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  • The Genova Bend

    The Genova Bend
    Actually it is not called The Genova Bend, I really don't know what is it called. I just gave it that sort of a nickname after seeing a street post installed within that place. And it gave me the conclusion that it is supposed to be a residential ground development by the presence of the aforementioned street posts, concrete pavements and roads, tall grasses that have grown on the soil of the vacant lots and some undernourished, seared trees surrounding it......
  • Boracay

    Boracay Island is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines. Many foreigners love it so much that they have decided to live on the island. The main attraction is the four-kilometre long White Beach, which has powdery white sand, lined with beachfront establishments.
  • University of the Philippines

    University of the Philippines
    Already nearing its 100th year, the University of the Philippines still holds the accolade of being the premier university of the country. Symbolized by the Oblation, UP is characterized by its freedom for its students, which are notoriously labelled as activists and radicals because of the freedom given.
  • Lamesa Eco Park

    Lamesa Eco Park
    At the heart of the urban jungle of Quezon City lies a real jungle of sorts. Rehabilitated and repackaged for families, the Lamesa Dam is now known as the Lamesa Eco Park. Growing up near the place we used to run around the lush vast plains not minding the dangers the steep cliffs posted. Happy times but in the interest of political correctness everything is safe there now as I visited a few weeks back.
  • Laiya, Batangas

    Laiya, Batangas
    With my parents dragging me to this beach my whole life, I should be tired of the scenery by now. But every time I visit Laiya, I still look forward to swimming in the clear sea water and waiting for the sun rise early in the morning.
  • Aliwan Festival

    Aliwan Festival
    The Philippines is famous for its Fiestas or festivals commemorating a particular place's patron saint. The Aliwan Festival is dubbed 'the mother of all fiestas' and rightly so. With more than fifteen representatives from each corner of the country all vying for the right to be called the best, well at least for that year anyway. With colourful floats, intricate costumes and elaborate dances, there will be no lack of interesting subjects to photograph. The event offers a
  • Antipolo City

    Antipolo City
    When the Manila weather becomes a little too much for you, the city of Antipolo offers a cool break from the rigors of the city life. Less than an hour's drive from Manila Antipolo offers a host of places and activities for eager lomographers. Devotees flock the Antipolo church to pray for various problems and wishes. Friends troop the bars that dot the mountainside for a few buckets of beer or so.
  • Baywalk-ing

    I present to you Baywalk, in Roxas blvd. One of the best places to take a rest, shoot pictures, or just to sit and wait for the sunset after a hard day at the office. It is also a place where you can see soon to be married couples having their pre-nup pics taken. Being in baywalk is like having the best of both worlds.
  • An afternoon in San Miguel by the Bay

    An afternoon in San Miguel by the Bay
    San Miguel by the Bay located behind the Majestic SM Mall of Asia is a street lomographer's paradise. One will never run out of things to shoot! From kids sulking in the afternoon sun to a woman spending time with herself and even to my surprise, kite boarders!
  • The Mystic Island of Guimaras!

    The Mystic Island of Guimaras!
    The population in the Philippines loves to eat mangoes (well, who does not?), and they all depend mango products from yet, only one source: Guimaras Island. They produce the finest mangoes all over the world! But not only that, taking pictures in that Island is so EXHILARATING.
  • Leisure Farms, Batangas

    Leisure Farms, Batangas
    Growing up in the metropolis, us kids nowadays have no idea of what the simple life really is. Growing your own food and using the good earth for nourishment is a value all but unknown to most. There are however, places where these things can be taught to the next generation such as Leisure Farms up in the hills of Batangas.
  • A Hermitage in a Quiant Street in Ermita, Manila

    A Hermitage in a Quiant Street in Ermita, Manila
    On my quest to find something to eat, I found a little bit of heaven in the busy streets of Manila.
  • A Tour Around the University of the Philippines

    A Tour Around the University of the Philippines
    Take a sneak peak at one of the Philippines' most prestigious universities--the University of the Philippines, Diliman!
  • Konnichiwa desde la Escuela Japonesa de Manila

    Konnichiwa desde la Escuela Japonesa de Manila
    (Please note, this article is in another language)
    ¿Habéis entrado alguna vez en una escuela extranjera donde no entendéis a nadie y, además, os dedicáis a sacar fotos a diestro y siniestro como un turista enloquecido? ¡Pues yo sí! Echadle un vistazo a mis fotografías, fueron sacadas en la Escuela Japonesa de Manila. じゃ、また!
  • 菲律賓:有趣。

    (Please note, this article is in another language)
  • พระอาทิตย์ตกดินทีี่่สวยงามของ Boracay

    พระอาทิตย์ตกดินทีี่่สวยงามของ Boracay
    (Please note, this article is in another language)
    พระอาทิตย์ตกใน Boracay มันช่างสุดยอด! ทุกครั้งที่คุณกดชัตเตอร์์ ไม่ต้องสนว่าจะใช้กล้องอะไร มันช่างโดดเด่นเกินจะบรรยาย มันเป็นประสบการณ์ที่ดีที่ได้ชมพระอาทิตย์ที่่ Boracay และเก็บภาพมันผ่านเลนส์พลาสติกนี้
  • เส้นทางขี่จักรยานเลียบแม่น้ำ Marikina

    เส้นทางขี่จักรยานเลียบแม่น้ำ Marikina
    (Please note, this article is in another language)
    บอกตามตรงว่าฉันไม่ได้ขี่จักรยานอีกเลยตั้งแต่ฉันอายุ 12 มาจนถึงตอนนี้เป็นเวลา 10 ปีมาแล้ว ฉันไม่แน่ใจว่าตอนนี้ฉันยังสามารถขี่จักรยานได้หรือไม่ แต่ฉันจะไม่หยุดจากการเขียนบทความเกี่ยวกับสถานที่ขี่จักรยานที่ดี
  • Les spots qui font peur : le Metropolitan Theater à Manille

    Les spots qui font peur : le Metropolitan Theater à Manille
    (Please note, this article is in another language)
    Au coeur de Manille se trouve une vieille structure à l'allure curieuse que l'on appelle le Metropolitan Theater, ou MET pour les Manileños. Abandonné pendant près de deux décennies, la plupart des gens l'ont rangé dans la catégorie des reliques du passé. Cependant, il est davantage qu'un endroit effrayant, c'est aussi un bijou historique et architectural en attente de restauration et de rétablissement de sa gloire ancienne.
  • Die Heimat der Bambus-Orgel

    Die Heimat der Bambus-Orgel
    (Please note, this article is in another language)
    Las Piñas auf den Philippinen ist das Zuhause der berühmten Bambus-Orgel, eine Pfeifenorgel, die beinahe ausschließlich aus Bambus besteht.
  • Konnichiwa da Escola Japonesa de Manila

    Konnichiwa da Escola Japonesa de Manila
    (Please note, this article is in another language)
    Alguma vez entraram numa escola estrangeira onde não conseguem entender ninguém mas no entanto fotografam toda a gente com a vossa câmara analógica como se fossem um turista? Eu já! Espreitem as minhas fotos analógicas que foram tiradas na Escola Japonesa de Manila. じゃ、また!

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