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  • The Verb Hotel in Boston: Check in, Tune out

    The Verb Hotel in Boston: Check in, Tune out
    Located in the heart of Boston, The Verb Hotel marks the rebirth of a spirit that began in 1959.
  • Are a Child's Eyes Made of Plastic?

    Are a Child's Eyes Made of Plastic?
    Can we revisit a place from our youth? To see how much things have changed. Two important events in my life happened in 1971, the Enchanted Forest Children's Amusement Park opened in Hope Valley and coincidentally, I was born. My parents drove me to this woodland wonderland a few times every summer of my youth to enjoy the rides and basically just have a fun family outing.
  • Providence is Divine for Lomographers

    Providence is Divine for Lomographers
    Roger Williams founded Providence in 1636, when he was looking for a fresh start from religious persecution in Massachusetts. Fast forward to today, Lomographers will find Providence to be a place to exercise their own creative capital!
  • Spooooky Salem, MA

    Spooooky Salem, MA
    Salem, Massachusetts is a sleepy little seaside town with a very spooky past. It's one of the oldest towns in the US and has seen it's share of strange historical events, including the famous Salem Witch Trials of the 1600's.
  • Market Square, Portsmouth

    Market Square, Portsmouth
    The small town of Portsmouth is full of old architecture, beautiful gardens, interesting textures, and great places to eat and hang.
  • A Walk in "The Walking City"

    A Walk in
    Boston makes this Yankee want to stay.
  • New Hampshire Roller Derby

    New Hampshire Roller Derby
    Roller derby, a sport with a long and interesting history, suffers the same fate of many female-based competitive sports in America: a relatively small number of fans and very little public exposure. Recently, I discovered firsthand that roller derby deserves much more attention and appreciation when my university hosted a game for local teams.
  • My Favourite Spot to Get Some Sun

    My Favourite Spot to Get Some Sun
    My favourite spot to get some sun is definitely BOSTON.
  • It's a Christmas Miracle

    It's a Christmas Miracle
    The best light show in town is available at no cost to you! If you want to get into the Christmas spirit, head out to LaSallette National Shrine in Massachusetts where you can enjoy a lovely celebration of religious and secular holiday traditions - for free!
  • History in Boston

    History in Boston
    Boston, one of America's oldest cities, is an inspiring example of old and new. Buildings clad in Federal-style architecture mingle with skyscrapers, churches and pubs filled with history celebrate the path to American independence while shopping areas celebrate capitalism. Small a town as it is, Boston has a lot of character, and a lot of characters.
  • Quick Shots From the Hip: Soapbox Racers

    Quick Shots From the Hip: Soapbox Racers
    Back in 2007 I captured an extraordinary event on the East Side of Providence with my Lomographic cameras. The 2007 Red Bull Soapbox Race in Providence, RI was an amazing show of fanatical inspiration. Sixty-one different teams created an astonishing array of vehicles for this event. Teams were judged based on speed, creativity, and showmanship.
  • Washington Street Mills

    Washington Street Mills
    A walk through an allegedly haunted mill building. Once a booming textile mill, the Washington Street Mills is an amazing place for beautiful and spooky shots. In spite of the refurbishments that have already taken place, it's still as creepy as ever.
  • The Past Preserved at Robie's Country Store

    The Past Preserved at Robie's Country Store
    Hooksett, the small town I come from in New Hampshire, does not have much to show for itself these days. Littered with shopping plazas and used car dealerships, little evidence remains of what was once both a beautiful tourist destination and a bustling manufacturing village in decades long past. Perhaps the only remnant of these times is Robie's Country Store, a lone testament of more fruitful days for my community.
  • Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

    Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
    On a quick trip through three of America's big cities, I had to hit an art museum in each one. In Chicago it was the Art Institute, in New York I only had time for MoMA, and in Boston I soaked up everything I could at the Museum of Fine Arts.
  • Boeing Factory

    Boeing Factory
    The Boeing Factory is about 25 miles north of Seattle. There is a big visitor centre with lots of bits of planes and interactive displays. A 42 foot tail from a 747 looks huge when you see a person standing beside it, then realize it's just the tail, the scale is impressive. Display sections of the new 787 Dreamliner are nice to see, the windows have a touch-screen shade control which looks very cool. Also inside are TV screens showing the features of the new plane.
  • Portsmouth, New Hampshire

    Portsmouth, New Hampshire
    Portsmouth is a small but colorful harbor city, and is guaranteed to make for a dandy day and fun photos! Full of interesting stuff for tourists like festivals, the Music Hall, the USS Albacore and the like, Portsmouth sure has something for everyone!
  • Boston

    One of the most beautiful cities in the world, and very different from what I expected.
  • The Sprinkler Factory

    The Sprinkler Factory
    The Sprinkler Factory is one of the most Lomogenic places in Worcester.
  • Provincetown

    Provincetown Mass USA is on the very tip of cape cod, this is the place that the pilgrims landed... then left. Later it's weird location all the way out at the end of the land became home to all manner of pirates who did things like leave church early when they saw a ship on the rocks for plunder from the church windows, the preacher had no choice but to let them go.
  • One of the Most Prominent Universities in the World

    One of the Most Prominent Universities in the World
    Have you ever been to Cambridge, UK? If not, you should definitely visit one of the most prominent universities in the world!

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