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  • Memorial to the Holodomor Victims (Kiev, Ukraine)

    Memorial to the Holodomor Victims (Kiev, Ukraine)
    Seventy-eight years ago, a famine killed (according to various estimates) between seven to 10 million people in Ukraine. A memorial was put up for the victims of the Holdomor in Kiev. The gloomy atmosphere in the place provides a haunting - yet interesting backdrop for lomographs.
  • Kiev Pechersk Lavra (Ukraine, Kiev)

    Kiev Pechersk Lavra (Ukraine, Kiev)
    Kiev Pechersk Lavra is the cradle of Russian monasticism and one of the most revered monasteries in the Orthodox world. Aside from serving as a lovely subject for your analogue photos, this location also has a very interesting story which dates back to the XI century.
  • St. Sophia Cathedral (Kiev, Ukraine)

    St. Sophia Cathedral (Kiev, Ukraine)
    St. Sophia of Kiev is the main cathedral in this city and it has been a dream of mine to finally be able to visit it. A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1990, this beautiful cathedral was built by Prince Yaroslav the Wise. Its location was also the site of the battle with the Pechenegs.
  • Baikove Cemetary: Kiev's Necropolis

    Baikove Cemetary: Kiev's Necropolis
    Perhaps it's a bit strange to visit a cemetery on a holiday, but after two days of busy Kiev, a day trip to Chernobyl and Pripyat, and lots of enthusiastic people who kept offering us vodka, s0y and I needed some silence. And this monumental cemetery gave us exactly what we needed, and more.
  • Kiev

    Kiev is one of the hero-cities of the Soviet Union. This status was passed only to a very few towns, which had a major significance during the Second World War. And as we know WWII was one of the main topics in school, television and likewise propaganda.
  • Independence Square, Kiev, Ukraine

    Independence Square, Kiev, Ukraine
    Situated at the northern end of Khreschatyk, Kiev’s Independence Square received global media attention in 2004 as the focal point of Ukraine’s Orange Revolution. Orange-clad demonstrators gathered in the Independence Square in Kiev during November, 2004. On some days, the number of protesters in the center of Kiev reached hundreds of thousands (one million by some estimates). Today, things have calmed down a little and the tented city that sprung up overnight has long gone. Independence Square, however, is still the city’s most popular spot for meetings, late night drinking and people watching.
  • Kreshchatyk & Maidan Nezalezhnosti

    Kreshchatyk & Maidan Nezalezhnosti
    Most people think that Ukraine came from Russia, but it's actually the other way around. Kievan Rus was founded around 880 AD, and was an early predecessor of Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus. So people have been living in that particular spot for over 1200 years! It's incredible when you think about it. I just love Kiev, it is the capital and has a population of 4 million people.
  • Дом с химерами в Киеве, ломошпионаж

    Дом с химерами в Киеве, ломошпионаж
    (Please note, this article is in another language)
    В начале марта, совсем неожиданно и негаданно, удалось побывать в Доме с химерами или Доме Городецкого, который в центре Киева. Думаю многие его не раз видели, даже пусть и на фото. Но я покажу вам шпионские ломофотокарточки изнутри.
  • Kiev

    (Please note, this article is in another language)
    Kiev es una de las heroicas ciudades de la antigua Unión Soviética. Este título sólo fue otorgado a un reducido conjunto de ciudades, que tuvieron un papel destacado durante la Segunda Guerra mundial (SGM). Y todo esto, cuando hablar de la SGM era uno de los temas principales en las escuelas, la televisión e incluso la propaganda.
  • Memorial a las víctimas del Holodomor Ukraniano (Kiev, Ucrania)

    Memorial a las víctimas del Holodomor Ukraniano (Kiev, Ucrania)
    (Please note, this article is in another language)
    Hace 78 años, una gran hambruna mató (según diferentes estimaciones) entre 7 y 10 millones de personas en Ukrania. En ucraniano, Holodomor (Голодомор), significa "matar de hambre". En la ciudad de Kiev se construyó un memorial en recuerdo de las víctimas del conocido como Holdomor.La atmósfera sombría que nos envuelve en este lugar nos proporciona un fantástico telón de fondo muy interesante para cualquier lomógrafo.
  • Kiev Pechersk Lavra (Ucrania, Kiev)

    Kiev Pechersk Lavra (Ucrania, Kiev)
    (Please note, this article is in another language)
    Kiev Pechersk Lavra es la cuna de la vida monástica rusa y uno de los monasterios más venerados en el mundo ortodoxo. Además de servir como sujeto maravilloso para tus fotos analógicas, esta localización tiene también una historia muy interesante que se remonta al siglo XI.
  • Baikove begraafplaats - Kievs necropolis

    Baikove begraafplaats - Kievs necropolis
    (Please note, this article is in another language)
    Misschien een beetje vreemd om op vakantie een begraafplaats te bezoeken, maar na twee dagen de drukte van Kiev te hebben meegemaakt, een dagtour naar Chernobyl en Prypjat en veel overenthousiaste mensen die ons maar wodka bleven aanbieden hadden s0y en ik behoefte aan wat stilte. En deze momumentale begraafplaats gaf ons wat we nodig hadden, en meer.

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