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  • Žaliakalnis Funicular Railway

    Žaliakalnis Funicular Railway
    Žaliakalnis Funicular Railway is an electrically operated funicular railway in Kaunas, Lithuania. It is the oldest funicular in Lithuania and one of the oldest still working funiculars in Europe. It was officially launched on 5 August 1931.
  • Ultra Sports Complex

    Ultra Sports Complex
    The Ultra Sports Complex houses a floodgate of memories, from basketball victories in the stadium, marathons ran in the oval to the unfortunate stampede tragedy a couple years back. It is the latter that strikes the hardest nerve, which promptly stopped any renovation plans for the complex, thereby turning it to a shadow of its former self.
  • Tanay

    A place that you can hide after the tiring modern life in the city.
  • Millefont Lake

    Millefont Lake
    The Lake of Millefont is a beautiful place to take a walk, see nature, relax and take pictures. It's in the pre-alps, about 70 km from the coast of the Cote d'Azur and the city of Nice. You must leave Nice following the river Var, along the N202 road (west side of the city, near the airport). This road is the direct way to the mountains and you can quickly be in mountainous landscape and still see the Mediterranean Sea :).
  • Garden Vimy

    Garden Vimy
    h2. My garden, Vimy, France
  • Paros

    Paros is one of the biggest islands of the Cyclades. My friend and I spent most of our time in the island's capital Parikia where we arrived with the ferry from Piraeus. It's a nice town with cute little streets, all in the typical white and blue, and nice shops and restaurants.
  • Zeche Zollverein – World Cultural Heritage

    Zeche Zollverein – World Cultural Heritage
    Zollverein in Essen was the largest modern colliery of the world. This industrial complex was designed in symmetrical Bauhaus Style, and formed the heart of Essen's quarters - Katernberg and Stoppenberg, where most of the miners lived in small houses or flats, with gardens on the back to cultivate potatoes and vegetables, have a goat for milk (this goat they called "miners cow"), and sit there after work to smoke a pipe and talk with the neighbors.
  • Parasailing (Nice)

    Parasailing (Nice)
    If you like adventure you should try this parasailing in Nice you gonna love to see the shore when you are up of the parachute.
  • Holker Garden Festival

    Holker Garden Festival
    Us Brits like nothing more than a grand day out in a posh person's backyard. One such event is the Holker Garden Festival held in the parkland at Holker Hall, near Flookburgh in south Cumbria, just a stone's throw from Morecambe Bay.
  • Genting Highlands

    Genting Highlands
    Genting Highlands is one of the most popular mountain resorts of Southeast Asia. This state of the art entertainment village, built on the Genting hilltop, is a much sought after tourist destination. In addition, Genting has the advantage of the proximity to the capital city, Kuala Lumpur, which helps to make it a popular convention centre. Genting is thus a self compliant destination, which can amuse people of any category, including bachelors, family, women or kids.
  • Boule

    I always play it at church-garden in Lindhorst. They have two places there where you can play. When I started, I thought it was a quite boring game. You throw a little wooden ball they call piglet and a heavy metal ball. And wait. Till they tell you, it is your turn again. All balls look the same and I didn't understand who is next.
  • Crystal Beach

    Crystal Beach
    The Philippines is not that well-known for its surfing spots but ideal locations are slowly sprouting up and being discovered and unearthed one by one. The nearest one to Manila would be Zambales, a 3 hour drive north.
  • Palau

    h2 Sun Worshipper
  • MAAD (Singapore City)

    MAAD (Singapore City)
    Market of Artists and Designers, in short and commonly known as MAAD, is a market for original creative works in the field of fashion, art, craft and design. It happens on every first Saturday and Sunday of the month at the Red Dot Design Museum.
  • Kuantan Cherating beach

    Kuantan Cherating beach
    Recently, me and a group of friends just had an Lomo outing at Kuantan. The place where we stayed is near the Kuantan Cherating beach. Cherating has a blend of both - modern and traditional. There are a lot of traditional villages in Cherating, and the local people are mostly Malay, which makes this place very friendly and sweet. Cherating is a great place for surfers, it has a wide stretch of white sandy beach, a wealth of accommodation, dining choices and a classic surfers' nightlife scene. In Cherating, you can find a lot of traditional houses making it a very nice place to take photos. There are also a lot of coconut trees around the Cherating beach, and of course when you are thirsty, you can always buy a coconut to drink. You'll feel relaxed and cool after you have tasted it. Besides that, you can also find a lot of Malay food over here such as nasi kelabu, nasi dagang, cendol, and a lot of other traditional Malay cuisines.
  • City of North Vancouver

    City of North Vancouver
    The City of North Vancouver lies to the north of downtown Vancouver, across the Burrard Inlet. Excellent views of Downtown skyline and North Shore Mountains can be seen. Travel here from downtown by the Seabus, every 15mins during peak times:
  • Naples

    The first impression when you are in Naples is 'dirt', 'chaos', 'disorder'. As you get used to it, you start enjoying the city. If you are brave enough to drive, you will probably notice that the traffic chaos is in fact a super-efficient way of moving along the city. You do not have to panic when are completely surrounded by Vespas or when in a two lane street there are three rows of car (or even more!).
  • Capilano Salmon Hatchery

    Capilano Salmon Hatchery
    Many nice things to see here and it's free! Parking is free too.
  • Gracia (Barcelona)

    Gracia (Barcelona)
    The area of Gracia in Barcelona is really the one I prefer. Located north of the central "Plaça Catalunya" it's in the same time really central, and different from the rest of the city.
  • Pantheon

    The building of the Pantheon in Paris is located in the center of the city, in the 5th "arrondissement" and is a very impressive classical building. Built as a church at the end of the 18th century in a Gothic style with antique Greek influences it was transformed after the French revolution in a memorial place of the greatest men of the French history in all kind of achievement (art, culture, literature, politics) and where these are buried.