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Instant Amigos: Wilson & Audrey on the LC-Wide with Instant Back

In celebration of Instant Month across the globe this May at Lomography, we invited wedding photographer Wilson Chua and blogger Audrey Faith Lim, who incidentally are an item, to shoot on the LC-Wide with the instant back! The couple took on this glass-eyed beauty with much panache and came out of the jungle (literally!) in one piece and with a breathtaking body of work titled, "The madman & the dreamer"!

Hi Wilson and Audrey! Tell us about yourselves and what you guys do individually.

Audrey: My job revolves around weddings, flowers, love and all that jazz. Also, I am currently an undergraduate, doing double bachelor degrees in Mass Communications and Public Relations. I like floral arrangements, bookstores that are tucked in quiet corners of a street and cafe-hopping. Also, I play the ukulele. My friends would say that I am a young girl with an old soul.
Wilson: Used to dream of being an economist , so I entered economics in NUS. My three years in NUS made me realise all I want is to photograph. Audrey and I work on flowers together. When I have the time, I enjoy working out and hanging out with close friends over dinner. I run a lot in the woods. There is a nice trail near my apartment leading to the woods and as odd as it sounds, I find immense tranquillity in that. I love travelling as well, and will make it a point to travel every August when the Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival is here and there aren’t many assignments. I would pick a country and stay there for a month.

So what’s your love story, morning glories? Do spill! Was it love at first sight?

A: We met at a photoshoot. I roughly knew who he was, as he was referring me to various modeling assignments online. I thought that it was rather kind for him to do so, (since we have not officially met) and was honestly looking forward to meeting him. Unfortunately, we did not get to talk much since the shoot was pretty hectic and we were both focused on getting our jobs done. He asked me out to catch Ingrid Michaelson’s show here in Singapore, and we sat by a river just talking till the wee hours.
W: I followed her in Instagram, finding an interest in her odd personality and thought it would be nice to meet her. So, I recommended her to my clients.

Do you guys shoot much together during your respective time off from work and university?

A: Well, we do try to indulge in something creative together once in awhile. Off days are pretty precious to us due to the nature of our jobs and we only get off days when we allow ourselves to. We spend a lot of time exploring deserted places, or taking the time to talk to quirky people in small cafes or stores. I like how we are always curious about everything, and that insatiable thirst for creativity anchors us.
W: As much as I would love to, I try not to be too focused on documentations on my off days – but rather exposing myself to other things. I enjoy watching Audrey at work and teaching her about photography. However, the greatest things in life requires one to be open to them. The camera will only hinder our experiences when we are too focused on documenting them.

How did the idea for “The madman & the dreamer” come about? Might we safely assume Wilson’s the madman and Audrey’s the dreamer?

A: Wilson has always been into mad passionate people, the ones who would fight for their passions. So am I. I fall in love with passionate people and the way their eyes sparkle and widen with intense animation while talking about the things they love to do. I would say that I am more of a dark dreamer who sees literature as a form of escapism. I once read this somewhere – A song may give you words to get by, but books will give you the voice to prosper. I believe that Wilson was the mad protagonist who saved me. Plus, he keeps me in check when my mind goes beyond the clouds.
W: Contrary to what Audrey thinks, I always thought I am the dreamer and Audrey is the mad one. We had many initial ideas about our concept for the photoshoot. Being fresh participants into Lomography, we wanted to do try out many things with all the fancy features like colour gels and multi-exposure shots. However, at the end of the day, what we really wanted to portray was who we really are. Human.

Describe the LC-Wide with Instant Back in five words.

A: Compact, Defiant, Vibrant, Effortless and Expressive.
W: Slick, Manly, Mysterious, Lightweight and Easy

What is your Instant Love?

A: A nice warm mug of coffee on a rainy day
W: Travel, most definitely.

What is your Instant Hate?

A: Snobbish people.
W: When people start appearing behind the couple to snap a shot with their cellphones during weddings.

What would you like to do this instant?

A: Swimming! I need to unleash my inner-mermaid.
W: Catch a movie with Audrey, we haven’t caught one in ages.

Instant noodles or instant oatmeal?

A: Instant oatmeal, definitely. Instant noodles are only for desperate times.
W: Instant oatmeal, keeping fit is a must.

Wilson’s website
Audrey’s blog

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