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  • Street Art in São Paulo

    Street Art in São Paulo
    At first sight, the city of São Paulo seems very gray -- grayer than any other Brazilian city. But first looks can be very deceiving... A group of street artists has taken it upon themselves to fill the streets with color. Especially in the Vila Madalena neighborhood the walls are covered in graffiti.
  • Ibirapuera Park and Niemeyer

    Ibirapuera Park and Niemeyer
    Lost in the urban jungle called São Paulo, Ibirapuera Park has the power of transporting us to a dimension where nature blends with Niemeyer’s architecture. A green place full of contagious magic to which culture gives a unique ambience.
  • Estádio do Morumbi SPFC - Kick it like the Brazilians

    Estádio do Morumbi SPFC - Kick it like the Brazilians
    If one thing is certain, it is the craze of the Brazilians about football. Not only that they hit the Penta, the completion of five world championships, Brazilians dance with the Ball as if they would draw calligraphy on porcelain. So it was about time to see them doing their thing. Best Spot to witness some good sport is the Morumbi stadium of SPFC, São Paulo Futebol Clube.
  • Edificio Itália Grandest View on São Paulo

    Edificio Itália Grandest View on São Paulo
    While Rio de Janeiro is the sunny shiny magnate for tourists São Paulo is rather a financial and business center for the upcoming state of Brazil. That means that some museums only have displays in Portuguese and it’s rather hard to find a decent postcard. But the magic of São Paulo happens behind doors, in the families, at restaurants, concerts and on the roof. Especially on one roof, on top of Edificio Italia, where you have the grandest view of a metropolis you could ever imagine.
  • Coloured Walls From Sampa

    Coloured Walls From Sampa
    São Paulo aka Sampa has one of the world's most famous creative, underground, and alternative flavours. Coloured façades, graffiti, and diverse ways of street art are all around. Please, be my guest and lose yourself inside this real-life cartoon full of colours.
  • Avenida Paulista

    Avenida Paulista
    Get to know São Paulo's most interesting and popular avenue! As many of you know, Av. Paulista is the place you have to go to when in São Paulo, be it for work or leisure.
  • 29ª Bienal de São Paulo

    29ª Bienal de São Paulo
    Art for everybody, is how I like to describe this place. If you're interested in such things, do drop by Ibirapuera Park to view the lovely exhibition that is on display. Feel free to roam around and check out the different art works. While flash photography is prohibited, there are clever ways on how you can work around that little rule.
  • Paranapiacaba

    Paranapiacaba is a tiny historical town based in Serra do Mar, really close to São Paulo city (Brazil), where it's fantastic for lomographers to test their abilities to shoot under the fog and drizzle, especially in the Winter, when the bucolic atmosphere becomes unique.
  • Sítio do Picapau Amarelo

    Sítio do Picapau Amarelo
    The legendary Sítio do pica-pau amarelo, in Taubaté, where Monteiro Lobato grew up. He was a great writer, and wrote about amazing adventures in his books. Every Brazilian kid knows who this man was Where before were his grandfather lands, remains the old house (now is a museum of Lobato´s work), place of many historic stories that inspired Monteiro Lobato to create characters like Narizinho, Joãozinho, Dona Benta, Tia Anastácia and, of course, the fabric doll, Emilia. I'm living in this city, and ask you to come here to see this place: the old house, the same trees that we know from the books, the characters statues, and you even can watch a little play of one of his famous stories from the collection "Sítio do Picapau Amarelo". And try to read some of his books. It's very good literature.
  • Parque do Ibirapuera (São Paulo, Brazil)

    Parque do Ibirapuera (São Paulo, Brazil)
    A green island in the big gray city. Situated at Ibirapuera neighborhood on the south side of the city, Parque do Ibirapuera is the biggest park in São Paulo, it is to São Paulo as Central Park is to New York. It was created in 1956 for the 400 anniversary of the city, with buildings designed by famous architect Oscar Niemeyer and landscape by Roberto Burle Marx.
  • Car Museum

    Car Museum
    If you like cars and old stuff you must know the Car Museum, in Ubatuba-SP-Brasil.
  • A little tour of the region where the São Paulo Gallery Store will be located

    A little tour of the region where the São Paulo Gallery Store will be located
    A walk along Avenida Paulista can yield really good pictures. If you include the old downtown, it's even better. After all, when the lights go out, you still have Rua Augusta.
  • Paulista Avenue

    Paulista Avenue
    Well... the place that I love is Avenida Paulista (Paulista Av., here in São Paulo, Brazil). It's one of the
  • Copan

    Copan is an example in São Paulo city of Oscar Niemeyer´s architecture, who is celebrating this year his 100th birthday. Indeed, the most important Brazilian architect is responsible for the external architecture and volumes of this building.
  • Paulista Avenue

    Paulista Avenue
    Get to know the most interesting and bustling avenue of São Paulo. At Paulista avenue, you'll get to experience firsthand the everyday hustle and bustle of Brazil. Hold on to your purse and wear some comfy shoes as this will be a long and educational trip!
  • Bairro da Liberdade

    Bairro da Liberdade
    It’s exactly like the rest of Brazil, a beautiful mix of cultures, colors, origins, but mostly, this neighborhood is a very exciting piece of Japanese country.
  • Christmas Party in tropics

    Christmas Party in tropics
    Cold and classical Christmas Party in the hot, hot tropical summer.
  • Meet the Acadêmicos do Baixo Augusta Carnival Parade

    Meet the Acadêmicos do Baixo Augusta Carnival Parade
    The São Paulo Gallery Store, which is about to open, is located in the Augusta Street, one of the most eclectic places in the city. Because of it's potpourri of flavors. a Carnival Party was created to celebrate the Augusta Vibration!
  • Itaguá Beach Pier

    Itaguá Beach Pier
    Located in Ubatuba city, Itagua Beach offers many options for people who like to photograph urban areas, amazing nature, people having fun at night, great bars and restaurants of the city, and during the day, one finds gorgeous and calm places, as the Itagua Beach Pier, where people usually go to fish, swim or just relax.
  • Coisa Fina Parties

    Coisa Fina Parties
    Four parties, four weeks, every April on Fridays. They are called "CoisaFina parties" and take place in

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