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  • Yes! We Have Cold Days! (Campos do Jordão, SP)

    Yes! We Have Cold Days! (Campos do Jordão, SP)
    When people hear the word "Brazil" the first thing that comes to their minds is summer, sun, beach, soccer and girls in bikinis. But yes we have winter in the southern half of the country and this is the city to be if you like to enjoy it.
  • Santa Terezinha Square

    Santa Terezinha Square
    Santa Terezinha Square is a wonderful place in Taubate City. It's a good spot to have a nice time with your family and friends on weekends. With a beautiful garden, it is the perfect place to meet other people, see folk music shows, eat some of the delicious local food, like "pastel" (fried rissole) and sugar cane juice. There you can see the Santa Terezinha Church too, with the famous stained glass windows, with all Jesus history and gorgeous neo-gothic architecture (perfect Lomo subject). The Square once was the Taubaté's downtown area. It was a long time ago. Now it is a place to exercise your faith, playing with your kids or just walk in a beautiful garden.
  • Train Station - Eugenio Lefreve

    Train Station - Eugenio Lefreve
    Up to the mountains, up to the sky. Santo Antonio do Pinhal, in the middle of Serra da Mantiqueira, is a beautiful little city. With waterfalls, hiking spots, restaurants, and small hotels, the city is perfect place to stay and joy the altitude (almost 1.300 m) and the nature. But the best place to go with your Lomos is the Train Station, where you can eat, drink hot coffee and feel like you travel back through time, with old architecture and the beautiful gardens. Walk through the train tracks, smell the cold air, visit the Holy Mother Statue, where you can see the entire valley ahead. What a splendid view. Winter is the best time to go there. But even in the summer you can feel the great weather of the mountains. But watch out, the train is coming and you don't want to be in front of it.
  • Vicentina Aranha Hospital

    Vicentina Aranha Hospital
    It used to be a geriatric hospital once, long-long-long time ago and was a place to treat breathing issues. By now it's closed and abandoned. A very impressive place, located on very rich neighborhood in São José dos Campos. The Vicentina Aranha hospital started its activities in 1914 and closed its doors in 2004, after 90 years saving peoples life.
  • Gardens at Jorge Zarur Avenue

    Gardens at Jorge Zarur Avenue
    Streets at night always have some good spots to go to with your lomographic piece of equipment. And here in Brazil, it's not different. This is an avenue on São José dos Campos, a city near mine. It's the way to one of most famous Malls of the city: Shopping Colinas.
  • Santo Antônio do Pinhal

    Santo Antônio do Pinhal
    Feel the mountains' fresh air. Hear the sound of nature. Taste the flavor of this little place called Santo Antonio do Pinhal, a town on the mountains, where the local way of life is the law. And Santo Antonio is affordable (you don't need much money to eat or stay well there).
  • Little abandoned houses

    Little abandoned houses
    Are you afraid of dark? Do you believe in witches? Do you see ghosts? Do you have experienced any paranormal stuff? Do you sleep with the lights on? Me neither. But houses like these have attracted me for a long time. What do you think when you see little houses like these? Places like this one totally scare me. A lot! But I like it a lot too and I think some of another people actually do too, so it's a great way to spend a lot of films and feel a little bit scared.
  • A night at the Carnival - Geraldo Costa Square

    A night at the Carnival - Geraldo Costa Square
    Some small towns have a big square where these little Carnival stops on special dates. By the nature of these places, with a lot of colorful things and full of neon or lights, it´s a perfect spot to take your lomo lc-a to a night safari. I call it safari because you´ll find many human "subjects" to "hunt", if you know what I mean. Every type of people come to the Carnival at night on the weekend, and you´ll be pleased with the portraits possibilities.
  • Pedra do Baú - Chest Rock

    Pedra do Baú - Chest Rock
    "Above the clouds I see my shadow fly"... with this song inside my head, and wind on my face, climbing the Pedra do Baú is easy as the breeze. Leave all these bricks and walls behind you in the city and come here, at Vale do Paraíba almost the highest point of Brazil and feel the freedom, the pure air and a sort of nirvana state. People go up theses iron stairs fixed on the stone, step by step, to see the nature's beauty above an altitude of 1.700 meters, where you can see the entire valley between Serra do Mar and Serra da Mantiqueira. The big granite rock known as Pedra do Baú was a real challenge for those in search for some hardcore climbing "without stairs" (only professional people allowed, ok?!) or for normal people like you and me, who only want good moments in nature (use those stairs, of course). But be prepared to walk a lot: hiking one or two hours into the forest before you get the iron stairway to heaven. But the view…oh the view. That's magnificent view the only thing that really matters here. Don't miss this place.
  • Parque das Águas

    Parque das Águas
    It´s a huge park inside the heart of the Sao Lourenço city, one most famous tourist destiny in Brazil, and one smallest Brazilian town (second smallest, actually), and it´s name is “Parque das Águas”.
  • Praça Santa Terezinha

    Praça Santa Terezinha
    (Please note, this article is in another language)
    A Praça Santa Terezinha é um lindo lugar Taubaté. É um ótimo ponto para passar bons momentos com a família e amigos nos finais de semana.
  • Exposição Cenários Análogos na Galeria 11.16

    Exposição Cenários Análogos na Galeria 11.16
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    A Lomografia chega à galeria de arte.
  • Parque das Águas

    Parque das Águas
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    É o grande Parque das Águas no coração da cidade de São Lourenço-MG, um dos destinos turísticos mais famosos do Brasil.
  • Silikon, Fußball und Romantik

    Silikon, Fußball und Romantik
    (Please note, this article is in another language)
    "Questo giovane comincia dove finisco io!" Ungefähr soll das wohl heißen: Er beginnt dort, wo ich aufgehört habe..... So angeblich der Kommentar von Guiseppe Verdi nach der Uraufführung von Carlos Gomez´Oper "O Guarani".
  • Jardins da Avenida Jorge Zarur

    Jardins da Avenida Jorge Zarur
    (Please note, this article is in another language)
    As nossas ruas a noite sempre tem bons lugares para explorar com seu equipamento lomográfico. E aqui no Brasil não é diferente. Esta é uma avenida em São José dos Campos-SP, uma cidade perto da minha (taubaté). É perto de uns dos mais conhecidos Shoppings de São José, o Shopping Colinas.
  • Fugindo do carnaval na fazenda

    Fugindo do carnaval na fazenda
    (Please note, this article is in another language)
    Durante o carnaval no Brasil há festas por todos os lugares. Porém, decidi aceitar o convite de uma amiga e fugir de toda agitação numa fazenda da família dela. Deu para descansar e se divertir bastante por lá!
  • Pequenas casas abandonadas

    Pequenas casas abandonadas
    (Please note, this article is in another language)
    Você tem medo do escuro? Acredita em bruxas? Vê fantasmas? Já experimentou alguma coisa paranormal? Você dorme de luz acesa? Nem eu. Mas essas casinhas perdidas no meio do nada me atraem a muito tempo. O que você pensaria se visse casinhas como essas? Eu fico apavorado com lugares como esses. Muito. Mas gosto disso o mesmo tanto que tenho medo, e como muita gente compartilha disso comigo, então é um bom lugar para gastar um monte de filmes e ficar um pouco amedrontado.
  • 11.16 Loja Conceito em Campinas

    11.16 Loja Conceito em Campinas
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    A 11.16 é uma loja conceito que reúne três áreas de interesse do público: moda, arte e gastronomia.
  • Estação de trêm - Eugenio Lefreve

    Estação de trêm - Eugenio Lefreve
    (Please note, this article is in another language)
    Montanha acima, direto para o céu: Santo Antônio do Pinhal fica no meio da Serra da Mantiqueira, uma linda cidadezinha com quedas dágua, trilhas para caminhada, restaurantes e pequenos hotéis. É o lugar perfeito para ficar e curtir os efeitos da altitude (quase 1300m), mas principalmente para curtir a natureza.
  • Hinter all diesen Türen...

    Hinter all diesen Türen...
    (Please note, this article is in another language)
    Eine Tür ist eine Einrichtung zum Schließen einer Öffnung in einer Wand. Die Tür erlaubt das Abgrenzen von Räumen gegen andere Räume oder den Außenbereich bei erhaltener Durchgangsmöglichkeit. Mit einem Schloss können Türen verschlossen und somit für unberechtigte Personen unzugänglich gemacht werden.

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