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  • Tatlong Pulo

    Tatlong Pulo
    Tatlong Pulo literally means Three Islands. A great spot not to miss when you want to relax in the beach. I have always loved going to beaches. This time, we went to Tatlong Pulo. This is in Guimaras Island. It was a fun, mystical beach I say.
  • Zigzag Zarraga

    Zigzag Zarraga
    Zigzag because from the city of Iloilo going Zarraga requires one a strength over zig-zag roads! Going there is like riding a big snake; the car is going to the right direction and suddenly, to the left! Very strange, indeed.
  • Jaro, Iloilo

    Jaro, Iloilo
    After visiting the Jaro belfry, I think it's best to serve you with yet another toast of this beautiful town. Jaro is a suburban place with more than 10,000 population. It is taken from the word Saro or Salog (floor) which Spanish inquisitors cannot pronounce thus the naming of Jaro en-official. Once it has been the trading center of Siam and Chinese merchants since this place is located in-between Dungon Creek and Jaro River, making an easy-access to the mouth of the ocean.
  • Sunsets over Reclamation Area (Bacolod City)

    Sunsets over Reclamation Area (Bacolod City)
    All I can say is... I am a sucker for sunsets... and sunrise. Over viewing and taking a snap shot of a sunset in Bacolod City.
  • Feast of Our Lady of Candles in Jaro

    Feast of Our Lady of Candles in Jaro
    The Lady of Candles Feast is quite a big event. Covering almost half of the jeepney routes which causes traffic, Candelaria Festival is considered by some as a holiday. Several schools, universities and establishments are closed during February 2nd because of the Feast.
  • Central Philippine University

    Central Philippine University
    Just like it's name, Central Philippine University (CPU) is located in the center point of the country. I don't know why it was named like that maybe because when the Americans came in the country on the first decades of the 20th century, they were already particular about the geographical location of the place --- where they wanted to put up a school for Filipinos.
  • The Ruins of Bacolod City

    The Ruins of Bacolod City
    The famous ruins is a must-visit whenever you go to Bacolod, Negros Occidental, Philippines. It showcases what is left of the Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson Ancestral Home, a rich sugar baron. The mansion was the largest residential structure ever built there. Sometimes considered as the city's Taj Mahal because it was said to be built for his beloved wife, Maria Braga, a Portuguese from Macau whom he met during one of his vacations in Hong Kong.
  • Smallville Complex, Iloilo City

    Smallville Complex, Iloilo City
    One would love to go out on weekends after a very exhaustive week in the workplace. Some would suggest staying at home and watch TV, while others would approve a meander over a coffee shop, listen to good music, chill, or what have others called --- party.
  • Alubihod, Philippines

    Alubihod, Philippines
    We all love beach, don't we? We all bask ourselves under the heat of the sun every summer! But what about during the Christmas Holidays?!
  • Bacolod Masskara Festival

    Bacolod Masskara Festival
    Well if you felt like Mardi Gras was the talk of the town every year in the Bourbon Street somewhere in Brazil, you may have fun also in Bacolod City where they celebrate the Masskara Festival (Mask Festival) every October!
  • Balay Negrense Museum

    Balay Negrense Museum
    The year was 1897. Victor F. Gaston built a big house to cater his big family (has 12 children) from 1901 until his death in 1927. For several decades, the house slowly deteriorated, and finally, during the 1970's, the whole family (Victor's children) left the house for good.
  • Cold Sunny Day At Mount Junior!

    Cold Sunny Day At Mount Junior!
    This happened during the semestral break here in our country. Semestral break may range from 2-3 weeks and having such a boring place, my friend asked me if we could go over Mount Junior in Guimaras Island. I asked him why the name. He told me that long ago, the property of the whole mountain was of his grandfather. Since time immemorial, trespassers would go inside the perimeter and build houses or resting places. It was then during his father's time they again claimed the area and to avoid confusion, it was supposed to be named after his grandfather but since it was his father that claimed, it was named Mount Junior.
  • Top of the Tower

    Top of the Tower
    During the Olympics, me and some of my friends had a time to hang-out over their place. Well not really tall and high, only 15 floors high, but it is really a great scene and view to experience sitting there and watching the sunset, the big river, the whole city and even some islands.
  • Jordan Wharf, Guimaras

    Jordan Wharf, Guimaras
    The Jordan Wharf in Guimaras, the departure area of the people leaving the island or might be the arrival station of tourists who are just welcoming their life in the beauty of this island.
  • The Jaro Belfry

    The Jaro Belfry
    The belfry, campanario, or bell tower is a given fixture of every Catholic church. It houses the bells, which basically toll the hours, call the people to mass, and announce important events.
  • Hello Bacolod!

    Hello Bacolod!
    Tagged as the "Sugar Bowl of the Country", Bacolod City is located just near the heart of the Philippines. The crazy archipelago distributed in 7,107 islands are unique on each place, town or city. So is Bacolod!
  • Little Memories From Bredco

    Little Memories From Bredco
    I don't know why it's called Bredco (sounds like "my bread" in our dialect), I don't even know either why some of them call it Reclamation Area --- either of the two, I don't bother asking. All I know is, from my every stay and visit in the Negros Occidental grounds, I always drop by Bredco.
  • Cygnus' Trip to the Coastal Road

    Cygnus' Trip to the Coastal Road
    The mark of a New Year is something a good way to start the whole entire 365 days of living. Three days after the firework blasts and the popping of champagnes (and even Buena Noche), Vince, me, Kharen and some friends of Lomo went to the Coastal Road. We had a mini-shoot there together with our NFF's (new-found-friends) who are models.
  • The Old Ma-ao Province

    The Old Ma-ao Province
    Most of us cannot deny that we have a little soft side in our souls. We come and go to places we've never been before, get in touch with the lives of people and after a few weeks, you find yourself in their place again.
  • Dakota Dako

    Dakota Dako
    It was one afternoon before Christmas events would happen, when me, Tet Diaz, Mike Ong and Iver Aldas trekked our way somewhere in the deep slums of Silay City, Negros Occidental. They said that the sunset in that place is awesome but sadly, I had few shots left in my camera so what I did, I took some shots over the community and people there. They were --- sad to say --- homeless. They live in little houses enough for them to keep warm during the cold night.

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