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  • Liz Gardens

    Liz Gardens
    "I need a drink, my children are giving me a headache." I bet this is what many parents think. They wish to be by the coffee table catching up with an old friend without worrying about the children. So what's the solution? Gardens of Liz!
  • Rodrigues Lobo Square: Heart of the City

    Rodrigues Lobo Square: Heart of the City
    A place, a center. Are you missing a place that looks like your second home? Missing that place where you can find all your friends unplanned? I'm fortunate to have such a place so I feel like such a lucky guy!
  • Aircraft Park

    Aircraft Park
    “My aeroplane, my aeroplane, my aeroplane”. Never dreamed of having a plane?! Well, in my city, we are all proud to have one just for us, always parked there waiting to inspire dreams of flying.
  • Night on the Town: Overlive Festival in Marinha Grande

    Night on the Town: Overlive Festival in Marinha Grande
    Every year, Cisco Cultural Association promotes a three-day festival in the heart of Marinha Grande city. This is a great opportunity to grab my Cosina CX-1, load it with 400 ISO film and shoot some great bands.
  • Nossa Sr. da Encarnação Church

    Nossa Sr. da Encarnação Church
    This church and the space that surrounds it is an ideal place to relax during moments of silence while contemplating the very beautiful city of Leiria and its beautiful castle. Religious an non-religious join together in this pleasant place.
  • Radical Park

    Radical Park
    The ideal park for exercise, extreme experiences, jogging, dating, and picnics. Precisely in the urban environment we find this haven from everyday life that separates us from everyday stress.
  • São Pedro de Moel

    São Pedro de Moel
    Situated between pine-forests and the sea, São Pedro de Moel is a beautiful village with magnificent beaches, a place where you can enjoy the surrounding nature. Ideal for relaxing but also for those who seek open air sports like volleyball, surf, tennis, fishing, biking, etc.
  • An Escape from the City

    An Escape from the City
    Despite the beautiful beaches, there is a whole forest filled with strange trees near the famous Sao Pedro de Moel. When I want to run away from the city, I usually go to the coast near the ocean, especially during the winter when everything is calmer, sometimes I'll take a walk on the beach, other times, I just relax near the magnificent trees.
  • May's Fair

    May's Fair
    Our carousel of life has to be fun, lively, and full of color. It is the May Fair that brings color to the city of Leiria, every May, every year. Tradition is to bring the rain back. If there is no rain then there is the real fair.
  • Praia da Vieira (Vieira Beach)

    Praia da Vieira (Vieira Beach)
    Located in the central Atlantic coast, Praia da Vieira is a village of many costumes, it is a fisherman village,..
  • Beatiful Abbeys Park!

    Beatiful Abbeys Park!
    Put together sports, trees, grass, culture, entertainment, learning, and knowledge; shake well and voilá, you´ll have at your disposal the beautiful Abbeys Park in Figueira da Foz. Come meet the urban green lung of the city.
  • An Escape to the Bear Park!

    An Escape to the Bear Park!
    Coimbra is "electric" as it can be for young people. It's a famous city in Portugal known for its students and academic tradition, as it has the older universities in the country. Studying, alcohol, and parties make for an explosive mixture. The students will need some rest so where else can they head off to but to the bear park!
  • Coimbra

    Coimbra is nationally known as the city of students, because the university is the oldest one in Europe and is attended to by people from all over the country and from different parts of the world. Bathed by the Mondego river, it is a really beautiful town with a lot to explore.
  • Alentejo

    Alentejo is a region in the south of Portugal. It is divided in "alto Alentejo" and "baixo Alentejo", but their similarity is striking. I think this location should be posted in the ultimate LomoLocations due to its unique features.
  • Santuario Fatima

    Santuario Fatima
    It was May 13th 1917 when the Virgin Mary appeared for the first time to three shepherd children at Cova da Iria, a few kilometers from Fátima. It certainly was a turning point for the small village that nowadays receives more than 7 million visitors every year and it is one the most important religious tourism destinations in the world.
  • Leiria Carnival

    Leiria Carnival
    Every year, in the beginning of May, the carnival arrives at Leiria. There come the gypsies along with their trucks, tents and colorful lights bringing fun and amusement to all.
  • España-Francia, la frontera en rojo

    España-Francia, la frontera en rojo
    (Please note, this article is in another language)
    Mucha gente cree que vivir en un sitio pequeño no tiene ventajas. Yo soy de Huesca, y aunque vivo en Zaragoza, no puedo quitarme a mi pequeña ciudad de la cabeza. Y ¿qué hago cuando quiero escaparme a las afueras? Cojo el coche y me voy a la frontera. Eso es lo bueno de vivir a tiro de piedra de los Pirineos.
  • Almeida - ¡Una estrella hecha de piedra!

    Almeida - ¡Una estrella hecha de piedra!
    (Please note, this article is in another language)
    Almeida, un pueblo antiguo extraordinariamente bien conservado, es uno de los mejores ejemplos de fortaleza militar en Portugal.
  • Scene Da Vedere: I Coloratissimi Ombrelli Fluttuanti ad Agueda, in Portogallo

    Scene Da Vedere: I Coloratissimi Ombrelli Fluttuanti ad Agueda, in Portogallo
    (Please note, this article is in another language)
    Qualora l'anno scorso vi siate persi questo spettacolo meraviglioso e particolare, i coloratissimi obrelli fluttuanti sono tornati fra le strade di Águeda, in Portugal, per il AgitÁgueda di quest'anno! Tenete pronte le vostre fotocamere!
  • ฉากที่เห็นตรงหน้า: ร่มหลากหลายสีสันลอยได้ที่ Agueda, ประเทศโปรตุเกส

    ฉากที่เห็นตรงหน้า: ร่มหลากหลายสีสันลอยได้ที่ Agueda, ประเทศโปรตุเกส
    (Please note, this article is in another language)
    ในกรณีที่คุณคิดถึงความอัศจรรย์และความแปลกในสายตาของคุณ เช่นร่มลอยได้หลากหลายสีสันในปีที่ผ่านมา ร่มเหล่านั้นจะกลับมาอีกครั้งในปีนี้บนถนน Agueda ที่ประเทศโปรตุเกส สำหรับงานเทศกาลประจำปี AgitÁgueda! เตรียมกล้องของคุณให้พร้อม!

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