city are the Grachten which crosses the whole (inner) city annular. “Gracht” is Dutch for canal. The Grachten are small waterways spanned by lots of bridges. The start of their building was in 1612 because of more comfortably transport of wares form one depository to another but also for drainage and defense.
  • De festival opener van het jaar, Paaspop!

    De festival opener van het jaar, Paaspop!
    Paaspop in Schijndel - beter kan je het festivalseizoen niet beginnen! Paaspop is een driedaags festival dat plaats vindt op 22, 23 en 24 april. Er zijn 10 circus tenten met nationale en internationale acts, zoals dance, pop, rock en theater. Dat levert je zeker een geweldig paas weekend op!
  • A Not-So Pirate Life

    A Not-So Pirate Life
    Since my boyfriend is a huge sailing fanatic, and I enjoy lounging around on boats, we decided to do one more boating session before he moves to the USA. His dad, a sailing mate, brother, and brother's girlfriend joined us and it was a great sunny day on the water!
  • Abstract Amsterdam

    Abstract Amsterdam
    A week in Amsterdam was enough to convince me of its charming nature as well as its dual personality!
  • Panbos Pretty Little Forest near The Beach

    Panbos Pretty Little Forest near The Beach
    Near the coast of Katwijk lies a pretty little forest, ideal for lazy afternoons by yourself or with the whole family.
  • Knokke - Het Zuin nature reserve

    Knokke - Het Zuin nature reserve
    If you are in Belgium, have already visited all the tourist “musts” and still have an extra day or two to spend in the country, you might consider to go on a cycling or hiking tour to the Knokke-Heist area. It is one of the most interesting destinations in the Belgian coast with its 12 kms of sandy beaches and 3500 hectares of polders and dunes, with signposted walking and cycle routes, not to forget Het Zwin, a surprising nature reserve and bird sanctuary that stretches from the end of Het Zoute over the Belgian-Dutch border.
  • Vacation in Amsterdam

    Vacation in Amsterdam
    Amsterdam... one of my favorite cities I have ever spent my holidays! There are lots of sightseeing objects in Amsterdam, for example the Van Gogh Museum. It is the main museum with Van Goghs works, also very early ones. Also very interesting is the Rijksmuseum, where you can watch Dutch art from 16th to 19th century or the Rembrandthuis, which was the house of Rembrandt (what a surprise!).
  • Not-So Sunshine-y Beachcombing

    Not-So Sunshine-y Beachcombing
    Zandvoort is a beautiful place at the coast of the Netherlands. It’s only about 20 minutes away from Amsterdam. I remember the visits we made here when I was still a kid, back when Zandvoort was the beach for people who had little less to spend. Currently Zandvoort is more of a hip place where everyone can be found though.

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