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  • City Park

    City Park
    "Parque da Cidade" or City Park, it's a park located in the Boavista area
  • Bookstore Marianne Friedrich

    Bookstore Marianne Friedrich
    A place where you always find the right book or simply have a nice talk and sometimes a cup of tea. Marianne has a bookstore, its called Der Buchladen Marianne Friedrich. I got to know her a few years ago. She wanted me for organisation-team, so we got to know each other better. She is so nice. I really love to go to her bookstore, to buy a book (they always inform me very well and find EVERY book) or to drink tea and talk.
  • The Wall - Live House

    The Wall - Live House
    The Wall was opened by the Live House, the independent trade mark, the phonograph record line and by some of independent music singers. Why is it called "The Wall"? "The Wall" was one of the albums of Pink Floyd. It is the spirit of rock. If you are a fan of rock, you have to come here to The Wall. Live performances by local and foreign bands, arranged on Friday and Saturday nights, on a specific holiday and so on, other time intervals non periodically conduct the activities.
  • New Baltic Dance

    New Baltic Dance
    If you like dancing in the clubs, then probably there is a little chance, that you will like it. If you are keen on watching others dance, then probably there is a big chance, that you will like it. In other words, New Baltic Dance festival is all about modern dance and art itself. Different acts, from indoors to outdoors and cruising in the city while dancing...
  • history Kaunas Oval Office Park

    history Kaunas Oval Office Park
    If you want to visit only the park just like me so you can come when ever you want, but if you want to enter the museum, come on Wednesday, because you won't need to pay for the ticket (it's the day when everyone can visit museum for free). Inside the museum you can find interesting stuff about Lithuania's history.
  • Carris - Lisbon public transport company

    Carris - Lisbon public transport company
    Carris is the Lisbon public transport company and together with the underground, is the main transport system in the city. This company with its 3 services - tram routes, funiculars and lifts and bus network, covers the whole city. Yes, you need a ticket, and the best thing to buy if you gonna stay a few days in Lisbon, is the ticket "7 colinas", you can buy the 5 days ticket that is valid for the Carris services and underground for five days consecutive unlimited times. You can buy it on the underground and Carris offices.
  • Old South Station

    Old South Station
    It's not easy to find abandoned places in Nice! The ancient railway station of "Chemins de fer de Provence" is one of them. Built in a neoclassical style in 1892 by the architect Prosper Bobin, it is not used anymore since 1992 (a new terminus was built 6 blocks from the ancient one).
  • Erg Sand Desert

    Erg Sand Desert
    Sahara stands the biggest hot desert in the world, with 8.5 million km2. It runs on ten countries: Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Mali, Morocco, Mauritania, Niger, Suddan, Tchad and Tunisia. Sahara means "desert" in Arabic.
  • Tamraght

    Tamraght is a small town some kilometres up north from Agadir. It is quieter and less famous neighbour of the surfer's and hippie town Taghazoute. One of my favourite places to get some really good winter swell and nice and warm days during the European wintertime; everything packed into the fairytale-like ambience of Morocco.
  • Park Lagrange

    Park Lagrange
    The Park Lagrange in Geneva is THE SPOT to see the best free concerts in summer! Amazing beautiful huge park in les Eaux-Vives, with a gorgeous view on the lake; with the most beautiful rose garden in the city, and great place just to lay down and chill in the grass during the day. In July and August, around 7 p.m., people start to walk to the "Ella Fitzgerald" scene. At this time it's too early to hear or see anything, but people come here to make a big picnic in the grass and everyone has his favorite spot to find the members of their tribe. At 8:30 p.m. the music starts. Always great musicians, very good sound, I've never been disappointed. On Wednesdays and Fridays, two months a year.
  • Aliwan Festival

    Aliwan Festival
    The Philippines is famous for its Fiestas or festivals commemorating a particular place's patron saint. The Aliwan Festival is dubbed 'the mother of all fiestas' and rightly so. With more than fifteen representatives from each corner of the country all vying for the right to be called the best, well at least for that year anyway. With colourful floats, intricate costumes and elaborate dances, there will be no lack of interesting subjects to photograph. The event offers a
  • Island Life - the Isle of Wight

    Island Life - the Isle of Wight
    Oh Wow! Island Theme - this is just perfect for me, because I LOVE Islands! I live on an island and all the best holidays I've ever had have been on Islands.
  • Beach of the River Inn

    Beach of the River Inn
    Come with me and I will show you a place full of secrets, joy and adventures where you can spend your leisure time. The beach at the river Inn in Ötztal Bahnhof/Tirol. You don't have to drive to the south
  • Market in Cahors

    Market in Cahors
    Cahors (20.000 habitants) is situated in the south west of France about 100km north of Toulouse on the Paris - Toulouse Axis. About 20 years ago the market of Cahors used to take place every morning, but as the farmers are getting older and can't transmit their traditions. Nowadays, this market is just on Saturday morning from 6 am to 13 pm on the cathedral square.
  • Carnival In The Mountains

    Carnival In The Mountains
    Everyone on this planet know the Brazilian carnivals. Everyone have heard about the Rio de Janeiro with that stuff like "the greatest show on Earth", and other bla bla bla. Well, guys, you need to know the Brazilian carnival like I know: diving into the countryside and discovering the real experience on these old and traditional streets in these traditional little Brazilian cities.
  • Chuan Jia Hakka Restaurant

    Chuan Jia Hakka Restaurant
    Situated on busy Guang Fu Road. Chuan Jia Hakka Restaurant has a unique wooden shop front that makes it stand out from the rest of the buildings on either side. Inside, all three floors are decorated in what looks to be traditional Hakka style. The restaurant is traditional Taiwanese style.
  • Magic Fountain of Montjuic

    Magic Fountain of Montjuic
    I must say I have a bit of poor luck with this attraction. My friends and I planned to go to this magic fountain on our first evening, however, before the performance started we decided to grab a meal and go back. Then here comes the pouring rain, getting lost around the back streets, very quiet place... etc etc. all those frustrating moments. We cannot go back to see the performance on time. Argh... Can you believe our luck? Raining our first evening, when we wish to enjoy the sunshine that London doesn't have.
  • St Benezet's Bridge

    St Benezet's Bridge
    I don't know if foreigners have ever heard of it, but in France, everybody learns in primary school the song "Sous le Pont d"Avignon, on y danse, on y danse" (on the bridge of Avignon, one dances round and round...)
  • Tall Ship The Bounty

    Tall Ship The Bounty
    In August 2007, the tall ship The Bounty, visited Maryport on the west coast of Cumbria. The ship, a replica of the one famed for the 1789 mutiny between Fletcher Christian and Captain Bligh in the South Pacific, docked in the tiny port as part of a world voyage which continues through 2008.
  • Zoo Hundshaupten

    Zoo Hundshaupten
    The Zoo Hundshaupten is a neat little park located in the heart of Franconian Swiss near Nuremberg, Germany. It is embedded in a small valley where you can walk up and down and all around to see the typical animals which belong to the nature surrounding you.