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  • Potsdamer Platz

    Potsdamer Platz
    Potsdamer Platz is a traffic junction of the Berlin district Tiergarten between the formerly city center of East Berlin and the new “Berlin West”.
  • Spring Walk at the Lake Shore of the Scharmützelsee

    Spring Walk at the Lake Shore of the Scharmützelsee
    The Scharmützelsee which is situated near Berlin is a very good destination for mini-breaks or day trips and a good opportunity to let it all hang out. Little snacks and a few rays of sunlight helped me to travel back to my childhood.
  • Ferropolis Steel or What?

    Ferropolis Steel or What?
    Ferropolis, which is situated near Dessau and also called “the city made of steel”, is a former mining area. Today, a lake, huge mining machines and a concert arena await the visitors.
  • Exploring Abondoned Spaces: Teufelsberg Berlin

    Exploring Abondoned Spaces: Teufelsberg Berlin
    The Teufelsberg (Devil's Mountain in english) is the highest hill - you won't really call it a mountain - around Berlin. It was erected after World War II and is made out of hard dirt and leftovers from the war. During the Cold War the Americans built a monitoring station up there. The building, with it's five rotten but still impressive radar-towers, is still up there and ready to be explored.
  • The Wall Monuments

    The Wall Monuments
    You can find Wall Monuments all over the city of Berlin. They are charted in mostly every city map of Berlin and are easy to reach with the S-Bahn or on foot. The most popular and largest Wall Monument (1316 m long) is the East-Side-Gallery in the Mühlenstraße between the Ostbahnhof and the Oberbaumbrücke along the river Spree. It is called East-Side-Gallery because after the Fall of the Wall in 1989 artists from all over the world commented the political changes of the years 1989/90 in 106 paintings and graffiti and it is on the formerly east side of Berlin. Lots of those paintings are strongly weathered in the course of time - mostly because of urban emissions. So there was found an association to save this Wall Monument from further destruction and it was renovated and conserved. The East-Side-Gallery is a listed building.
  • Picnic on the Take-off Strip

    Picnic on the Take-off Strip
    The former area of Belin-Tempelhof Airport is now a park at the heart of Berlin and is available for everyone to relax and enjoy some free time activities. As usual in this city, history and modern lifestyle are closely intertwined: you can lie back, chilling out with a fresh beer on the take-off strip of a heritage airport, welcome to Berlin!
  • Bauhaus

    Dessau is a small city 100 km south of Berlin. It is pilgrimage town for all those architecture addicts (that in some cases coincide with lomo addicts, or lomographers).
  • Ladies' Weekend in Berlin!

    Ladies' Weekend in Berlin!
    So, at the end of last year I decided it was time for a ladies' weekend. My best mate was wrapping up the shoot of a TV show that ended in Berlin. So, naturally, I’m never one to turn down a wrap party!
  • An Afternoon at Tempelhof Airport

    An Afternoon at Tempelhof Airport
    The former Tempelhof Airport nowadays, is one of the most amazing public parks in Berlin. Its history is full of feats and achievements which make it one of the essential stops in the city.
  • Craziness at Checkpoint Charlie

    Craziness at Checkpoint Charlie
    Just arrived from Milan, me and my boyfriend ran into these brilliant and crazy boys close to Checkpoint Charlie. Luckily I had my Holga135 at hand for a super quick lomo picture before they ran away!
  • Christmas Market of the Continents

    Christmas Market of the Continents
    Who would like to have Christmas gifts from around the world but does not want to travel halfway across the world for it? For this type of people there is the Berlin-Dahlem, the (Christmas) market of the continents.
  • Museum for Photography Berlin - Helmut Newton Foundation

    Museum for Photography Berlin - Helmut Newton Foundation
    Beautiful women, nudity, old cameras and lots of Helmut Newton to see at the Museum of Photography in Berlin.
  • Trabi Safari

    Trabi Safari
    Since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the Trabant, that infamous East German "wundercar", has become a cult icon of the reunification of Germany, and of the new Berlin. The Trabant assembly line at VEB Sachsenring in Zwickau has long since shut down, and while they were once numerous, Trabants (or "Trabis", as they are affectionately called) are becoming more and more scarce on the streets of Berlin, and elsewhere. A combination of old age, lack of spare parts, stricter emission standards, and quite frankly, more efficient, modern vehicles has been the Trabant's harbinger of doom for many years. As such, they are not as common to find as they once were, making it harder for the self-admitted Trabi-addict to find and drive one.
  • Privat Club Berlin

    Privat Club Berlin
    While on a tiny tour which I helped organize for two of my friends, we came to Berlin. The last time I've been to Berlin was 12 years ago and I had no real clue what to expect. I didn't even know the club we rented but it was a fun night, thankfully I have the photographs to remember it by.
  • Park Sanssouci (Potsdam)

    Park Sanssouci (Potsdam)
    “Sanssouci” is French for “without sorrow”. And you can really immerse yourself without sorrows in ancient times when wandering through the park in Potsdam south-eastern of Berlin.
  • Spreepark (Berlin, Germany)

    Spreepark (Berlin, Germany)
    On the outskirts of Berlin in the heart of the Treptow district, lies the remnants of what was once the only amusement park in the former German Democratic Republic (Deutsche Demokratische Republik, or East Germany). Built amidst a forested area known as the Plänterwald along the banks of the river Spree, the park was opened in 1969 as "Kulturpark".
  • Visiting the Bundestag Dome @ Berlin

    Visiting the Bundestag Dome @ Berlin
    I invite you to discover one of the most emblematic buildings in the heart of Berlin, a beautiful place in the centre of the city and where you can enjoy the stunning views of the city.
  • Berlin Museum of Natural History

    Berlin Museum of Natural History
    “Oskar“ – the huge brachiosaurus skeleton in the entrance hall – together with other skeletons of dinosaurs such as an archaeopteryx without doubt the highlight of the Museum fuer Naturkunde (Berlin Museum of Natural History).
  • Olympia Stadium Berlin

    Olympia Stadium Berlin
    The Olympia stadium in Berlin is the most beautiful stadium in the world... in the eyes of all fans of the local football club Hertha BSC. And so is my opinion. It was built for the Olympic Games in 1936 and therefore it was built majestically to serve Hitler's delight in eternal propaganda for the German Reich.
  • Hi-Flyer Berlin

    Hi-Flyer Berlin
    Easily take off again and explore the capital city from above.

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