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  • Johannisfriedhof Nuremberg

    Johannisfriedhof Nuremberg
    One of the oldest cemeteries in Nuremberg. The Johannisfriedhof was founded round about the 10th/11th century. In that time the small village of Johannis wasn´t part of the city of Nuremberg...
  • The Auditorium Maximum Under Occupation: A Lomojournalistic Report

    The Auditorium Maximum Under Occupation: A Lomojournalistic Report
    In the last weeks of 2009 Germany saw another wave of student protests against the disastrous educational policies of the government. Report on location.
  • Monte Kaolino

    Monte Kaolino
    Is an artificial mountain located at Hirschau close to Amberg. It is about 120meters high and exists just out of more than 30million metric tons quartz sand.
  • Munich, Augsburg, Nurnberg...Found After 15 Years!

    Munich, Augsburg, Nurnberg...Found After 15 Years!
    This is a story of a film roll that has been missing for more than ten years and was recently found in a drawer. These photos were taken in the middle of the 1990's with my trusty Praktica LB. The roll was found two years ago and developed in a professional mini lab.
  • Sonnemondsterne – The Electronic Music Festival

    Sonnemondsterne – The Electronic Music Festival
    It is a festival held for three days in Saalburg, Germany for almost all kinds of electronic music headz!
  • Norisring

    The Norisring is a non-permanent racing track in Nuremberg/Germany. That means this race is going to happen on normal streets which are closed for five days a year just to let race cars draw their lines in this historical part of Nuremberg.
  • Schloss Bückeburg- Bückeburg Castle

    Schloss Bückeburg- Bückeburg Castle
    Do you know Princess Lilly? She was the one who married our prince, Fürst Alexander zu Schaumburg- Lippe. Now they got divorced and the Duke lives with his new wife in a beautiful water- castle in Bückeburg. This castle was first mentioned in 1304 and was remodeled a few times after (1560 in style of Weser- Renaissance, 1601 in Italian style and 1695 a baroque hall).
  • Dropzone Airport Luetzellinden

    Dropzone Airport Luetzellinden
    The Dropzone (an airport that is used by skydivers/airport Luetzellinden in the middle of Hessen, approx. 45 km northern of Frankfurt is a very (dog)friendly and comfortable place to spend a weekend. Whether you are a skydiver, a hobby pilot or just interested in watching or doing a tandem jump - you'll certainly be pleased with what you find there.
  • Andy's Milchbar (Weimar)

    Andy's Milchbar (Weimar)
    Okay, this is only special for Non-US-American lomographers - nevertheless, worth a visit for everyone enjoying nostalgic interiors and tasty and hand made fast food.
  • Falling for Fall: Schöntal in Aschaffenburg

    Falling for Fall: Schöntal in Aschaffenburg
    Schöntal is a beautiful park in the heart of Aschaffenburg. It's the perfect place to escape from the city. You can take a walk in the promenade, have a romantic picnic with your lover or visit the playground with your whole family.
  • Zum dicken Heinrich

    Zum dicken Heinrich
    It was my grandfather (the big Henry, cause he was really tall and fat), who built up this restaurant many years ago together with my grandmother. When he died, my uncle and aunt got the restaurant. And they developed it even more.
  • Christmas market in Erfurt

    Christmas market in Erfurt
    The whole city center of Erfurt is stuffed with little huts full of sales booths with handcrafts and all kinds of Christmas food you can think of.
  • The History Rally Grounds (Nuremberg)

    The History Rally Grounds (Nuremberg)
    The Former Nazi Party Rally Grounds Nuremberg is a place you will discover the dimensions of the era of National Socialism and take strange pictures. This was a beloved destination for excursions since 1876. The Great Dutzendteich was a popular and the first open-air bath in Nuremberg.
  • Playmobil Funpark (Zirndorf)

    Playmobil Funpark (Zirndorf)
    Did you play with Playmobil when you were younger? Have you ever pictured yourself inside the pirate ship or defending the medieval castle?
  • Looking for An Enchanting Place to Shoot at? Longing to Get Some Sun? POP IN!

    Looking for An Enchanting Place to Shoot at? Longing to Get Some Sun? POP IN!
    Finally winter is over and all of us are reaching out for the long days of summer though spring just arrived! However - even my bright skin is getting some more freckles which is a wonderful sign that the sun is on the rise and on a good way of making us happier. :) Since nobody can stay inside while the weather outside is so dazzling and most of the people I know prefer to spend their time outside discovering new nice places or just relaxing at nice common places - here you get my favorite spot to get some sun. Whether if it's spring or summer.
  • Trains - “Die Bahn”

    Trains - “Die Bahn”
    What do we do when we have to get from point A to point B? We choose the vehicle... Options are endless, but we all know, that planes are fast, but expensive, and on the other hand - cars are cheap, but slow... What to do? Choose trains!!! There is a huge railway web all around Europe, and lots of companies offer different "good deals" for traveling at the very low cost. My favorite is the German Railway, or "Die Bahn" as it is called in German.
  • Historical Cemetery, Weimar

    Historical Cemetery, Weimar
    Situated south of the city center of Weimar and next to the Bauhaus University you can experience a very romantic cemetery from ancient times.
  • Japan Feeling in Erfurt

    Japan Feeling in Erfurt
    As a German you sometimes wish for experiencing something exotic and foreign – at least I do. If your bank account tells you that a journey to the other side of the world is not going to happen in the near future a trip to a local area will help a bit to cure the feeling which we call “Fernweh” in Germany.
  • Krämerbrücke in Erfurt

    Krämerbrücke in Erfurt
    Wanna join the Sandman, Mouse and Elephant watching at the Krämerbrücke in Erfurt, Germany?
  • Parque de atracciones de Playmobil (Zirndorf)

    Parque de atracciones de Playmobil (Zirndorf)
    (Please note, this article is in another language)
    ¿Jugabas con Playmobil de pequeño? ¿Te habías imaginado alguna vez que estabas dentro de un barco pirata, o defendiendo un castillo?

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