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  • Sweet, Sweet Switzerland: The 007 Goldeneye Bungee Jumping Spot

    Sweet, Sweet Switzerland: The 007 Goldeneye Bungee Jumping Spot
    Dear sweet Switzerland, you're always full of surprises! This time, I will tell you about the first jump that I made ​​from the dam in the Val Verzasca, where the tallest bungee jumping point in Europe is located! It is also the most famous in the world -- in fact, it was where a scene in the movie 007 Goldeneye was filmed! Read more!
  • Lugano: Small Italy in Switzerland

    Lugano: Small Italy in Switzerland
    Lugano is a popular tourist destination in the Canton of Ticino, the only overwhelmingly Italian-speaking state on the Swiss territory. Known as the small Italy in Switzerland, it attracts numerous travelers every year from both home and abroad for its warm climate and Italian flavor.
  • Zürich, Switzerland

    Zürich, Switzerland
    Zürich is the largest and richest city in Switzerland. It is the main cultural and economy center in the whole country. And it's a place where you can take some photos enjoying the sights and prime quality chocolate.
  • Evian-les-Bains : Water, Water, Waters!

    Evian-les-Bains : Water, Water, Waters!
    Evian-les-Bains is a little french city situated on the south shore of Lake Geneva, in Haute Savoie. It is famous for its Springs and water.
  • A Selfmade Playground is the Perfect Playground for My Plastic Camera

    A Selfmade Playground is the Perfect Playground for My Plastic Camera
    I work as a kind of streetworker in a little town in Switzerland. One of our projects was to build a playground with different youth organisations (such as scouts and so on) in 72 hours. This playground was built to last for two months. See how it looked like.
  • The Lake of Zurich

    The Lake of Zurich
    When in Zurich it is a must to go to the lake even on it if you have the luck to be there when it's a nice summer day.
  • Our Pact with The Devil: Picadilly Pub (Requested Location)

    Our Pact with The Devil: Picadilly Pub (Requested Location)
    May I introduce you to our favourite hang-out, under-the-week, well-let's-get-a-drink, it's-Saturday-we-are-bored bar. The spot where we gather; where we start our evenings or end the early ones. This is the Picadilly Pub, which we have a hate-love relationship with, as we often consider never coming back but still end up landing there the week after.
  • Matterhorn

    It's the most beautiful mountain you can find on this planet, at least that's my humble opionion about the Matterhorn and well the chocolate business also stealed it's shape to make the famous and jummy chocolate bar Toblerone. Now you are stunned, or maybe you already knew that. Well anyways everytime I am in Zermatt I have to take tons of shots of that mountain.
  • My Bicycle Touring Escapade

    My Bicycle Touring Escapade
    My most memorable escapade in the past year was my bicycle touring across Switzerland with my trusty Lomo LC-A and my great Cannondale mountain bike! Enjoy!
  • Cruise on Lake Leman

    Cruise on Lake Leman
    If you want to feel the wind on your face and feel the relaxing mist of the sea, go to Switzerland and have a look see at Lake Geneva. Cruising on the lake is a very nice way to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Lake Leman which is one of the biggest lakes in Europe.
  • Sauvabelin, Lausanne - Switzerland

    Sauvabelin, Lausanne - Switzerland
    The district of Sauvabelin in the City of Lausanne is a popular local recreation area but it is not very well known among tourists. With its forest, viewing platform and artificial lake it is the perfect place to hang out if the weather is kind and definitely a place you shouldn't miss when discovering Lausanne.
  • Lake Geneva

    Lake Geneva
    I discovered the Lake Geneva this summer during a little week end at friend's home. Wasn't exactly at Geneva, but in the nice city of Nyons, about 20 km from Geneva but still at the lake! This lake is really huge and the panorama that's in front of you let's you think about a seaside and not the Alps!!
  • Hardbrücke

    Well let's say for me it's one of the best sightseeing spots in whole Zürich. In the middle of Aussersihl you can
  • Park Lagrange

    Park Lagrange
    The Park Lagrange in Geneva is THE SPOT to see the best free concerts in summer! Amazing beautiful huge park in les Eaux-Vives, with a gorgeous view on the lake; with the most beautiful rose garden in the city, and great place just to lay down and chill in the grass during the day. In July and August, around 7 p.m., people start to walk to the "Ella Fitzgerald" scene. At this time it's too early to hear or see anything, but people come here to make a big picnic in the grass and everyone has his favorite spot to find the members of their tribe. At 8:30 p.m. the music starts. Always great musicians, very good sound, I've never been disappointed. On Wednesdays and Fridays, two months a year.
  • Remembering the Gold Rush

    Remembering the Gold Rush
    Do you remember "The Gold Rush" of Charlie Chaplin, and the scenes with the gold searchers that climb on the mountains covered by snow? Well, the Monte Rosa is the location that I propose you can visit in honor of this great artist!
  • Rote Fabrik

    Rote Fabrik
    You could go there any day at any time, except for Mondays "cause it's closed. It would be the best if you go there
  • Andermatt and the Tour of the Three Passes

    Andermatt and the Tour of the Three Passes
    Summer is coming, and the cities will became very hot in the next months. So, I present to you a wonderful alpine region that I love when I need to escape from the summer heat!
  • Escape from the City, Explore the Country, or the Typical Swiss Man

    Escape from the City, Explore the Country, or the Typical Swiss Man
    What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word, "Switzerland"? Chocolate? Mountains? Farmers chilling outside? Do you know why I love clichés so much? Because they're so true.
  • Lucerne Carnival

    Lucerne Carnival
    Lucerne Carnival, also popularly known as Fasnacht, is unique in terms of its historical development.
  • Cloister Einsiedeln

    Cloister Einsiedeln
    Well, no one will be surprised to hear that also in Europe you can find a lot of historical buildings, especially churches. But this one is especially special. Why? Well it's not the long history that started in around year 990. No, it's the colour inside.

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