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  • Escape the Daily Life at the Orange Beach in Frankfurt am Main

    Escape the Daily Life at the Orange Beach in Frankfurt am Main
    Escape the daily life at the Orange Beach. In Frankfurt am Main, directly at the river Main between Griesheim and the Gutleutviertel, lies an oasis of relaxation.
  • Hohenzollern Bridge, Cologne - For Lovers

    Hohenzollern Bridge, Cologne - For Lovers
    Along the lines of 'our love will be forever', couples are attaching their locks to the Hohenzollern Bridge in Cologne, Germany. The Hohenzollernbrücke (Hohenzollern bridge) is right past the Cologne train station and the Cathedral (Kölner Dom) and became a place of pilgrimage for lovers.
  • MMK - Modern Art Museum of Frankfurt: An Exciting Discovery!

    MMK - Modern Art Museum of Frankfurt: An Exciting Discovery!
    When I hear "modern art", I think of Malevich's Black Square and the most random objects that I would never consider "art". A lot different with the Modern Art Museum in Frankfurt, Germany. It is HEAVEN fornphotographers. And even though there are indeed some random objects, there's still a lot more than that to discover.
  • Café de Paris - Gießen

    Café de Paris - Gießen
    A very small, cosy café in an old, beautiful street in Gießen.
  • A Bit of a Different Museum

    A Bit of a Different Museum
    A park that looks like a garden in some places and like a wildlife sanctuary in others, massive modern brick building appearing out of nowhere behind some trees, artworks by Cézanne, Matisse and Schwitters among a mix of ancient sculptures of the Khmer and from China – believe it or not, but you'll find this unique mix at Museum Insel Hombroich in Neuss, Germany.
  • Space Burger

    Space Burger
    There are a lot of restaurants, pubs and bars in the Oldtown of Düsseldorf, Germany. I want to introduce you to my favourite: Space Burger! If you are looking for tasty, fresh, huge and crazy burgers and want to dine in a trashy atmosphere, you should go there!
  • I Am Photokina

    I Am Photokina
    A day at the world's biggest trade fair for photography and imaging industries. This year in 2010 over 1200 photographic and imaging suppliers used the space in cologne which offered about 200.000 squaremeters to introduce new and present amazing products, both for professional and consumer imaging... One of them was the Lomographic Society International!
  • Lierenfeld Betriebshof - (Not the first sightseeing location in Düsseldorf)

    Lierenfeld Betriebshof - (Not the first sightseeing location in Düsseldorf)
    Waiting for a UPS packet turned to a great walk at the Betriebshof Lierenfled with some nice pictures!
  • Frankfurt Skyline

    Frankfurt Skyline
    Frankfurt is just the fifth-largest city in Germany, but Frankfurt has the biggest and nicest skyline in Germany and maybe Europe. The towers of the important banks dominate the sky. People are always thinking that Frankfurt is such a large city, but that's not really true. "Only" 670,000 live there. Anyway, if you're walking between the skyscrapers, you'll get the feeling of being in New York or Tokyo. But the traffic is more quietly. All the of Europe-German money-business is taking place in that towers.
  • Winter time in the Volksgarten, Düsseldorf

    Winter time in the Volksgarten, Düsseldorf
    The Volksgarten in Düsseldorf is part of the Südpark, which is with 70 ha the biggest park in Düsseldorf. The most impressive art sculptures are the Zeitpark, which was build for garden show in 1987, and the big colourful monsters (dragons?) which are indispensable for the orientation in Düsseldorf (car driver: "Ah, I saw the dragons, I know I am at Volksgarten!"). It can be reached via Tram or S-Bahn, the stop is also named "Düsseldorf Volksgarten".
  • The Other Side of the Rhine (Düsseldorf)

    The Other Side of the Rhine (Düsseldorf)
    Fancy a time out from the hectic urban life or maybe just a stunning view of the skyline? Some instant holiday-feeling without being too far away? The Rhine meadows might be the place for you.
  • Luxembourg

    Luxembourg, Luxembourg. A small country in Europe with unknown beauty and wonderful places to see. Here I will only talk about the Capitol of Luxembourg. Which in fact calls itself Luxembourg as well. The City has an population of about 85'000 inhabitants. Which makes it a very small city but still there's a lot to see. Also Luxembourg City is very close to cities like Brussels, Paris, Cologne,... . So should you ever be close to Luxembourg don't hesitate to give it a try.
  • The Lister Reservoir

    The Lister Reservoir
    The perfect location for a perfect day in the sun.
  • Wuppertaler Schwebebahn

    Wuppertaler Schwebebahn
    Public transport in Wuppertal is a unique experience, and also quite an adventure, especially if you're scared of heights. To get in and out of the swaying carriages of the Schwebebahn („floating train“) takes a bit of strong nerves but you'll be rewarded with a fun ride and (more or less) exclusive views into people's backyards – keep your camera ready!
  • Catch Some Sun in the Korean Garden of Frankfurt!

    Catch Some Sun in the Korean Garden of Frankfurt!
    Back in 2005, the city of Frankfurt has been presented with a wonderful gift from the Republic of Korea - a real Korean garden! It is a wonderful place to discover among the jungle of skyscrapers known as the Frankfurt Skyline.
  • Frankfurt Fleamarket: A Treasure for All, Mom Included!

    Frankfurt Fleamarket: A Treasure for All, Mom Included!
    The Frankfurt Fleamarket is definitely something that should be on tourist guides. It is a magnificent display of other people's lives - what they had, what they want. Anything and everything can be found here, from sinks and horse saddles to your kinder surprise collections and fur coats. And of course - analog cameras!
  • Cologne's Animalistic Qualities

    Cologne's Animalistic Qualities
    I've fallen for the Cologne Zoo. The reason is quite simple: it's a real eye-catcher!
  • Düsseldorf: No Zoo In The Zoo Quarter!

    Düsseldorf: No Zoo In The Zoo Quarter!
    The zoo quarter in Düsseldorf has his name from the old zoo who was destroyed in the second world war. Now there is only a parc left. I have no idea how often I passed the train stop Düsseldorf zoo until I realized that there's no zoo in town!
  • Düsseldorf Under the Rainbow

    Düsseldorf Under the Rainbow
    Every year in summer the gay pride takes place in many cities in different countries all over the world. It remembers to the riots of Stonewall in New York (1969). Here are some Diana shots of the colorful demonstration In Düsseldorf, Germany!
  • IHZ-Park, Düsseldorf

    IHZ-Park, Düsseldorf
    If you are just passing Oberbilker Markt via one of the main roads, you might not be aware that hiding behind all those fancy office buildings, there's a park.

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