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  • Rizal Park: Where the Greens Are

    Rizal Park: Where the Greens Are
    Where do you go when you want to reunite with nature? If you don't want to spend much and go out of town, just visit Rizal Park and recollect a part of our country's history.
  • Corregidor

    For those who remember or are familiar with stories of World War II, the island of Corregidor in the Philippines is a place worth visiting. This tadpole-shaped island, also known as The Rock, because of its rocky landscape, is only 6 kilometres long and about 2.4 kilometers at its widest point.
  • The Long Commute to Work

    The Long Commute to Work
    On a "good" day, it will only take me 45 minutes to get to work; on a regular day, 1 hour; and during the worst of the worst, 2 hours.0_0 Fortunately, when I took these photos it was a "regular commute day" and I was able to get to work just in time for lunchbreak. Hehe...
  • Northern Palawan

    Northern Palawan
    The Calamian group of islands in Palawan intrigued me for so long. Busuanga Island, being the biggest and most populated, is the jump-off point. You can get to Busuanga in about an hour by plane or 14 hours by sea travel. I fell in love with this place in 2007 on a spontaneous weekend getaway. I was raving so much that I made a second trip, and this time, I made reservations and a list of places to see.
  • Fort Santiago

    Fort Santiago
    One of Manila's main tourist attractions is Fort Santiago. It is one of the most important cultural and historical sites in the country. It served as a military base for the Spanish, American and Japanese troops during their occupation of the Philippines. It has been carefully preserved to pay homage to the country's colorful past. Fort Santiago was once a torture chamber for dissidents and political prisoners, including the national hero Jose Rizal. Rizal spent his last moments here before he was executed. The Fort is now converted to a shrine to Rizal with different memorabilia and factoids about the hero. Fort Santiago is located at Intramuros, Manila and is easily accessible by bus and Jeepney as long as the route is going to Quiapo.
  • Work hard, TAV harder!

    Work hard, TAV harder!
    "Tavern " from the Greek word "taverna", which means a place of business where people drink alcoholic beverages, and enjoy great company, as well as appetizing food selections. If you want to experience Asian cuisine with a cozy ambiance, or just unwind and jam with an acoustic band or look for new drinking buddies while playing beer pong..there's no other place I'd recommend other than Tav!
  • DBP Village

    DBP Village
    Did you ever have the chance to share what’s the best place in the whole world? There will always be one common answer to that question, Home Sweet Home.
  • Pub: Route 196

    Pub: Route 196
    A famous pub in the north side of Manila, Philippines. Route 196 is located near Blue Ridge Katipunan, Quezon City. Though this has been known as a gig place, it is definitely more than just music and drinks. It is the alternate route to great music, food, and art.
  • Night Markets: Mercato Centrale @ BGC

    Night Markets: Mercato Centrale @ BGC
    One of the first and most popular night markets for foodies in the Philippines, Mercato Centrale has been the go-to place for those in search of gastronomic adventures and tasty tidbits in Metro Manila.
  • Manila Zoological and Botanical Garden

    Manila Zoological and Botanical Garden
    Opened in 1959, the Manila Zoological and Botanical Garden is the first and oldest zoo in Asia. While the zoo has certainly seen better times, it still holds a place of nostalgia in the hearts of its patrons. Come on in and take a look inside!
  • Landayan

    It was Good Friday when I first saw this marketplace. It is summer, and it is extra hot and humid. Umbrellas are everywhere. People came in droves to visit the miraculous church of St. Sepulcro. The streets leading to the church were buzzing with all the activity - quite the opposite inside the church.
  • Saturday Salcedo Market

    Saturday Salcedo Market
    Residents of Makati, particularly those living in the condominiums around in Salcedo Village, have been enjoying the Saturday Salcedo Market since it began in May 2004. The parking lot beside Velasquez Park becomes an outdoor food market from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Saturday.
  • Cozy Date Spots: Bonifacio High Street

    Cozy Date Spots: Bonifacio High Street
    Can I just say how happy I am with these photos? After a few botched up rolls of films, finally, something that looks decent enough for a locations article. hehehe...ANYWAY...if you're planning a special day out with your special someone yet you don't have a big budget, Bonifacio High Street is an ideal cozy date spot.
  • Tanza Oasis Resort

    Tanza Oasis Resort
    This resort offers the largest themed swimming pool in the area that will cater to those young at heart and the kids. Outdoors, you'll feel like you're in a jungle with mountain rock sculptured walls and big animals like monkeys, turtles, and crocodiles while inside, the hotel rooms have nice and spacious interiors. Tanza Oasis offers a touch of nature with a modern feel. A perfect place to unwind and enjoy the waters with family and friends.
  • Caffeinated Haunts: Cafe De Seoul (Taft Avenue, Manila)

    Caffeinated Haunts: Cafe De Seoul (Taft Avenue, Manila)
    If you're looking for a nice and cozy spot to read, study, or relax with a cup or two of delicious coffee, I have just the series for you. Join me as I roam around Metro Manila (and hopefully, elsewhere in the world) to look for some caffeinated haunts worth checking out!
  • Enchanted Kingdom

    Enchanted Kingdom
    The premier amusement theme park in the Philippines, Enchanted Kingdom has been
  • Enchanted Kingdom Revisited

    Enchanted Kingdom Revisited
    A lot has been written about the Enchanted Kingdom. There is an abundance of photos of this theme park. So what’s one more review? I think it’s the personal experience that counts. Each visit is unique, the shots may look the same but it does evoke memories of the good time you had.
  • Pasig River Ferry Ride with my Lomo

    Pasig River Ferry Ride with my Lomo
    The ferry ride in Pasig River is become a viable alternative to go to either Pasig City or Manila. For those who aren’t in so much hurry, the 45-minute ferry ride is pleasant and relaxing and it’s nearly a grand tour of several of Manila’s architectural landmarks like the Malacañang Palace and the Post Office.
  • Baywalk

    Get your tripods ready as the most breathtaking sunset in Manila is about to hit you. Overlooking Manila Bay, Baywalk is the breakwater area that stretches from the US Embassy all the way to the Manila Yacht Club.
  • Old Walled City

    Old Walled City
    Intramuros, located along the southern bank of the Pasig River, was built by the Spaniards in the 16th century and is the oldest district of the city of Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Its name, in Spanish, Intramuros, literally "within the walls", meaning within the wall enclosure of the city/fortress, also describes its structure as it is surrounded by thick, high walls and moats. During the Spanish colonial period, Intramuros was considered Manila itself.

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