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  • Hoppings Funfair

    Hoppings Funfair
    *When to go*: in July *What to see*: What isn't there to see! Eat hotdogs, hamburgers, chips, toffee apples, pop corn and candy floss to your heart's content and then be thrown around in a wild, spinning, twisting-up-side-down spaceship while tripping the light fantastic and chucking your guts up. Prepare for blast off!
  • Middle East Technical University (Ankara)

    Middle East Technical University (Ankara)
    Middle East Technical University is located in Ankara on a great green land with lots of statues and photogenic buildings and colorful people waiting to be Lomographed. Once you get there, the technological museum (which is located near the west gate)........
  • Grazynka Bar

    Grazynka Bar
    The superb space in the center of Warsaw. in the center of all this shit.. no no there will not be any web site.. cause the place is cooler than cool you know.
  • Secret Garden (Selangor)

    Secret Garden (Selangor)
    h2. Secret Garden of a lonely Lomographer
  • Donkey Sanctuary

    Donkey Sanctuary
    The Sanctuary was established in 1987 to provide a safe, permanent home for any donkey in distress or otherwise in need of care and attention. I just love this place, apart from a lot of sad looking donkeys in some fields there's not much else to see, but the donkeys are so lovely and friendly - even though they look melancholic and depressed - and they just love to have their ears and backs scratched. They make this extraordinary "Hee-Haw" noise that guarantees to bring a smile on your face. When the donkeys are hungry they will try to eat anything, Lomo cameras included, if only they could reach them.
  • The Genova Bend

    The Genova Bend
    Actually it is not called The Genova Bend, I really don't know what is it called. I just gave it that sort of a nickname after seeing a street post installed within that place. And it gave me the conclusion that it is supposed to be a residential ground development by the presence of the aforementioned street posts, concrete pavements and roads, tall grasses that have grown on the soil of the vacant lots and some undernourished, seared trees surrounding it......
  • Croft Racing Circuit

    Croft Racing Circuit
    Pay a visit any time when there are cars or whenever they're open for business. I'm not good with words, which is why I like pictures so much.
  • Cité Radieuse

    Cité Radieuse
    The Cite Radieuse in Marseille, designed by Le Corbusier, one of the greatest architects of all time. Everyone can visit this place in any time. It has a very good panoramic view from its' terrace. You just can't stop yourself shooting when you get there.
  • Southern California

    Southern California
    After the rain. Here in Southern California we don't get much rain. So, every time it rains, I celebrate and dance under the rain in extreme joy. The day after, before everything clears up, is the day I go wild for clouds. I rarely see majestic clouds with ray of sunshine that feels like heaven is about to call me.
  • Canet Plage (Perpignan)

    Canet Plage (Perpignan)
    Canet Plage is often mild, soft, glorious and quiet. Best time to go is between January through to May.
  • Kosovo Markets

    Kosovo Markets
    Kosovo is calm at the moment, but you never know. The southern part of Serbia is always on the threshold of trouble. Because 90 percent of all kosovars in Albania naturally seek for independence, but this is a long way to go. Meanwhile Kosovo is a shopping paradise for soldiers, politicians and whoever sets his foot on a friendly market. They offer great skullcaps, Adidas-shoes for a handful of dollars and they have a huge industry of barber-shops! And they barb as hell, every hairsection you could imagine with the sharpest knives around and with the most exciting feeling, that life comes and life goes...
  • Bishan Park

    Bishan Park
  • Bastakiya (Dubai)

    Bastakiya (Dubai)
    Away from the hustle and bustle of the modern Dubai lies a small and tranquil area that is filled with wind tower buildings. The area is called Bastakiya and wind towers buildings are the traditional homes unique to the countries around the Arabian Gulf. Wind towers are built on the rooftops to funnel air into the houses to cool them in the summer (basically, an old fashioned air conditioner).
  • Wiener Wurstlprater

    Wiener Wurstlprater
    The oldest amusement park in the world. Go there in the evening, but don't go there alone. Take night time shots of all the colored lights of the amusement attractions (Speedy Gonzalez, Rollercoasters, Hall of Mirrors, Tunnel of Horror, Riesenrad). Free entry to the park, admissions varies from 1-10 Euro per ride. Closed in winter.
  • The Tarot Garden (Capalbio)

    The Tarot Garden (Capalbio)
    Occupying a beautiful hillside overlooking the picturesque Tuscan coast, this completely unique sculpture garden is a result of twenty years labor-of-love of Niki De Saint Phalle, an artist. Born in France, raised in New York and Europe, Saint Phalle began her adult-life as a stunningly gorgeous and eccentric model. She was also a voracious reader and daring artist, who was inspired by the American comic-books, Antonio Gaudì's Parc Guell and the early horror movies of Hollywood.
  • Penang Island

    Penang Island
    h2. Mystery Island
  • Westergasfabriek (Amsterdam)

    Westergasfabriek (Amsterdam)
    The Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam was built in 1883 by the English Imperial Continental Gas Association (ICGA). The fabric is now the home of cultural events, artists, bars, cinema. You can chill in the Westerpark as well and enjoy the view of the beautiful old factory.
  • Spice Island Grenada

    Spice Island Grenada
    I've only been to Spice Island Grenada once for a holiday, but it made a great location to shoot Lomos with my Frogeye and SuperSampler cameras. It certainly lived up to its reputation for being hot, spicy and tropical, just the perfect place for chillin'. It may have changed a little since I was there as it was hit by a hurricane and pretty much devastated later that year, but the Granadians are resilient people and they have been rebuilding their paradise Island. One place I would thoroughly recommend a visitor to go to is the Chocolate factory - not only do they produce wonderful chocolate, the whole ethos of the place is wonderful, it's very much a community enterprise.
  • Kuantan Cherating beach

    Kuantan Cherating beach
    Recently, me and a group of friends just had an Lomo outing at Kuantan. The place where we stayed is near the Kuantan Cherating beach. Cherating has a blend of both - modern and traditional. There are a lot of traditional villages in Cherating, and the local people are mostly Malay, which makes this place very friendly and sweet. Cherating is a great place for surfers, it has a wide stretch of white sandy beach, a wealth of accommodation, dining choices and a classic surfers' nightlife scene. In Cherating, you can find a lot of traditional houses making it a very nice place to take photos. There are also a lot of coconut trees around the Cherating beach, and of course when you are thirsty, you can always buy a coconut to drink. You'll feel relaxed and cool after you have tasted it. Besides that, you can also find a lot of Malay food over here such as nasi kelabu, nasi dagang, cendol, and a lot of other traditional Malay cuisines.
  • City of North Vancouver

    City of North Vancouver
    The City of North Vancouver lies to the north of downtown Vancouver, across the Burrard Inlet. Excellent views of Downtown skyline and North Shore Mountains can be seen. Travel here from downtown by the Seabus, every 15mins during peak times: http://www.translink.bc.ca/Transportation_Services/SeaBus/