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  • Food Market of Ajaccio

    Food Market of Ajaccio
    On the port of Ajaccio, everyday you can go to the best market in town for all kinds of food, fresh vegetables, nice big breads, fruits, honey from the mountains, smelly and tasty spices and all kinds of typical cheese and smoked meat among lots of other products of the island.
  • Viana do Castelo

    Viana do Castelo
    Well...I like to spend my expired, x processed, cheap rolls of film in my home town, Viana do Castelo and on the city I currently live, Braganca. They are both great places to shoot, especially during the summer. Lots and lots of people on the streets and lots and lots of light for some clear shots.
  • Betong

    Betong is a small town in Thailand near the border of Malaysia. You can get there real fast from Perak state of Malaysia in 2 to 3 hours driving. You don't even need a passport if you really wish to travel to this country from Malaysia, you can get a temporary border pass which last for 6 months.
  • Amsterdam

    One of my favorite places in Amsterdam is Amsterdam itself. It has so much diversity, you can't imagine. Every day there is a new face to this city, revealing it's true nature to the eye of the beholder...
  • White Water Rafting (Cagayan De Oro)

    White Water Rafting (Cagayan De Oro)
    Water rafting in Cagayan River is adventure experience and fun.
  • Del Monte Plantation (Bukidnon)

    Del Monte Plantation (Bukidnon)
    A Famous Pineapple plantation in the Philippines.
  • Humphrey Head

    Humphrey Head
    To the west of Arnside, across the Kent Estuary, Humphrey Head is a rocky peninsula reaching out into Morecambe Bay. It's a strange and lonely place with wide, expansive skies, a feeling of emptiness. The bay's quick-sands are all around, and it's reputedly where the last wolf in England was killed... Another wolf lies due south across the bay, Heysham nuclear power station, faced by the less long-term hazardous off-shore wind farm to the south west near Barrow-in-Furness.
  • Melnrage 2. beach

    Melnrage 2. beach
    If you like to walking on the beach and you are male, then all the beaches in Klaipeda are kind of small for you, but not because of the width, but because of the length. There is a silly system which I will try to explain you: every 200 meters on the beach there are beaches which are only for women.
  • Cemetery of Bruce Lee

    Cemetery of Bruce Lee
    I didn't even know, that when legends die, that they have to lay down in a cemetery. That they are nothing but normal Earthly creatures that pass away one day sooner or later. I was recently in Seattle and after a few days I kind of got bored and flipped through the hotel-journal to find other interesting spots in town.
  • Scilly Isles

    Scilly Isles
    The isles of Scilly are amazing, they make no sense to at all, they are 30 miles (approx.) of the coast of the UK and yet they have tropical gardens on the island of Tresco - outdoor ones and all unlike the indoor Eden project, just a few miles away on the mainland. They pretty much all have sandy beaches.
  • Baywalk

    Get your tripods ready as the most breathtaking sunset in Manila is about to hit you. Overlooking Manila Bay, Baywalk is the breakwater area that stretches from the US Embassy all the way to the Manila Yacht Club.
  • Matterhorn

    It's the most beautiful mountain you can find on this planet, at least that's my humble opionion about the Matterhorn and well the chocolate business also stealed it's shape to make the famous and jummy chocolate bar Toblerone. Now you are stunned, or maybe you already knew that. Well anyways everytime I am in Zermatt I have to take tons of shots of that mountain.
  • North Wildwood

    North Wildwood
    I've been traveling to Wildwood since I was born and haven't yet missed a year, and neither has my camera. Not one picture of the beach is ever the same. And the boardwalk is as ever changing. A mix of nature and commercialism at its best. Where else can you stay in a neon yellow hotel, and not think anything of it?
  • Zeche Zollverein – World Cultural Heritage

    Zeche Zollverein – World Cultural Heritage
    Zollverein in Essen was the largest modern colliery of the world. This industrial complex was designed in symmetrical Bauhaus Style, and formed the heart of Essen's quarters - Katernberg and Stoppenberg, where most of the miners lived in small houses or flats, with gardens on the back to cultivate potatoes and vegetables, have a goat for milk (this goat they called "miners cow"), and sit there after work to smoke a pipe and talk with the neighbors.
  • The Eagle and Child

    The Eagle and Child
    The Eagle and Child is a pub in Staveley, a village between Kendal and Windermere in Cumbria at the southern end of the Lake District national park. The main road carrying heavy tourist traffic from the M6 used to pass right through the village, separating the pub from its riverside garden, but the construction of a by-pass several years ago has meant that you can now get your pint across the road without too much risk of getting flattened.
  • Riverside of Cologne

    Riverside of Cologne
    Koln, or Cologne, is the number 4 city in Germany, so it is natural, that it has something extra for every Lomographer, visiting this beautiful city. Start from getting there - I find "die Bahn" railway service very good, so I did come to Köln by train.
  • Dresden

    For the most part destroyed in World War II, Dresden is a phoenix that has truly arisen from the flames. Situated on the banks of the Elbe river, this city in eastern Germany is being returned to it's former glory through rebuilding and reconstruction.
  • Le Wiels Contemporary Art Center

    Le Wiels Contemporary Art Center
    A new and innovative contemporary art center, Le Wiels, has just opened its doors in one of the finest exponents of industrial modernist architecture in Brussels: the former brewery installations of the Wielemans Ceuppens company. The site was built in 1930 by Belgian architect Adrian Blomme and it's defiantly worth a visit.
  • La Recoleta Cemetery

    La Recoleta Cemetery
    If you think Hollywood is 'THE' place for hot celebrities in America, then let's meet the other side of the "IN" place for death in Argentina. What I mean by DEATH is not to die on the spot or something but it's the place for the eternal rest.
  • Lago di Fiastra

    Lago di Fiastra
    I recently took my vacation in the Marche, which is a neat area in the middle of Italy. Very calm and decently close to the Adriatic Sea and the port of Ancona. It has all the treats of the Italian landscape, having mountains and seaside alike.