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  • Steinhude

    I was born and grew up there - a little village in the west of Hanover, Germany. The village lies next to a large lake called "Steinhuder Meer" where you can sail, surf and swim in summer and ice-skate and play ice hockey in winter - provided that the winter is very cold and the lake freezes. Unfortunately, we are in a touristic place and thousands of visitors come every year to stay there for holiday or to relax. So there is hardly a place for the natives to stay besides in/on the lake ? I love to sit on one of the many piers, watching the birds, the boats, the tourists and the sailing boats. It's simply relaxing and it is home to me.
  • Eiscafé Dolomiti

    Eiscafé Dolomiti
    Okay... Everyone says "here you can get the best ice-cream ever", but believe me, here in our region it IS the very best ice-cream you can get! People come from everywhere and queue more than half an hour to get these sweet little ice-balls in so many different tastes. It is summer, the sun is shining, you have had some nice food and what are your plans? Eat ice-cream.
  • Your local Laundromat

    Your local Laundromat
    I bet most of you are cleaning your clothes at home! It´s so comfortable, just load up the machine and move back to the TV set But honestly, you miss something....pay a visit to your local Laundromat could be the beginning of a real "clean" friendship.
  • Restaurant Silbervogel (Silverbird)

    Restaurant Silbervogel (Silverbird)
    When I passed by this location for the first time I was thinking I was daydreaming!
  • Flea Market Hannover Leineufer

    Flea Market Hannover Leineufer
    What's better than spending a Saturday at the flea market hunting for old cameras and other precious snips? The flea market at the bank on the river “Leine” is one of the oldest flea markets held every Saturday in Germany. From 8am 'til to 4pm, you can go hunting and haggling for bargains or just enjoy the bazaar-like atmosphere.
  • Badeinsel (Steinhude)

    Badeinsel (Steinhude)
    When browsing through the Lomolocations I’ve already submitted to this ever growing collection of travel anecdotes you probably notice that most of my locations are situated near the water.....
  • Expo 2000 Area Hannover

    Expo 2000 Area Hannover
    It´s 9 years now already since the world was visiting Hannover for the Expo 2000. Since then the whole area becomes a perfect location for lomo enthusiasts from all over the world.
  • Boule

    I always play it at church-garden in Lindhorst. They have two places there where you can play. When I started, I thought it was a quite boring game. You throw a little wooden ball they call piglet and a heavy metal ball. And wait. Till they tell you, it is your turn again. All balls look the same and I didn't understand who is next.
  • Any Fairground around...

    Any Fairground around...
    There is this old Simply Red song: Driving down an endless road Taking friends or moving alone Pleasure at the fairground on the way. Not that I´m a big fan of Simply Red but the lyrics kind of fits the location I want to introduce to you.
  • Communication Center APO

    Communication Center APO
    A house with a tower doesn't have to be the Tower of London. In Stadthagen it is Kommunikationszentrum Alte Polizei (short: Apo) (communication centre of former/old police), a place to meet with a café, youth-centre, a stage, a gallery and lots of meeting points.
  • Sankt Martini Kirche

    Sankt Martini Kirche
    Do you know Wese-renaissance? No? Okay... You surely know Renaissance and Weser is a river in lower Saxony, Germany. Along River Weser were built up lots of houses, churches and castles during the era of renaissance. For example Saint Martins Church in Stadthagen. I like this church! It is very big if you compare it to the size of Stadthagen and you can see it from everywhere when you get closer to Stadthagen. It really dominates the skyline.
  • St. Boniface Minster

    St. Boniface Minster
    In 812 Count Bernhard requested the church he has founded to be used as the last resting-place for himself and his wife Christina. So after his death in 826, the church became a monastery of Fulda Abbey. Saint Romanus' relics were transferred from Rome and kept in the crypt.
  • Gardens of Herrenhausen

    Gardens of Herrenhausen
    Well this sounds a bit like a boring lomolocation - garden, flowers, old people, tourists. But I want you to first read this text (that took me hours to write!) and do not skip the first paragraph with the historic facts! Then you will see why I like this location and why it is worth to pay a visit.
  • Cafe Stuben (Hamelin)

    Cafe Stuben (Hamelin)
    It must have been 1997 when I made a boat trip on river Weser with some friends and people from Ukraine for environment politic-reasons. We stopped in Hamelin and a woman from Hamelin showed us a place to eat breakfast, so we did.
  • Schützenfest

    The Hanoverian Schützenfest is the biggest event in summer. Although all small cities, townships and villages around Hanover have their own Schützenfeste, not one of them can be compared with the event in Hanover. They all have one in common: the shooting clubs of the towns have shooting matches to determine their champion shooters (Schützenkönig/königin, Bürgerkönig, Jugendkönig). In a huge procession these champions are then celebrated.
  • House of Birth of Wilhelm Busch

    House of Birth of Wilhelm Busch
    Do you know Max and Moritz? The two characters from a book, two boys working against every authority existing in their small world like teachers or an old widow. The whole text is written as a poem. Or "die fromme Helene"? Sure you know them. Maybe they are called differently in your country. I saw the names, but forgot them all!
  • Hofcaf Bruns no 2

    Hofcaf Bruns no 2
    Self-made cakes and always very good exhibitions.
  • Siesta Fiesta Bar

    Siesta Fiesta Bar
    You want a place for a party? Get to know funny, cool and creative people? So wait to be invited to Siesta Fiesta Bar! Parties there are the best! A few years ago, some young guys out of our county, Schaumburg (lower Saxony), had the idea to build up a group of interested people. Interested in what? In sports, youth stuff and culture. So they started and it grew bigger and bigger. They started organizing sport activities like football matches, foot bagging and table soccer and entered culture life of Stadthagen and Schaumburg. They got money and rented two rooms in Stadthagen: one is an office where you can meet and organize events, the other room is a bar, totally self-organized by the people there.
  • Lichtmalerei in XXL

    Lichtmalerei in XXL
    (Please note, this article is in another language)
    James Turrell stellt in Wolfsburg aus - noch bis April 2010
  • Lost Places - Continental Limmer

    Lost Places - Continental Limmer
    (Please note, this article is in another language)
    Der letzte Lomowalk in Hannover führte uns auf das verlassene Fabrikgelände der Firma Continental. Wo früher alle erdenklichen Teile aus Gummi hergestellt wurden, findet man heute eine brachliegende Industrieruine, die zum Fotografieren anregt!

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