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  • Views of Matala (Crete Island)

    Views of Matala (Crete Island)
    Interesting place for beach a panoramic view inside the cave.
  • Ruins of St. Paul's

    Ruins of St. Paul's
    The Ruins of St. Paul's (also known as Sam Ba Sing Tzik) stands adjacent to the famous Mount Fortress and Macau Museum. The front façade and the grand stone stairs are the only remains of the greatest church in Macau. First constructed in 1580, St. Paul's Church caught fires in 1595 and 1601.
  • IKEA

    Whether you're on the lookout for a new bed, a design idea for your bedroom or simply a place to chill, furniture giant IKEA will be perfect for you. Famous for its avant garde, minimalist DIY designs IKEA is also cost efficient as well as environmentally sound. With that aside, it is a very nice place to take some awesome lomographs. The ambient feel, the lighting and the people complement each other for an air that is conducive to Lomo. There are two branches in Singapore. One near Changi Airport and one near Queensway Shopping Centre. You can take a bus, mrt or a taxi to go to either store.
  • Serena Maneesh on Faroe Islands

    Serena Maneesh on Faroe Islands
    When: June 2007
  • Chania (Crete Island)

    Chania (Crete Island)
    Crete Island that people believe beneath of this has another city or an ancient town.
  • Cameron Highland

    Cameron Highland
    One of my favorite vacation spots in Malaysia is Cameron Highland. I like it so much because of the weather. Due to its position which is in the highland, it is always cold and has nice weather. Cameron Highlands have lots of hotel and small hostel for travelers.
  • Morocco

    Not very far from my country (Portugal) I found another world, another culture, another way of living. Morocco, land of contrasts, different cultures and religions, where you can see the inheritance of the Arab world, its architecture and traditions.
  • Stockholm Public Library

    Stockholm Public Library
    If you ever visit Stockholm, don't miss the Public Library, as Swedish call Stockholms Stadsbibliotek. One of the most modern buildings, but build in 1928! The building suffered lots of modifications, but every time Gunnar Asplund changed the plans, it got simpler. At first it was thought to be a classic-modern building, but it ended up being a functionalist one.
  • Köln Cathedral

    Köln Cathedral
    I am not sure if I am correct, but a lot of natives call this THING not the cathedral, but simply the Dom. And this is not a simple cathedral nor a church it is a huge and massive and saint building, that captured my breath after the first eye-glance.
  • Eiscafé Dolomiti

    Eiscafé Dolomiti
    Okay... Everyone says "here you can get the best ice-cream ever", but believe me, here in our region it IS the very best ice-cream you can get! People come from everywhere and queue more than half an hour to get these sweet little ice-balls in so many different tastes. It is summer, the sun is shining, you have had some nice food and what are your plans? Eat ice-cream.
  • Shushi (Karabakh)

    Shushi (Karabakh)
    During the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Nagorno Karabakh Shushi had a major significance. Geographically it lays in the mountains atop of the capitol Stepanakert and for the longest time of the war it was in the hands of Azeri forces.
  • Villa Noailles

    Villa Noailles
    In 1924, one of the most daring and influential patrons of the arts, Charles and Marie Laure de Noailles commissioned the architect Robert Mallet Stevens to build the Villa Noailles in Hyères in the South of France.
  • High Park (Ontario)

    High Park (Ontario)
    Although you can go to High Park year-round, the best time to go is in spring to watch every plant, animal, and tree come out of hibernation and begin to grow in the warmth of the sunlight.
  • Copan

    Copan is an example in São Paulo city of Oscar Niemeyer´s architecture, who is celebrating this year his 100th birthday. Indeed, the most important Brazilian architect is responsible for the external architecture and volumes of this building.
  • Church of the Annunciation

    Church of the Annunciation
    A Church that design with very unique and has grottos or cave on the lower part.
  • Millefont Lake

    Millefont Lake
    The Lake of Millefont is a beautiful place to take a walk, see nature, relax and take pictures. It's in the pre-alps, about 70 km from the coast of the Cote d'Azur and the city of Nice. You must leave Nice following the river Var, along the N202 road (west side of the city, near the airport). This road is the direct way to the mountains and you can quickly be in mountainous landscape and still see the Mediterranean Sea :).
  • Scilly Isles

    Scilly Isles
    The isles of Scilly are amazing, they make no sense to at all, they are 30 miles (approx.) of the coast of the UK and yet they have tropical gardens on the island of Tresco - outdoor ones and all unlike the indoor Eden project, just a few miles away on the mainland. They pretty much all have sandy beaches.
  • Del Monte Plantation (Bukidnon)

    Del Monte Plantation (Bukidnon)
    A Famous Pineapple plantation in the Philippines.
  • Plaza Dorrego (San Telmo)

    Plaza Dorrego (San Telmo)
    I am currently living in Buenos Aires, Argentina,and I am lucky enough to live in San Telmo, a gorgeous old neighborhood. My favorite place is the antique market on Plaza Dorrego. It takes place on Sundays, and is located on Plaza Dorrego, although the magic starts at the moment you walk down my street, which is called Defensa.
  • Kudirkos Naumiestis

    Kudirkos Naumiestis
    This town is not very popular in Lithuania, and I even could never ever turn my car towards this town, but my girlfriend told me a story about one of the biggest sabotages in Lithuanian history of the 20th century.