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  • Outskirts of The Ueno Park (Tokyo)

    Outskirts of The Ueno Park (Tokyo)
    A public park where the famous Cherry Blossom viewing spot. Come and join to our trip.
  • Megurin Bus (Ueno, Tokyo)

    Megurin Bus (Ueno, Tokyo)
    Megurin Bus is not only for local residents right now, though many tourists use this for being convenient and cheap.
  • Tokyo Disneyland - More Than Mickey

    Tokyo Disneyland - More Than Mickey
    Welcome to Disneyland Tokyo! It ain't just about cartoon characters running around entertaining the kids! There's more to this fun-filled theme park than meets the eye. Bring your entire family for a trip that's sure to unleash the child in you.
  • A Tokyo Metropolitan Government

    A Tokyo Metropolitan Government
    Visiting Shinjuku - the very heart of Tokyo.
  • Mother Farm: Meet The Cuties!

    Mother Farm: Meet The Cuties!
    Mother Farm is a good place for a family (especially with small children) to spend a day. You can meet many kinds of domestic animals like sheep, pigs, cows, ducks, horses, llamas and even ostriches. It must be a good experience for kids.
  • Yanaka

    Walk around and enjoy the atmosphere of the neighborhood. Peaceful and cozy.
  • The Sumida River Cruise Ships

    The Sumida River Cruise Ships
    The Sumida River is a river which flows through Tokyo, Japan. It branches from the Arakawa River at Iwabuchi and flows into Tokyo Bay. The Sumida runs through Tokyo for 27 kilometers, under 26 bridges spaced at about one bridge per kilometer. Let me introduce the cruise ship in this river.
  • Yokohama, Japan

    Yokohama, Japan
    This is the 3rd Lomolocation in my series documenting last December's trip to Japan, and it is one of my top favorite areas that we visited. Yokohama, which includes the famous Ferris Wheel once "destroyed by Godzilla," and the Ramen Museum in the Shin-Yokohama district.
  • Sanja Festival, Asakusa

    Sanja Festival, Asakusa
    The Sanja Festival (Sanja-matsuri) is the festival that takes place every per year in Asakusa, Japan. It was held on May 13th to 16th of this year. I took part of the festivities together with my trusty Lomography cameras. Come on and take a look!
  • Shibuya (Tokyo)

    Shibuya (Tokyo)
    Tokyo is one of the largest and biggest metropolis in the world. And within the twenty-something districts there is the whole multitude of cultures and characters, which you can imagine. The most modern and young ward of Tokyo is Shibuya. Everyone above 25 years old is quite a vintage machine, but don’t hesitate to go there anyway. The place is crowded all day long and consists of giant department stores and specialists.
  • Kisarazu: Electric Poles Built on the Sea

    Kisarazu: Electric Poles Built on the Sea
    There are electric poles that are built on the sea at Kisarazu in Chiba Prefecture which makes for a very eccentric scenery.
  • Shinkansen (Tokyo)

    Shinkansen (Tokyo)
    While I write this story I am sitting in a regional Spanish train. He will take around two hours for a distance of around 200 kilometer from Valencia to Alicante. No comparison to the undisputed heavyweight champion of the rail-racing world: The Shinkansen.
  • Harajuku

    Not for the faint-hearted, Harajuku lies between Shibuya and Yoyogi in the japanese metropolis, Tokyo. On any day of the week you will find the small area full of people either shopping, eating or just hanging around looking painfully cool. Packed with expensive and exclusive boutiques as well as more affordable shops this is the place to come if you want to be "seen".
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Government

    Tokyo Metropolitan Government
    Tokyo Metropolitan Government soars at "Shinjuku" that the world's largest number of passengers are coming and going everyday...administers "Metropolice Tokyo"
  • Karaoke-Box in Roppongi

    Karaoke-Box in Roppongi
    In my point of view Karaoke is such an important part of Japanese Popculture as Manga and Anime. Because the ambitious salary men of the island are working 24/7 they surely try to enjoy their free time at the max. Invented in the 70's the idea of making yourself a clown by singing your favourite songs in front of a large crowd. In Japan it is quite common to book entire karaoke boxes for some hours. Fixed by this idea we made this entertainment our program for new years eve. First we looked around Shinjuku, but nope. We found our spot in Roppongi, which is the new nightlife quarter of Tokyo. There are entire Karaoke-Buildings, that have boxes on several floors, which are decorated in movie- and music-themes. The rent of the box is paid per the amount of people singing. So this is reasonable, but cheap it isn’t. You also have to buy drinks, maybe you right away take the flatrate. In the box we needed 10 minutes to figure out the system to choose songs and we were anxious to get the action on like in “lost in translation”. Finally we figured out that there is a display which takes the orders and sends them to the prompter via Bluetooth. There is also a telephone-book-size instruction from which you can also choose songs.
  • Godzilla (Tokyo)

    Godzilla (Tokyo)
    One of the great heroes of mine surely is Godzilla. The big fellow from the seaside, who was created through atomic pollution by American evildoers in Japan. Hence Japan was bombed by A-bombs the whole multitude of nuclear pollution was a very relevant dramatic element. The character was created in 1950s and was instantly a major success in the Japanese Cinema. This is grand B-Movie-History. Up to date there have been 28 movies made and the next big thing lingers around the corner. Rumors say, that there will be another epic Japanese G-Film soon.
  • Turning Japanese: An Adorable Cafe in Koenji, Tokyo

    Turning Japanese: An Adorable Cafe in Koenji, Tokyo
    Hattifnatt Cafè is a small and lovely cafè located in a Tokyo suburb called Koenji. Read more about it after the jump...
  • Haunted Love Hotel

    Haunted Love Hotel
    Nestled in the drinking districts or on the outskirts of every city in Japan are the greatest hotels on Earth - Love Hotels. Cheaper than a business hotel and equipped with such amenities as karaoke machines, Play Station, disco balls, slot machines, sex toy vending machines (and one hotel in Nagano has a bed that will glide 15 feet back and forth across the mirrored room) they are a great places to spend an afternoon or a night.
  • Temples in Kamakura

    Temples in Kamakura
    Once in Tokyo take the train towards Kamakura. Stop at the Kita-Kamakura station. The walk from North Kamakura to the city center is full of amazing temples where you can take a rest. Once in the center, take the train towards the coast and stop at Hase station. There you'll find the temple with the great Buda. This is a very spiritual stroll.
  • Rt. 507 Sagamihara

    Rt. 507 Sagamihara
    Not too far from where I rest my head, lies the Rt.507 tunnel. I don’t know what it is about this spot that gives me chills, but I’ve driven by this place a handful of times. And I just think how rad it would be just to wander around this tunnel.

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