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  • Congo

    The RD du Congo is that huge green spot in the centre of the African continent. It's a country with a sad past. This summer they had elections for the first time in 30 years. Kabila Jr and Bemba were the two main candidates. Finally Kabila made it. I went to Likasi, a small town (200 000 villagers), above Lubumbashi, the second biggest city of Congo (2 million people).
  • Baku

    Among the new Islamic countries of the post-Soviet Union, I tend to like Azerbaijan a lot. You get your kebab warm, photo-venders throw LC-A after you and I even saw transvestites after nightfall on the street. That's what I call liberal, baby! I was in Baku for a seminar, so food and drinks were granted for free. Yeah! There is an interesting habit for waiters, though.
  • Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

    Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve
    Prior to the settlement of Singapore the land around the inlet of Sungei Buloh, in the northwest of the main island of Singapore, was dominated by tidal mudflats and mangrove systems.
  • Island of Serifos

    Island of Serifos
    A small island hardly anyone has heard of, and the locals like it that way. It's mountainous, with rough roads, but heavenly hidden beaches, and villages spreading down Cliffside like medieval or fairy tale towns. Perseus is said to have beheaded the Medusa there, so she no longer has the power to turn you to stone, but too much sea, sand and ouzo could do the trick.
  • Times Square

    Times Square
    Times Square in New York City is the ultimate tourist attraction. Times Square is constantly jam packed with tourists and, if you time it right, the naked cowboy could be there. I have never been fortunate enough to see him but if you go during the day, I'm sure you might see him with his signature cowboy hat, underpants, guitar and not much more.
  • Chocolate Museum (Köln)

    Chocolate Museum (Köln)
    "Enjoy an expedition through 3,000 years of chocolate history, either in reality by coming to the Chocolate Museum in the heart of Cologne" - this is what you get, when you walk in the riverside in Koln and stop just in front of the ship-like place, called the Chocolate museum.
  • Centre Pompidou – Musée Beaubourg

    Centre Pompidou – Musée Beaubourg
    I like the "Musée Beaubourg'! It's an amazing place located in the 4th district of Paris. There are always great exhibitions of contemporary art (photography, painting...) and it's a real pleasure to wander inside the museum in the spacious rooms: at a certain point you bump into Warhol and the following moment you contemplate a big shot of Andreas Gursky.
  • Ultra Sports Complex

    Ultra Sports Complex
    The Ultra Sports Complex houses a floodgate of memories, from basketball victories in the stadium, marathons ran in the oval to the unfortunate stampede tragedy a couple years back. It is the latter that strikes the hardest nerve, which promptly stopped any renovation plans for the complex, thereby turning it to a shadow of its former self.
  • Alberner Hafen

    Alberner Hafen
    Alberner Hafen is located at the river Danube, at the south-east border of Vienna. This small port of trans-shipment was built around 1940 to ship crop from Eastern Europe. Somehow the plans didn't work out and the port remained non significant....
  • Castle Schrofstein

    Castle Schrofstein
    Burg Schrofenstein, an abandoned castle ruin, is situated north-east from Stanz (a very old village of the Tiroler Oberland) near Landeck. To get there you need a car (it's signposted very well) and you should like hiking because you need to get up to the castle afoot. But if you arrived once you will not regret it.
  • Torino Olympic Arch

    Torino Olympic Arch
    The Olympic arch stands between the Olympic village and the Lingotto district, where most of the Olympic structures are situated. It's a huge cable stay pedestrian bridge, supported by a 70 meters tall inclining arch.
  • Quiahuiztlan (Veracruz, Mexico)

    Quiahuiztlan (Veracruz, Mexico)
    In Mexico`s history, this place was a city with 17,000 inhabitants before the Conquest, and it was in this place where the Spanish first set foot in Mexico more than 500 years ago. Today it is a small village, with fishermen, boats, a few houses, a good restaurant also called Quiahuiztlan and 2 or more miles of beach for yourself and some few more visitors. Even for winter days, it`s a good option for eating seafood, getting a tan (or becoming red if you`re too white), and swimming. Q: Why? A: Because it`s Mexico, and there the winter does not exist.
  • Millefont Lake

    Millefont Lake
    The Lake of Millefont is a beautiful place to take a walk, see nature, relax and take pictures. It's in the pre-alps, about 70 km from the coast of the Cote d'Azur and the city of Nice. You must leave Nice following the river Var, along the N202 road (west side of the city, near the airport). This road is the direct way to the mountains and you can quickly be in mountainous landscape and still see the Mediterranean Sea :).
  • Kudirkos Naumiestis

    Kudirkos Naumiestis
    This town is not very popular in Lithuania, and I even could never ever turn my car towards this town, but my girlfriend told me a story about one of the biggest sabotages in Lithuanian history of the 20th century.
  • Theatre de Verdure

    Theatre de Verdure
    The "Theatre de Verdure" in Nice is a beautiful park and concert place in this city. Located just in front of the sea, and very close to the charming old city, it's a perfect place for summer festivals and concerts.
  • Cultural Center Georges Pompidou – Beaubourg

    Cultural Center Georges Pompidou – Beaubourg
    The main modern art collection in Paris is to be seen in the Center Georges Pompidou - Beaubourg: it's the second most important collection of the world after the famous MOMA in New York. But "Beaubourg" as the Parisians like to call it is also an important cultural center with a huge library, many cultural events (concerts, thematic movie retrospectives and other cultural representations) and is also a fascinating building of a very "futuristic style" of the 70's.
  • Rethymon

    Crete Island has a four district under the government of prefect and Rethymon is the one from west-northern.
  • Tenstation

    Every time I visit Berlin it surprises me, this time TENSTATION - the real Station for Tents in the Centre of Berlin, not far away from best Berlin district Mitte. It is very good hosting in summer time, you feel like you somewhere near the lakes, far away from the city, but here you are very close to it. What is so special - the whole area used to be the huge old open-air swimming pool in the Fritz Schloss Park.
  • Parasailing (Nice)

    Parasailing (Nice)
    If you like adventure you should try this parasailing in Nice you gonna love to see the shore when you are up of the parachute.
  • Taiping Lake Garden

    Taiping Lake Garden
    The Taiping Lake Garden has been operational since 1880. It was built on an old mining land and today plays host to a variety of plants, flowers, trees, birds and a dazzling variety of insects. The old mining pool has become the crown jewel - the lake.