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  • WATta Sunrise!

    WATta Sunrise!
    Have you been to Siam Reap, Cambodia to see the famous Angkor Wat? Well, you can't say you've been there if you haven't seen its sunrise. I got up at around 4AM, hired a tuktuk to bring me there, waited around with a lot of enthusiasts like me at the pond area, only to see this magnificent view. Was it worth it? I hope this article will reveal my answer.
  • Cambodia!!

    I went to Cambodia for a holiday and I am in love. A very historical place to visit, and worthy of taking many lomographs!
  • A Few Days in Angkor: A Visit to the Legendary Khmer Temples!

    A Few Days in Angkor: A Visit to the Legendary Khmer Temples!
    When traveling in Cambodia, you cannot and will not avoid visiting Angkor. And fortunately for you, it’s amazing! Enjoy the temples in the middle of the forest and the paddy fields, going from one to the other by bike or tuk-tuk!
  • Angkor Wat: Kingdom of Wonder

    Angkor Wat: Kingdom of Wonder
    This is not the first location feature of Angkor Wat here in Lomography but I would still love to share my experience of traveling to Angkor Wat, instead of just saying a story about Angkor Wat.
  • Bayon Temple, Cambodia

    Bayon Temple, Cambodia
    Visiting Siem Reap, Cambodia was probably one of the most amazing things I've ever done. And what was even more amazing was the ancient temple of Bayon.
  • Ta Prohm: Amazing Roots and Trees

    Ta Prohm: Amazing Roots and Trees
    This is about a visit to a kingdom of wonder called "Ta Prohm" located in Seam Reap, Cambodia. Ta Prohm, is the one temple that painted my impression the most during my visit to Cambodia. It was a backpacking free and easy trip. So I did not read much about this temple and I could not explain much of its history. However, I could tell you guys how amazing this place is.
  • Angkor Wat Siam Reap, Cambodia

    Angkor Wat Siam Reap, Cambodia
    I went to Cambodia with my friends a couple of weeks ago.. Angkor Wat temple complex was definitely the main part of our visit, we didn't travel around Cambodia aside from Siem Reap.
  • Pub Street, Siem Reap

    Pub Street, Siem Reap
    One area not to be missed when one is at Siem Reap is Pub Street and its surrounding neighbourhood. We were so spoilt with choices when it comes to food. Throughout our trip, none of the meals failed us, and we were pleased with most of the meals we had.
  • Angkor Wat, Cambodia

    Angkor Wat, Cambodia
    Angkor Wat is without a doubt, the most famous and most visited on everyone's Southeast Asian list of must-sees. So far, none of the people that I know who have been to Cambodia wasn't visiting the country just for this location.
  • Angkor Wat, Angkor What?

    Angkor Wat, Angkor What?
    Cambodia is home to this World Heritage Site and is a must see for anyone in the area. What is it you ask? Well think Tomb Raider, think Indiana Jones, think mindblowing temples.
  • Angkor Take Another Look

    Angkor Take Another Look
    When visiting Cambodia, there is one location that seems to be on most travelers' minds: Angkor Wat. Images of the ancient temple complex are everywhere - in books, on T-shirts and postcards, even on the country's flag. They draw more than a million visitors each year. Over-hyped? One visit and it's obvious the mighty ruins are worth the attention they get and they're worth more than one look.
  • Banteay Srey, Cambodia

    Banteay Srey, Cambodia
    There are three temples which you must visit in Cambodia. The first is Angkor Wat and the second is Bayon Temple, and last but not the least is the Banteay Srei Temple.
  • Banteay Srei: A Pink Fairyland of a Temple

    Banteay Srei: A Pink Fairyland of a Temple
    Anyone who has visited the Angkor region knows that Angkor Wat is a magnificent structure, deserving of all the accolades that have been heaped on it. But somewhere in the north, there is a small temple named Banteay Srei that will steal your heart.
  • Angkor Wat (and Surrounding Temples)

    Angkor Wat (and Surrounding Temples)
    The majestic Angkor Wat and other beautiful temples in the surrounding area.
  • Temples of Angkor

    Temples of Angkor
    It's one of the most beautiful complexes of ancient temples in Southeast Asia. The temples of Angkor, in Cambodia, built by the Khmer civilization between 802 and 1220 AD, represent one of humankind's most astonishing and enduring architectural achievements. From Angkor the Khmer kings ruled over a vast domain that reached from Vietnam to China to the Bay of Bengal. There are more than 100 stone temples in all. Angkor Wat honours the Hindu god Vishnu and is a symbolic representation of Hindu cosmology, consisting of an enormous temple symbolizing the mythic Mt. Meru, its five inter-nested rectangular walls and moats represent chains of mountains and the cosmic ocean. Then I can suggest the smiling Bayon, this is one of the most popular spots and, facing east, it is mostly visited in the morning. A good reason to visit in the afternoon! All those friendly faces of Avalokiteshvara certainly make you feel good.
  • Get Acquainted with History in Siem Reap

    Get Acquainted with History in Siem Reap
    There is no place like Siem Reap, for it is the gateway to the beautiful and majestic ruins of Angkor - what was once the seat of the Khmer empire, many centuries ago.
  • สวัสดีกัมพูชา ตอนที่ ๔ - โตนเลสาบ

    สวัสดีกัมพูชา ตอนที่ ๔ - โตนเลสาบ
    (Please note, this article is in another language)
    ว่ากันว่าทะเลสาบน้ำจืดที่ลึกที่สุดในโลกคือ ไบคาล ส่วนทะเลสาบน้ำจืดที่ใหญ่ที่สุดแถบบ้านเรา ย่านเอเชียตะวันออกเฉียงใต้ คงหนีไม่พ้น "โตนเลสาบ" อย่างแน่นอน
  • หนีความวุ่นวาย...ไปจันทบุรี

    (Please note, this article is in another language)
    เมื่อเดือน พ.ย. ที่ผ่านมา มีโอกาสได้เดินทางไปจังหวัดจันทบุรีเป็นครั้งแรกครับ โดยเป็นทริปที่มีเวลาน้อย การเดินทางจึงจำกัดอยู่แต่เพียงในตัวเมืองจังหวัดจันทบุรีเท่านั้น แต่ก็สามารถพูดได้เลยว่าประทับใจในทุกนาทีที่อยู่ที่นี่จริงๆ
  • สวัสดีกัมพูชา ตอนที่ ๓ - เสียมเรียบ

    สวัสดีกัมพูชา ตอนที่ ๓ - เสียมเรียบ
    (Please note, this article is in another language)
    ถ้าบอกว่ากรุงเทพฯเมื่อ 50 ปีก่อนเป็นยังไง แน่นอนผมตอบไม่ได้ เพราะว่าวัยรุ่นอย่างผมคงเกิดไม่ทัน แต่ถ้ามีใครบอกว่า เสียมเรียบเหมือนกรุงเทพฯเมื่อสัก 50 ปีก่อน... ภาพกรุงเทพฯจะขึ้นมาในหัวผมทันที
  • 吳哥窟,暹粒,柬埔寨(Angkor Wat, SIem Reap, Cambodia)

    吳哥窟,暹粒,柬埔寨(Angkor Wat, SIem Reap, Cambodia)
    (Please note, this article is in another language)
    兩星期前,我與朋友到了柬埔寨。吳哥窟遺址是此行的重點,除了暹粒(Siem Reap)外,我們沒有到柬埔寨的其他地方...

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