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  • Palace of Lithuanian Rulers

    Palace of Lithuanian Rulers
    This story is so hot today, that I just can not pass it without mentioning something about it. The Palace (or Castle) of Lithuanian Rulers (or Monarchs, or Kings). It can be even named the Castle of the Rulers of Lithuania... So no such real name? How can it be?
  • Stadionbad (Vienna)

    Stadionbad (Vienna)
    One of my favorite summer locations in Vienna, the Stadionbad is located in the heart of Vienna's Prater. Be sure to drop by this amazing swimming area under the blue sky, including 4 or 5 pools, lots of trees and green, a real wave-simulator and most importantly amazing Lomographic objects: right here the center of young proletarian-Austrian bathing culture is at home.
  • Garden Vimy

    Garden Vimy
    h2. My garden, Vimy, France
  • Guan Yin temple

    Guan Yin temple
    Guan yin is the bodhisattva - being who is dedicated to achiving enlightenment - of compassion as honoured by East Asian Buddhists, usually as a female. She is as well known as the Chinese Bodhisattva of Compassion. On the 1st day and 15th day of lunar calendar, people will go to her temple to pray and eat vegetarian, as the temple cooks vegetarian to share with the prayer.
  • Genting Highlands

    Genting Highlands
    Genting Highlands is one of the most popular mountain resorts of Southeast Asia. This state of the art entertainment village, built on the Genting hilltop, is a much sought after tourist destination. In addition, Genting has the advantage of the proximity to the capital city, Kuala Lumpur, which helps to make it a popular convention centre. Genting is thus a self compliant destination, which can amuse people of any category, including bachelors, family, women or kids.
  • My Window (Torino)

    My Window (Torino)
    You're gonna tell me: well, what a strange location! My window (but it could be yours too!) is quite far from offering to your eyes a cool dreamy landscape... Some ugly buildings and streets, and even a huge block of police barracks... Not so lovely eh!
  • Cemetery of Bruce Lee

    Cemetery of Bruce Lee
    I didn't even know, that when legends die, that they have to lay down in a cemetery. That they are nothing but normal Earthly creatures that pass away one day sooner or later. I was recently in Seattle and after a few days I kind of got bored and flipped through the hotel-journal to find other interesting spots in town.
  • MAAD (Singapore City)

    MAAD (Singapore City)
    Market of Artists and Designers, in short and commonly known as MAAD, is a market for original creative works in the field of fashion, art, craft and design. It happens on every first Saturday and Sunday of the month at the Red Dot Design Museum.
  • Boule

    I always play it at church-garden in Lindhorst. They have two places there where you can play. When I started, I thought it was a quite boring game. You throw a little wooden ball they call piglet and a heavy metal ball. And wait. Till they tell you, it is your turn again. All balls look the same and I didn't understand who is next.
  • The Hidden Gardens

    The Hidden Gardens
    This is one of this great city's truly secret places, there to reward the aimless wanderer! So no touristy descriptive pictures here! A barren wasteland hidden behind the old tramway depot (at one time appropriately a transport museum but now predictably another arts venue) has been reclaimed by nature with respectful and loving care.
  • North Wildwood

    North Wildwood
    I've been traveling to Wildwood since I was born and haven't yet missed a year, and neither has my camera. Not one picture of the beach is ever the same. And the boardwalk is as ever changing. A mix of nature and commercialism at its best. Where else can you stay in a neon yellow hotel, and not think anything of it?
  • Cosmovitral and botanical garden

    Cosmovitral and botanical garden
    An amazing art nouveau structure built at the beginning of the XX century at the historical downtown of the Toluca city. Originally it was the "16 of September market". In 1978 the artist Leopoldo Flores and some other local artists began the construction of a massive stained glass window (in fact one of the largest in the world, as far as I know). In the 80's the building was reopened as the Cosmovitral and Botanical Garden.
  • Redang Island

    Redang Island
    Redang is my favorite island to chill in Malaysia. I have been here 3 times already during past 3 years. You could go here through Kuala Berang. Normally I drove there and changed for old fisherman's style boat to Redang.
  • Palau

    h2 Sun Worshipper
  • Siloso Beach

    Siloso Beach
    Siloso Beach is the place for beach volleyball, canoeing, skim boarding, mountain biking, rollerblading or simply just sun bathing or swimming. There are many stalls available for renting of canoes, bikes, roller blades, and there's four volleyball courts available on the beach free to use.
  • Mont Saint Michel St Malo and Lille

    Mont Saint Michel St Malo and Lille
    After my Super Sampler decided that it wouldn't work in South Africa, I ripped the film out and put it in my new Fisheye (a few months later) and set off! (Note elephants seem to be now a feature at the Mont Saint Michel).
  • Eternal Flame

    Eternal Flame
    The biggest attraction on the Independence Square of Toshkent is in my view the eternal flame at just opposite to the Turkistan-palace at the right corner of the square. I don't really know about the west, but eternal flames had been a big hit and a necessity in most of the Eastern-European capitals.
  • Zilinskas Art Gallery (Kaunas)

    Zilinskas Art Gallery (Kaunas)
    It is unfair, that such a big and great museum is known just like a "some art place with a nude guy outside". Anyway, it is true - the statue of the nude man is still near the front door and is often more popular than the gallery itself.
  • Parliament Hill

    Parliament Hill
    The place I always go back to is called Parliament Hill and is part of Hampstead Heath which is a huge park in North London.
  • Torino Olympic Arch

    Torino Olympic Arch
    The Olympic arch stands between the Olympic village and the Lingotto district, where most of the Olympic structures are situated. It's a huge cable stay pedestrian bridge, supported by a 70 meters tall inclining arch.