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  • Taurage

    This is Taurage, this is the place where I was born and where I finished the school. This is the town where I grew up and kissed a girl for the first time :). So as you understand this is my hometown. Recently this little town in the west of Lithuania celebrated 500th birthday. If you will ever come to Taurage please tell me, cause I can show you such fantastic, romantic or crazy places that you will remember for the whole life.
  • Cagayan de Oro Fiesta

    Cagayan de Oro Fiesta
    Every August 28th, the whole province of Cagayan de Oro gets transformed into an entirely new entity of color, merriment and wonder as they celebrate their yearly festival. Floats, parades, dances and concerts are aplenty as they celebrate and give thanks to another fruitful year. This is a week long event so there is no reason to miss a one of a kind Lomographic photo opportunity. The locals are accommodating and gamely smile for the camera, proud of their heritage as Cagayanos. Getting there is a 1 ½ hour flight from Manila with rates depending on the airline. Accommodations are readily available but book in advance if you're going to the festival since many people go there.
  • Tong Nai Pan Noi Beach

    Tong Nai Pan Noi Beach
    Tong Nai Pan Noi beach. Located on the "Koh Pangan" - Island of Pangan
  • Liège

    My name is Kim and I've been living in Liège for a long time now. I don't want to worry about how many people are living in Liège or how many square meters Liège is. Liège is a nice city in Belgium and is a part of the Wallonia region (there is also a Flemish region and a German one! wonderful for one of the 3 smallest countries of the whole Universe!). Despite of the fact that it is a small city in a small country, Liège is always moving very fast! We love evolution, art and culture. I have several places where I love to go.
  • Aliwan Festival

    Aliwan Festival
    The Philippines is famous for its Fiestas or festivals commemorating a particular place's patron saint. The Aliwan Festival is dubbed 'the mother of all fiestas' and rightly so. With more than fifteen representatives from each corner of the country all vying for the right to be called the best, well at least for that year anyway. With colourful floats, intricate costumes and elaborate dances, there will be no lack of interesting subjects to photograph. The event offers a
  • Chinatown Kristintachibana

    Chinatown Kristintachibana
    A small Chinatown in comparison to the other big cities in the nation, our little Chinatown in Honolulu is packed with shops, eateries, bars and other businesses (even the late night prostitute and/or ice addict...I'm sure those in Chinatown and the city of Honolulu will love the picture I just painted - but it is the truth)...I prefer to walk around during the day to capture the essence of the culture there.
  • Brentford

    Head west out of London and you get to Brentford - not a very glamorous sounding location, you might think. Until you realize that you're just step away from the Thames River, with the famous world heritage site Kew Gardens over the river, and with Water mans Park and its beautiful metal sculptures and the string of Thames houseboats at your feet.
  • Chinatown Bangkok

    Chinatown Bangkok
    Like in other countries in the world, Bangkok also has its own Chinatown. The Bangkok's Chinatown district runs along Yaowarat Road from Odeon Circle up to the Ong Ang Canal. It's made famous for its gold shop and pawnshops or just about anything you wanted to buy could be found here.
  • Haunted Love Hotel

    Haunted Love Hotel
    Nestled in the drinking districts or on the outskirts of every city in Japan are the greatest hotels on Earth - Love Hotels. Cheaper than a business hotel and equipped with such amenities as karaoke machines, Play Station, disco balls, slot machines, sex toy vending machines (and one hotel in Nagano has a bed that will glide 15 feet back and forth across the mirrored room) they are a great places to spend an afternoon or a night.
  • FC Fossombrone

    FC Fossombrone
    This football team, in my view, is a legend. Without any achievements and success. The FC Fossombrone is playing the sixth Italian league and their games are only to be seen in the stadium and on their webpage. The story behind the team is that it was bought by the Belgian designer Dirk Bikkemberg. He turned this club around and gave it a complete make over. He designed the complete gear from socks to the under-wears and shirts. He built a new stadium with the green and the flags all designed. The jersey with the blue spiral and the white ground is the prettiest in the world. I read about this team in a German newspaper and it right away strike me, that Bikkemberg finalized the symbiosis between fashion and sport. The players of the team are also the models of Bikkemberg regular collection and star of his commercials.
  • Hong Kong on Fuji Velvia

    Hong Kong on Fuji Velvia
    The day before yesterday I had lunch in Tsim Sha Tsui, wonderful lamb curry, chicken karahi and chappatis, then (energy boosted) walked to the star ferry, sat on the waves, took a rusty old tram to western market, stood and walked admiring Sheung Wan and all the small alleys with dried fish stalls, barbers, fruit and vegetables, meat laid out in fresh reds, spices and nuts in huge baskets... and I emptied my roll of film, loaded another, walked high up to the mid levels, then down through Soho...sat for an hour at pacific coffee drinking a reasonable latte and reading my Elliott Smith book.
  • Alor Setar

    Alor Setar
    Alor Setar, the place surrounded by huge rice fields. Travelling by car from Kuala Lumpur (Capital of Malaysia) will take you about 5 hours instead of 12 hours with a journey by train. But as a Lomographer, I prefer using train. Don't you? I went there once really early in the morning, just after the sunrise. You will see designed lamp posts along the street. These design represent the flag & history of Alor Setar. The air was so fresh, the sky was so gorgeous and the sun was so hot! I took my brunch at an old, clean and cheap "kopitiam" (coffee shop in Chinese). The food is just delicious. Don't forget to eat and shoot there! The ambience is just good for shooting. Few miles away, you will see some historical buildings. Muslim is the main religion in our country. Of course, mosque is the place for muslims to pray everyday. From city to town, from town to village. Here we go, the rice fields. I love huge, spacious and green scenery, because I cannot see this in my city anymore. My camera just couldn't stop shooting. Not many cars, little noise, just only green and blue colours in my sight. The "kampung" (village in Malaysian) is just in peace every day. Local people used to call the hill near their houses as The Elephant Hill. It just looks like a giant elephant lying on the ground. According to the local history, that hill was in the past a living-place for elephants. The Elephant Hill really looks good and is well-known. Besides just "green and blue", you can also find combination of "blue & blue" which means "sea & sky".
  • Galerija Tornis

    Galerija Tornis
    I and my friends found this horse accidentally. We were visiting the old town streets of Riga when suddenly we saw a wooden horse. It belongs to Galerija Tonris shop owners and they don't mind if you want to ride on the back of the horse. Inside the shop you can find and buy ancient Baltic and Scandinavian jewelry reproductions and original designs, amber (Baltic States gold), textile, hand-crafted metal-work, pottery, kitchen utensils made of juniper and CDs of Latvian music.
  • Famous Lunch

    Famous Lunch
    Famous Lunch is unique amongst America fast food restaurants. It has been open in the same location in Troy, NY since 1932 and is, well...famous. In 1958, a US Marine from Troy was stationed at the US Embassy in Moscow, and had some of the hog dogs and "Zippy Sauce" shipped to Moscow for the Ambassador's birthday. "Operation Hot Dogs" made national headlines, and Famous Lunch became famous.
  • Metro Palais Royal 'Kiosque des Noctambules'

    Metro Palais Royal 'Kiosque des Noctambules'
    This unique new metro entrance situated on the square Colette was built and inaugurated in 2000 for the centenary of the Paris subway. It was realesed and supervised by the artist Jean-Michel Othoniel in a very controversial style.
  • Langkawi Island & Westin Resort Hotel

    Langkawi Island & Westin Resort Hotel
    If you are to have a totally relaxing summer holiday, Langkawi Island is your choice. There're so many beautiful beaches on this island where you can't resist stopping by and giving a good Lomo shot. And if you are to wish to soak under the sun in Langkawi Island, or to get your body tanned while facing the pretty sea view.
  • Santo Antônio do Pinhal

    Santo Antônio do Pinhal
    Feel the mountains' fresh air. Hear the sound of nature. Taste the flavor of this little place called Santo Antonio do Pinhal, a town on the mountains, where the local way of life is the law. And Santo Antonio is affordable (you don't need much money to eat or stay well there).
  • Theresienstadt

    On November 24, 1941, the Germans established a Jewish ghetto in the fortress town of Terezin (near Prague), Czech Republic. Known by its German name, Theresienstadt, until its liberation on May 8, 1945, it functioned as a ghetto and transit camp on the route to Auschwitz. Most of those imprisoned in Theresienstadt were German, Czech, Dutch, and Danish Jews; elderly and prominent Jews and Jewish veterans of World War I were also sent there.
  • Longshan Temple

    Longshan Temple
    Longshan Temple was built in 1738 by Fujianese immigrants as a branch of the original Longshan Temple in Fujian Province. It was started in 1738 and completed in 1740. During 200 years the Mt. Longshan temple has gone through many construction works and renovations. The main entrance opens only during the festive celebrations therefore usually all enter from the temple gate - right side gate.
  • Kaziuko Muge

    Kaziuko Muge
    Kaziuko Muge (English: Kaziukas Fair) - is a biggest annual Lithuanian folk crafts fair dating back to the beginning of the 17th century, held on the Sunday nearest to St. Casimir's Day, March 4, the day Saint Casimir Jagiellon died, and is referred to as Kaziukio mugė in Lithuanian, literary - Little Casimir's Fair. Kaziukas is a diminutive of Casimir in the Lithuanian language.