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  • Speicherstadt

    A typical tourist attraction but large enough to be discovered without meeting too many of them. Enter it at the "Kehrwiederspitze" (leave U3 underground line at "Baumwall") and then explore the old and the new part of this city within the city. Built in the 1880s the old ware- and storehouses were once used to store spices, coffee and other goods because it was too expensive to store those in the city centre. You had to pay taxes for that and the Speicherstadt was built to avoid high taxation. It was also built to get flammable goods out of the centre. Merchants could store their goods in the warehouses and they were either shipped further or sold directly to merchants in the city.
  • Cherbourg

    Cherbourg is a harbor in Manche a French region. It's my city I live here for ten years now and it's very pleasant. I will not tell the contrary probably because of my pride! But you've got the sea, the country, it can be very hot in summer and it snows sometimes (in fact 3 times in 10 years!). The main thing to see is la Cité de la Mer. It is a museum-aquarium- restaurant, seagulls, boats, and numerous terraces of nice cafés especially in a sunny and very windy day when parasols threaten to kill you. No, no, no I'm not a good patriot don't trust my words.
  • Katarina Hissen

    Katarina Hissen
    For a great view of Stockholm, take the Katarinahissen in Sodermalm. Katarinahissen is an elevator, built around 120 years ago, which takes you up about 40 meters to a restaurant called Gondolen above Slussen.
  • Tournai

    h2. An express city tour explained by a grumpy tourist guide.
  • Gulugod Baboy

    Gulugod Baboy
    Gulugod Baboy (translates to Pig Spine) is a local term for the mountain located in Anilao, Batangas. Locals said that it is called this way because of its contour shape. I already climbed this mountain 3 times with different sets of people. Every climb offers a different experience. It is a relatively easy climb taking just almost 2 hours to reach its peak. The view from the top is great - you have a 360 degree view of Anilao, Batangas Pier, Maricaban Island and other mountains.
  • Soviet II WW monument

    Soviet II WW monument
    After the second world war, the winning soviets wanted to put a memorial for the Soviet soldiers in Berlin. The monument composed of a giant Entrance between two massive constructions with the sickle and the hammer with two statues of a soldier and a praying woman. Then it opens on a big Statue showing a soldier. The most impressive are these two constructions, like a giant triangle with sharp edges in a red-brown colour.
  • Pride Vancouver

    Pride Vancouver
    In August 2007 it was the 29th annual Pride festival in Vancouver. The festival runs for several weeks, but the highlight is always the Pride Parade, a great fun event for all. This year 385,000 people were there to watch the 2 hours of crazy creative floats, teams, music, costumes and dancing.
  • New Baltic Dance

    New Baltic Dance
    If you like dancing in the clubs, then probably there is a little chance, that you will like it. If you are keen on watching others dance, then probably there is a big chance, that you will like it. In other words, New Baltic Dance festival is all about modern dance and art itself. Different acts, from indoors to outdoors and cruising in the city while dancing...
  • Japaratinga Beach

    Japaratinga Beach
    Japaratinga is one of the most beautiful beaches on the northeast coast of Brazil. If you want to spend some time with friends in peace, this is the place. Streams, reefs, really white sand and an amazing sea just waiting for you to take your Lomo pics. It's almost a wild beach, so it will be only you and your friends and lots of coconuts. Enjoy!s
  • Barcelona Vacation

    Barcelona Vacation
    Barcelona really has a special place in my heart. The architecture of
  • Abandoned Trains

    Abandoned Trains
    Route 32 in Watervliet, NY (about 12 miles from Albany) passes over the mainline of the Delaware & Hudson Railway, much like the other highway overpasses in the area. The casual observer may miss the Lomographer's treasure trove which lies beneath the bridge, along side the tracks.
  • Anadolu Evleri

    Anadolu Evleri
    I was able to visit Gaziantep last month. The city has been named as the Paris of the Southeast recently. And of course with my LC-A it was fully a discovery. Old town, castle, incredible ‘zeugma’ the ancient city mosaics, excellent food and much more. On that trip my boss chose a little hotel called ‘Anatolian Houses’: the traditional old houses which are connected together with a common court yard, restored and furnished very stylishly.
  • Telok Chempedak Beach

    Telok Chempedak Beach
    During a Lomo outing with a bunch of Lomogrpahers to Kuantan, we passed by a beach named Telok Chempedak. The first impression of Telok Chempedak beach was like in heaven - golden sands, waves, sun, people, everything was just great! I love this place so much. Telok Chempedak is located just approximately 5 km from the Kuantan town.
  • Honeymoon Bay

    Honeymoon Bay
    Mounting the waves becomes more challenging and exciting as the cold winter months creep in. All around Taiwan, swells from September to October are 3-5 feet (one to nearly two meters). The largest waves, 5-6 feet (two meters), are found from November to February. So seriously, if you want to catch the best waves, it's time to boogie.
  • Queen's Island

    Queen's Island
    Queen's Island on the River Lagan is home to the Harland and Wolff ship-yards, birthplace of the Titanic, probably Belfast's most famous export. The Belfast shipbuilding industry can be dated back to the mid-1600s, and the banks of the Lagan became devoted to the H+W shipyards in the late eighteenth century. From Queen's Island came some of the most famous ships in modern history, such as the Olympic and the Britannia. Despite its sticky end, the Titanic is still celebrated as one of the most notable triumphs of modern industry, and its history is celebrated each year during the Belfast "Titanic Festival".
  • Island of If

    Island of If
    One of the best known islands in the whole world - the island of If. I could not find the story about the island, why is it called like that - If. But one thing I know for sure is that this island is famous because of the Count of Monte Cristo. As you can remember the story of Alexandre Dumas, this Count was jailed there and the whole story is about how he tries to escape from this small island, where only the building of jail is located. I do not remember the exact amount of time, but I guess that he escaped only after several years (maybe 7 or 13) by digging the whole in the wall with the spoon.
  • King's Forest at West Stow

    King's Forest at West Stow
    If you flew over East Anglia in a helicopter you'd see below you a dark and rather gloomy area of forest somewhere in the middle of the more usual fen and farming landscape. If you drove along the A11 to Norwich, you would drive through a desolate and unexciting section of the same dark, dripping pine forest. Either way, you wouldn't feel tempted to explore further, which would be a shame, as on the boundary of this admittedly uninviting forest is a place where a much older deciduous woodland still exists among the plantations of pine and fir.
  • Zypliai Estate

    Zypliai Estate
    Zypliai estate has eleven buildings. Nowadays only three buildings are used. In one building, where 150 years ago they used to keep horses, there is a museum now. In the other building you can find an information centre. They are repairing some of the buildings at the moment, so you can go inside and take a look what is done.
  • Old South Station

    Old South Station
    It's not easy to find abandoned places in Nice! The ancient railway station of "Chemins de fer de Provence" is one of them. Built in a neoclassical style in 1892 by the architect Prosper Bobin, it is not used anymore since 1992 (a new terminus was built 6 blocks from the ancient one).
  • Hahn Airport

    Hahn Airport
    Vacation can be real vacation only if you can get yourself far away from your everyday environment. No phone-calls from your boss "well, maybe you could stop by just for a second, cause we are having difficulties with the project" and so on. If you are far away from your home, you can even start forgetting the day of the week or even the time itself... How to do that? Cars and boats are expensive and quite lazy, so we have to choose planes... Good news: Frankfurt Hahn airport in Germany is one of the best stops in the whole Europe. You know why? Because you can go everywhere you want - this airport and of course some of the air-companies offer cheap flights to... Murcia in Spain or Verona in Italy... Or Africa... Or whatever you want.