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  • Paddling On The Donau River

    Paddling On The Donau River
    Paddling on the biggest and longest river of Europe, that's a great experience!
  • Paragliding in The Bavarian Forest

    Paragliding in The Bavarian Forest
    One of the oldest human dreams is to fly like the birds. In the Greek mythology, Icarus and his father Daedalus tried to escape from their exile on the island of Crete by building themselves wings made out of feathers and wax.... but Icarus was so fascinated to feel like a bird that he came to close to the sun, the wax melted and he felt down in the sea.... Today, some crazy human beings are still trying to fly: the paragliders
  • Winter in the bavarian forest, Cham

    Winter in the bavarian forest, Cham
    When the winter and Christmas time comes, you can't imagine it without snow. There's a beautiful place to go in Germany/Bavaria, during winter time: the Bavarian forest ("Bayrischer Wald" and of course it's also a great place during summertime for other activities, see my previous location http://beta.lomography.com/magazine/locations/2008/08/01/hang-gliding-at-the-bchelstein)
  • Walhalla, The Temple of Heroes

    Walhalla, The Temple of Heroes
    Come with us, we're going to visit the "Walhalla"! The walala? What's that??? That's the question I asked when I was taken to visit this monument near Regensburg, in Bavaria. And I was really impressed, so I'll share with you what I learned there....
  • My Heart Belongs To Mondsee

    My Heart Belongs To Mondsee
    One of the warmest lakes in Austria, so beautiful it was used as a location for The Sound of Music, situated near Salzburg, Mondsee is perfection! I first discovered Mondsee when my friend got a house there. I have now been to visit her three summers in a row so I thought I'd impart my pearls of wisdom:
  • Hallstatt: A Lovely Town

    Hallstatt: A Lovely Town
    It is a lovely town for taking photos and a World Heritage Site! It's definitely one of those places that deserve a visit.
  • Passau, The "3 Rivers Town"

    Passau, The
    Passau is a nice little city at the border between Bavaria (Germany) and Austria and is called the "3 rivers town": the main river is the Danube (or Donau), crossed by the Inn and the Ilz rivers
  • Shooting Sport Center Bockenberg

    Shooting Sport Center Bockenberg
    We all like to shoot like crazy, with our cameras around our neck and in our bags: shoot, shoot, shoot and don't think! But did you ever try to shoot with a gun, and not with a camera?? I always asked myself why we're using the same verb "to shoot" for photography and when using guns or weapons.... Well, once I changed the weapon and practiced some "shooting sport" with a rifle, but didn't forget my camera to show you how it was! :)
  • Art and Culture: Street Art in Passau

    Art and Culture: Street Art in Passau
    You wouldn't expect to find much urban art in Passau, a small town in Germany's most conservative south but think again!
  • Marquartstein

    Looking for a weekend with hiking, swimming, relaxing, hang gliding, sunbathing? Hurry to Marquartstein!
  • Český Krumlov, South Bohemia

    Český Krumlov, South Bohemia
    Have you ever been to a place that has such a magical atmosphere that it almost feels surreal? Well, the small town of Český Krumlov is one of those places.
  • Salzburg: Sound of Music, Segabar, and Cycling

    Salzburg: Sound of Music, Segabar, and Cycling
    Salzburg is a beautiful city in Austria most famous for the Sound of Music and for Mozart, which they are very proud of. You can buy Mozart coffee, perfume, chocolate, liqueur - the list is endless. And when you take a break from singing all of the songs from The Sound of Music you can experience the beautiful gardens, scenic bike rides, great shopping, hill walks, and of course, the water palace built by the crazy archbishop!
  • Salzburg: A Very Baroque Town

    Salzburg: A Very Baroque Town
    Salzburg is a famous Austrian city for several reasons. First and foremost, it is the birthplace of the great composer W.A. Mozart; secondly, it is where the movie musical The Sound of Music is set in. A less well-known reason is that each year the famous Salzburg Festival takes place here.
  • A Memorable Day in Salzburg, Austria

    A Memorable Day in Salzburg, Austria
    Although it isn't a very large city, Salzburg has a lot to offer. We went there on a beautiful day in December to check out the Christmas market. I brought my LC-A+ and some black & white film and shot some of my very favorite photos of 2011.
  • Hang Gliding at the Büchelstein (Straubing)

    Hang Gliding at the Büchelstein (Straubing)
    I spent a day in the Bavarian forest, near of Straubing and we went to the "Büchelstein", a mountain where the hang gliders like to jump and fly like birds. The place is very impressive because of the huge view you can have all over the Bavarian landscape.
  • The Tunnel - Austria

    The Tunnel - Austria
    Once a good friend of mine told me about an old tunnel somewhere in the mountains near the place I live. It is some kind of secret which everybody knows but nobody could tell where exactly you can find this tunnel. But Ronald found out where the entrance is and where the tunnel leads you to – he’s an adventurer with heart and sole.
  • Fortress Kufstein

    Fortress Kufstein
    Fortress Kufstein ist the landmark of the city of Kufstein, a picturesque town in the Tyrolean Unterinntal. The fortress is situated above the city and it is a very impressing building which exists since the 11th century.
  • Home sweet Home, Bürmoos

    Home sweet Home, Bürmoos
    (Please note, this article is in another language)
    Zuhause ist's einfach am schönsten......
  • Linz im Höhenrausch

    Linz im Höhenrausch
    (Please note, this article is in another language)
    Über den Dächern von Linz schieben sich Touristen und Schulklassen über schmale Holzstege. Die Ausstellung Höhenrausch.2 bietet kein Riesenrad, aber unter dem Motto Luftsprünge und Wasserspiele gibts zumindet angenehme Abkühlung und grandiose Aussichten.
  • Die Kampenwand

    Die Kampenwand
    (Please note, this article is in another language)
    I gangert gern auf d´ Kampenwand, wenn i mit meiner Wamp´n kannt.

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