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  • Having a café at La Caravelle with Julien: Things to do in Marseille

    Having a café at La Caravelle with Julien: Things to do in Marseille
    Read about the 10 things I loved doing while on vacation in Marseille.
  • OOGIE LIFESTORE (Marseille, France)

    OOGIE LIFESTORE (Marseille, France)
    Inspired by the wave of concept store, the "lifestore" ("store life" and small & large needs) is a unique place in the landscape of the local trade. Combining a brewery, shop, gallery, library, and barbershop, there is something for everyone to find at Oogie! We interviewed one of their staff, so read on if you're curious about the answers!
  • Palavas Les Flots or Honey, could you please hand me the sun lotion!

    Palavas Les Flots or Honey, could you please hand me the sun lotion!
    A few weeks ago, I made a short trip to south france and came across this lovely little town called Palavas Les Flots, about 10 km from Montpellier. A nice place to relax and shoot. A lovely seaside resort, around 10 kilometres from Montpellier, in the region Languedoc-Rousillon in the south of France.
  • Marseille's "Vieux Port" and FIsh Market

    Marseille wouldn't be Marseille without the "vieux port", the old port who is at the origins of the whole city....
  • La "Bonne Mère" or Basilica "Notre dame de la Garde" of Marseille

    If you ask anyone from Marseille what building is the symbol of the town, they will all answer you "La Bonne Mère"! Indeed, the "Good Mother" is the main cathedral of Marseille and is the holy protector of the whole city and people of Marseille
  • The Docks of Marseille

    The Docks of Marseille
    A history of a large docks in Europe and its restoration of it.
  • "The Panier" Oldest District of Marseille, France

    One of my favorite place in Marseille is the Panier district. It is the oldest part of the city and a very picturesque place to visit by foot.
  • The Story of St Victor Abbey of Marseille and of the Navettes Pastries

    The Story of St Victor Abbey of Marseille and of the Navettes Pastries
    When you are in Marseille, in South of France, don't forget to pay a visit to St Victor Abbey and to eat the famous Navettes pastries !
  • Things to Do in Avignon, a Southern French Town

    Things to Do in Avignon, a Southern French Town
    I spent half a year in Avignon in Southern France in order to go to university there. I did quite a lot during this time and I'd love to show you my Avignon tips in this article. If you ever happen to be in the region of Provence and have some spare time, Avignon is definitely worth a day trip.
  • Arles

    Arles is an ancient city in the south of France, in the Bouches-du-Rhône county. Arles was established by the Greeks as early as the 6th century BC. The Romans took the town in 123 BC and expanded it into an important city, with a canal link to the Mediterranean Sea being constructed in 104 BC. However, it struggled to escape the shadow of Massalia (Marseille) further along the coast.
  • Braving the Winter Cold: Snowhiking in the Vercors

    Braving the Winter Cold: Snowhiking in the Vercors
    We looked around at the lack of snow in Grenoble and said to ourselves: “No need to take the snow shoes, it’ll just be a regular hike”. A couple of hours later, we were ploughing through the snow on top of the Vercors.
  • Aigues Mortes or Dead Waters are red!

    Aigues Mortes or Dead Waters are red!
    Aigues Mortes, a 6000 souls village in the Camargue region in South France, well known for Horse breeding. Personally I´m through with breeding horses, so I didn´t pay a visit to the stables and went straight to the village directly. A good decision!
  • Aix en Provence (France)

    Aix en Provence (France)
    Found by the Romans in 123 BC, Aix en Provence is famous for its thermal hot springs. The name of Aix comes from Aqua, which means water, or springs. There are still thermal bath, built on the antique one. You can find more than twenty public fountains in the old center. Some are very ancient, most of them were build in 19th C.
  • Pope’s Palace

    Pope’s Palace
    In the 15th century, with the arrival of the popes, Avignon became the capital of Christianity, supplanting Rome for nearly a hundred years. To the South of the Cathedral, the Popes built an enormous fortress considered at the time as one of the most beautiful and strongest fortresses in the world.
  • Old Tobacco Manufacture

    Old Tobacco Manufacture
    Old Tobacco manufacture, 'La Friche' is a huge complex transformed since 1992 into a multicultural concept. 500 m from the train station, it is a space of research, of production and distribution (broadcasting), completely dedicated to the contemporary creation under all these forms: entertainment (theater, dance, exhibitions, street entertainments), visual and digital arts, music, cinema... A ground opened as much for the artists as for the public. the best radio in town 'Radio grenouille' is spreading his program from there and the concert venue 'cabaret aleatoire' welcome the best current DJs and bands.
  • St Benezet's Bridge

    St Benezet's Bridge
    I don't know if foreigners have ever heard of it, but in France, everybody learns in primary school the song "Sous le Pont d"Avignon, on y danse, on y danse" (on the bridge of Avignon, one dances round and round...)
  • Sormiou (Marseille)

    Sormiou (Marseille)
    Sormiou is one of the most beautiful Calanque of Marseille. What is a « Calanque » ? It is a rocky limestone cliff falling right in the sea ; a Mediterranean Fjord.
  • Boats

    The Mediterranean Sea is gorgeous - it has got the crossed water (not blue, not green - the "between" of both, like in doubles). So why not to discover it (the Sea) from the middle of it, ah? Well, you need to be a really good swimmer, or... need some luck to get to Marseille. The city itself is also so interesting, that you can even forget the plans of taking a trip with the boat in the Mediterranean Sea, so be calm and go straight ahead till you reach the old port, which is called Vieux-Port de Marseille.
  • Cité Radieuse

    Cité Radieuse
    The Cite Radieuse in Marseille, designed by Le Corbusier, one of the greatest architects of all time. Everyone can visit this place in any time. It has a very good panoramic view from its' terrace. You just can't stop yourself shooting when you get there.
  • L'Estaque (Marseille)

    L'Estaque (Marseille)
    Estaque is a working class district situated north of the old harbour of Marseille. The word Estaque means bond (to moor boats) in Provencal.

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