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Holiday LomoAmigo: Japsix

Take a quick look in her LomoHome and you can easily say that this Lomographer is a beach person. So, how will that work out this winter season?

It may sound complicated but I’m pretty sure that this Holiday LomoAmigo adores any season of any year! And her Lomographs, that can instantly brighten up anyone’s day, are here to show you just that! Everyone, let us say hello to japsix!

Photo by japsix

Name: Dasha Altabaeva
LomoHome: japsix
Location: Moscow, Russia

Tell us about yourself. What do you do for a living? What are your interests?

Well, for the past 10 years I’ve been living, studying, and working in Moscow. Still all the things that are dear to me belong to Sevastopol (the city where I was born) as I’m truly interested in the sea and the sun! I enjoy cooking and traveling and of course I love taking photos.

How long have you been a Lomographer and how did you find out about the Community?

It was in 2005 when I first heard about Lomography. I saw some awesome shots in the internet and instantly fell in love with them. A bit later I found out that these shots were taken with a SuperSampler. My boyfriend ordered me one on through the Lomography Shop and this is how my analogue-romance began.

Two years later I created my LomoHome (have no idea why it took me so long) and met SO many great and super talented people here in the Community! And I want to thank the Lomographic Society for this wonderful gift! Some of these people are close friends of mine (lomovan, katya-leontyeva, plavaliznaem, grad,life_on_mars, wil6ka) others are very dear to me even if we still haven’t met (jeabzz, adi_totp, atria007, dakadev_pui, cyan-shine, disdis, grazie, itisanormalname, pepper-b, stouf, satomi, 134340, and many many others!) I really hope to meet them all sometime in the future!

What are your plans for the holidays?

Haven’t decided yet but maybe I will go to beloved Sevastopol to spend the holidays with my family and friends. Another dream is to go to a place where you will find no snow on the New Year’s eve, only the hot sun and waves! (Editor’s Note: Australia is the place you are looking for! :D) The only thing I know for sure is that my dear LC-A is going with me any way!

Any New Year’s resolutions for 2013?

Well, my New Year’s resolution is to scan and animate all the LomoKino movies I shot this summer.

Photo by japsix

If you could recommend one movie and one song to everyone, what would they be?

Oh, this is a hard question indeed. For me it really depends on the mood. You can find very different bands and singers in my iPod still there is one song that I can listen to when I’m sad, cheerful, lonely, or when dancing on a party. It’s The Doors “Touch Me." And it is truly special, even magical for me.

As for the movies… Oh I love going to the cinemas so much! And again, hard choice as there are so many that I’d like to recommend. I guess for today it will be “Roman Holiday” starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck. My granny likes all movies with Audrey Hepburn but this one is her favorite so we watched it together many times. So every time I watch this wonderful movie, I feel happy and cheerful, exactly how I did when I first saw it during my childhood.

What’s your favourite analogue camera to shoot with? Why?

For me each camera is unique and best in its own way. I absolutely LOVE my SuperSampler. This is the only camera which shows the world around you exactly like your eyes do! For example, when you are resting on the beach, you see a piece of the sky, a piece of the sea, some sand or stones, and a part of you neighbor’s body at the same time. And this is exactly what you will see on a photo taken with the SuperSampler! No other camera can do it. Spinner will show you everything around you, but in a way your eye never does.

My new “friend," the Lubitel 166B, is so beautiful (my Dad gave it to me on my birthday last year!) Pictures made with it look so smooth and detailed at the same time… Mmmmagic! And of course I love my LC-A+, it is fast, handy, reliable, and unpredictable!

What’s the next camera you’d like to get your hands on?

Well of course it is the Belair x 6-12… it’s gorgeous!

What’s your favourite memory from this year?

One of the best memories of this year is my friend’s wedding in Tbilisi last September. Never before have I seen such a beautiful wedding and such a happy and loving couple. The bride’s name is Tamara but everyone calls her Pepela which means butterfly in Georgian. And it is true, she is as beautiful and lovely as a butterfly! The party was held on top of the Mtatsminda mountain, right at the foot of a huge observation wheel. The city view from that point is simply stunning! The air was full of love and everyone was SO beautiful. I will try to find time and upload some shots in my LomoHome ASAP so you can see what I’m talking about!

And now for the toughest question – What is your favorite photo from the past year? Why?

Photo by japsix

This crazy yellow series came out as a real surprise! It was my first try with Tungsten [film] and I had no idea what happened to the film and why it turned absolutely yellow. I was hoping for some nice magenta + velvet + blue.

Still I think that this crazy yellow is just perfect! It fits very good with my memories of this hot-sunny-happy day! When I look at this picture I can feel the sea-salt in my hair and the hot sun on my face. For me it is one of these moments, when film turns magic and captures real feelings.

Any holiday shout-outs or tips for your fellow Lomographers?

I just want say, that I love you, guys! I truly love all of you! Big kiss from cold-cold Moscow!

written by mayeemayee


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