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  • Chocolate Museum (Köln)

    Chocolate Museum (Köln)
    "Enjoy an expedition through 3,000 years of chocolate history, either in reality by coming to the Chocolate Museum in the heart of Cologne" - this is what you get, when you walk in the riverside in Koln and stop just in front of the ship-like place, called the Chocolate museum.
  • German Aerospace Day 2009

    German Aerospace Day 2009
    The German Aerospace Center (DLR) is the Research Center of the Federal Republic of Germany for aerospace, energy and transport. So far there are more than 6.000 members of staff working in 13 locations all around Germany. Cologne is the headquarter and every 2 years everyone got the chance to have a look inside these giant institution at the "German Aerospace Day".
  • Trier Christmas Market

    Trier Christmas Market
    Nothing like celebrating Christmastime in Germany with the Fujifilm Natura and Revolog film! This year I went with my best friend to the Christmas market in trier. We took a train from Metz to Trier (it's about an hour-and-a-half journey ). Once we got there, we stopped for breakfast and coffee at the station.
  • Rhine promenade, Düsseldorf

    Rhine promenade, Düsseldorf
    If you come to Düsseldorf, you'll probably want to see the Old Town. But when you're already there (and if the weather's only halfway decent) you should go down to the Rhine and stroll down the Rheinuferpromenade (Rhine Embankment Promenade).
  • Luxembourg Airport with Tungsen Film

    Luxembourg Airport with Tungsen Film
    Findel Airport is 5km away from the capital, it's the perfect location to start your adventure in Luxembourg.
  • Café near the Town Hall

    Café near the Town Hall
    Koblenz is one of the most beautiful towns in whole Germany, and that's the main reason to go there. One more thing - when you come to this town, head to the center, to be exact - to the Jesuiten Platz, which is the place, where the Town Hall is situated.
  • Castle Heidelberg

    Castle Heidelberg
    Woah...the castle of Heidelberg is so impressive.
  • Melaten (Cologne)

    Melaten (Cologne)
    Cemeteries make nice Lomographic motives. This is a huge public cemetery in Cologne. Usually cemeteries are places where you don't take a stroll. It's a place to find peace and to come to rest (in both senses of the word). But Melaten is a bit different. It is constructed like a park. There is a lot of green, trees, meadows, bushes and the graves and gravestones adapt somehow into the landscape. What is so special about this cemetery are its magnificent and elaborate gravestones decorated with larger than life angels and other figures - the Death for example.
  • Düsseldorf Flingern

    Düsseldorf Flingern
    Flingern is a small part of the city Düsseldorf in Germany. It's very nice there, small cafés, great shops for gifts or clothing's, and many graffitis.
  • "Night of the Museums", Düsseldorf

    One night every April almost all museums and lots of galleries and studios in Dusseldorf open their gates from 7 p.m. 'til 2 a.m. With just one ticket you have admission to every participating museum as well as a free shuttle service taking you from one place to the other all around the city.
  • Idstein historical town center

    Idstein historical town center
    Idstein is a small town in Hesse, about 20 minutes from Wiesbaden. The most famous landmark is probably the Hexenturm („Witches' Tower“), but Idstein has a beautiful historical town center with a large number of very old timber-frame houses.
  • Hahn Airport

    Hahn Airport
    Vacation can be real vacation only if you can get yourself far away from your everyday environment. No phone-calls from your boss "well, maybe you could stop by just for a second, cause we are having difficulties with the project" and so on. If you are far away from your home, you can even start forgetting the day of the week or even the time itself... How to do that? Cars and boats are expensive and quite lazy, so we have to choose planes... Good news: Frankfurt Hahn airport in Germany is one of the best stops in the whole Europe. You know why? Because you can go everywhere you want - this airport and of course some of the air-companies offer cheap flights to... Murcia in Spain or Verona in Italy... Or Africa... Or whatever you want.
  • Grossmarkthalle Ostend: Scary, Chaotic, Industrial - Perfect!

    Grossmarkthalle Ostend: Scary, Chaotic, Industrial - Perfect!
    The Großmarkthalle is a huge market hall situated in Ostend, the eastern part of Frankfurt. Currently, it is being renovated/built into the new European Central Bank building. If you want some gloomy scary pictures - go there, but don't go alone.
  • Köln - Aachener Weiher

    Köln - Aachener Weiher
    The Aachener Weiher is close to the city centre of Cologne. It's a small pond with some trees and green space around, but also very close to a street.
  • Night on the Town: Hotelstaff Party

    Night on the Town: Hotelstaff Party
    I haven't been a fan of the Fisheye when it came to indoor shots. But that all changed after I got back my negatives from a club night in central Frankfurt!
  • Koblenz

    First of all, I would like to mention, that Koblenz is only the main town, where you can stay during your vacation trip to the land where two rivers - Mosel and Rhine - meet each other. The region has lots of castles and is especially beautiful in summer (you can see that last time I was there it was quite a cold spring). What to see? First of all, choose one of hundreds river-trips - you just have to get near the river and then you will see lots of advertisements.
  • Where I Take My Mother-In-Law On Mother's Day

    Where I Take My Mother-In-Law On Mother's Day
    It's always been her favourite place to spend her spare time.
  • Kinder Olympics - Luxembourg Kindergarten

    Kinder Olympics - Luxembourg Kindergarten
    Don't be so broadminded - sports can be fun! And it is, especially in one hidden place in Luxembourg. It's the kindergarten in the heart of Luxembourg, where you can participate in KINDER OLYMPICS. Keep that in mind! Let the competition begin!!! First of all, the toy-horse race - very good for your back muscles, releases the pain from your head. It even can help working out with your hands, as you have to hold very tight not to fall down from it. But I could not run till the finish line - my horse was stuck and did not want to move... Second, the mind-and-wisdom activity - the crazy snail with numbers.
  • The Altena Castle

    The Altena Castle
    A castle out of a fairytale.
  • Museum Ludwig

    Museum Ludwig
    I have been living and working in Cologne the past three months. During that time I walked around to discover the city, but the place I fell in love with first became my favorite spot of all. Therefore I recommend to every Cologne-visitor who loves modern and contemporary art: The Museum Ludwig is a must-see!

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