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  • Soviet II WW monument

    Soviet II WW monument
    After the second world war, the winning soviets wanted to put a memorial for the Soviet soldiers in Berlin. The monument composed of a giant Entrance between two massive constructions with the sickle and the hammer with two statues of a soldier and a praying woman. Then it opens on a big Statue showing a soldier. The most impressive are these two constructions, like a giant triangle with sharp edges in a red-brown colour.
  • Trabi Safari

    Trabi Safari
    Since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the Trabant, that infamous East German "wundercar", has become a cult icon of the reunification of Germany, and of the new Berlin. The Trabant assembly line at VEB Sachsenring in Zwickau has long since shut down, and while they were once numerous, Trabants (or "Trabis", as they are affectionately called) are becoming more and more scarce on the streets of Berlin, and elsewhere. A combination of old age, lack of spare parts, stricter emission standards, and quite frankly, more efficient, modern vehicles has been the Trabant's harbinger of doom for many years. As such, they are not as common to find as they once were, making it harder for the self-admitted Trabi-addict to find and drive one.
  • Holocaust Memorial (Berlin)

    Holocaust Memorial (Berlin)
    A 19.000 square meter huge site covered with 2.711 cement blocks, or also called "stelae". All of the stelae have the same length of 2,38m, same width of 0,95m and vary in the height from 0,2m to 4,8m. Due to the wavy ground the whole site gets a shape of a huge wave. The architect Peter Eisenman produced an uneasy and confusing atmosphere on the site that once located the Reichskanzlei (Reichs Chancellery) of Adolf Hitler during the Third Reich.......
  • Walking Among the Skycrapers in Potsdamer Platz, Berlin

    Walking Among the Skycrapers in Potsdamer Platz, Berlin
    I like skyscrapers, I've always loved these incredible buildings, in fact, they fascinate me, and one of my dreams is to visit New York, but instead I was in Berlin. And I needed to visit Potsdamer Platz. Now I invite you to visit one of the most impressive and modern cities in the world from the hand of the plastic lens of my Diana F+.
  • Visiting the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

    Visiting the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin
    I was visiting and taking photos in the Brandenburg Gate area of Berlin, one of the highlights of the city where street artists and tourists go everyday. This is also one of the most important city monuments around the world.
  • A Night Out with Diana in Berlin!

    A Night Out with Diana in Berlin!
    The lovely Diana F+ captured our Berlin holiday like no other! After finding her patiently waiting for us on the shelf in a small shop in Amsterdam, she instantly became our new best friend! We pointed her all over the place but had the most fun with her when we took her out on the town in Berlin!
  • Ernst Thälmann Park: Hidden Greenery in the Heart of Red Berlin

    Ernst Thälmann Park: Hidden Greenery in the Heart of Red Berlin
    There is always something new to discover in Berlin, if you're curious enough to look in all the wrong places. Hidden behind a giant Communist head in Prenzlauer Berg is one of the best parks in the city. You'd never know it from the outside!
  • Flea Market Mauerpark

    Flea Market Mauerpark
    Sunday Paradise in Berlin for all flea market lovers. Big and crowed market full of various stuff: books, ceramics, furniture from 70's, and kitschy gadgets, vintage jewelry, t-shirts made by Berlin artists and more... Your catchy eye will be busy there. It was established in 2004 and has quite a local feel. The market is located near Maurer Park, so after you will be done with shopping you may have rest there or in the beach bar listening house music. Maurer Park has specific mood, some say it is ugly, but graffiti makes it look very colorful. Have a good Sunday shopping from 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.!
  • Vacation in Berlin

    Vacation in Berlin
    If you live in a little village like me where nothing happens at all vacation means travelling to a big city like Berlin where you can feel life pulsating! It's a really great city with lots of different faces and places, and the people I met were very friendly and open-minded.
  • Sony Centre

    Sony Centre
    The Sony centre in Berlin is one of the main buildings of the architectural renovation of the Potsdamer Platz, in the centre of Berlin. You can find there many shops, private apartments and the German film museum. When you enter (its free) in the centre, you'll immediately be impressed by the big glass and metal dome above your head.
  • Lapidarium in Berlin

    Lapidarium in Berlin
    In Lapidarium in Berlin, there are a lot of huge monuments and statues of key figures of German history. These are all very old and huge.
  • Berlin by S 7

    Berlin by S 7
    Early this year wanted to spend 4 days in Berlin, but all spirits of good weather worked against me. It was ice-cold, stormy, and raining and snowing in change. So I decided to make sightseeing by suburban train.
  • Siegessäule

    Berlin, October 2004, three young people pay a visit to a good friend. Although all three have already been to the capital at least once, we do a little bit of sightseeing. The weather is fine and we're all in a brilliant mood. "Let's try to get on top of the Siegessäule!" I've always wanted to do that. Even my grandma was once on top of this monument and had left a message there (probably covered under ten layers of paint now). "No, you can't get up there!" argues Matthi, but he's wrong.
  • Berliner Mauerparkflohmarkt

    Berliner Mauerparkflohmarkt
    Berlins famous Mauerpark-Fleamarket! Definately a place you should visit when you got a chance to be around in this stunning city!
  • Doing Some Lomos in the East Side Gallery, Berlin

    Doing Some Lomos in the East Side Gallery, Berlin
    Let's take a Lomographic Walk in the East Side Gallery and discover how street art is linked with the story of one of the most exciting cities around the globe. Meet with other tourists, all of them with a camera in hand, talking and watching the wall and its artworks, it's a must-see!
  • Lomographing Potsdam, Berlin

    Lomographing Potsdam, Berlin
    Potsdam is a German city located near Berlin, famous because of Sanssouci Palace because it was the home of several sovereigns that established their big and luxurious palaces there. I invite you to discover Potsdam palaces, especially its great gardens trough the plastic lens of my Diana F+.
  • Humboldthain Park

    Humboldthain Park
    The old flak towers of this bunker complex offer the finest of panoramic views.
  • Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche

    The Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche is situated on the Breitscheidplatz at the Kurfürstendamm in Berlin Charlottenburg. It was built from 1891 to 1895 in memorial of Emperor Wilhelm I. The first church was designed by Franz Schwechten, the royal government building officer at this time.
  • Two is Better than One: Berlin² Workshop

    Two is Better than One: Berlin² Workshop
    What's better than a roll of film with pictures of Berlin? A double exposed film with pictures of Berlin, that's what! Simply Berlin²!
  • The Television Tower is Over Our Heads in Berlin

    The Television Tower is Over Our Heads in Berlin
    Now I'll show you another part of Berlin, the famous television tower, one of the symbols of the city and the country. It's the king of the Berlin skyline and it's a good way to find your way "home" if you're a tourist like me! :)

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