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  • Mont Sainte Victoire

    Mont Sainte Victoire
    Mont Sainte Victoire is a symbol of Provence, like the Mont Ventoux and the Sainte Baume massif. Situated 20 kms east from Aix-en-Provence, it is the major landmark of the Aix area. It extends on 18 kms length and 5 kms broad, and reaches an altitude of 1011 m at Pic des Mouches.
  • The Salton Sea

    The Salton Sea
    If you ever just want to get away from it all (the city, the people, the traffic, the noise) and rather immerse yourself in total dilapidation and desolation, then the Salton Sea is definitely a spot worth checking out.
  • San Andres Place and Chapel of Obispo in Madrid

    San Andres Place and Chapel of Obispo in Madrid
    It was a sunny day of February, and I was visiting Madrid with two friends. We stopped in this area for lunch : ‘Un bocadillo y un coca por favor’ in the café of the corner and decided to take a seat. It was very strange, there were only old people with dogs, maybe twelve or thirteen dogs running away, barking at me and sniffing at my sandwich!........
  • Rompin Pahang

    Rompin Pahang
    Rompin Beach is one of the most beautiful unspoiled beaches along the southern coast of Pahang. Located on the Johor-Pahang border, this beach is very near to the second largest national park in the Peninsula, Endau-Rompin National Park which is made up of a lush, pristine tropical rain forest.
  • L'Estaque (Marseille)

    L'Estaque (Marseille)
    Estaque is a working class district situated north of the old harbour of Marseille. The word Estaque means bond (to moor boats) in Provencal.
  • Splendid Chinese Temple (Nontaburi)

    Splendid Chinese Temple (Nontaburi)
    On my sunny day, my lovely friend and I want to go to somewhere beautiful and silent for taking photos. We don't have any ideas about where we are going to. First, we want to go to temple, but the trouble is which temple we want. Then we both conceive the new and nice Chinese temple in Nontaburi, Thailand......
  • Miranda do Douro

    Miranda do Douro
    Miranda do Douro is a beautiful and small city in the northeastern part of Portugal. It is located on the border with Spain, with the Douro River separating the two countries. Being a city situated on a high point, the first king of Portugal saw its military potential, so he built a castle. This castle and the fortifications were destroyed during the many wars fought against the Spanish and the French.
  • Trafalgar Square (London)

    Trafalgar Square (London)
    I ride through there sometimes and even more occasionally I stop and take some pretty pics. I imagine it's especially nice in or after the rain because the the ground would be really shiny and all the lights would make pretty shadows and reflections and people would have umbrellas and they always look cool.
  • Mount Soledad (San Diego)

    Mount Soledad (San Diego)
    *When to go?* When the skies are clear, the night view is just as beautiful as the day view......
  • Sopot

    Sopot is a small town up in the north of Poland, at the freezing Baltic sea, famous in the area as a beach resort - very charming indeed, with its mansions and the old Grand Hotel from the 20's. Together with Gdansk and Gdynia, Sopot is part of the "Trojmiasto" (a city-triplet), being connected to their big neighbors by train.
  • Republika Kazantip

    Republika Kazantip
    h2. Introducing the Festival of the Bright and the Free - The Lomographic Republic of Kazantip
  • Grazynka Bar

    Grazynka Bar
    The superb space in the center of Warsaw. in the center of all this shit.. no no there will not be any web site.. cause the place is cooler than cool you know.
  • Westergasfabriek (Amsterdam)

    Westergasfabriek (Amsterdam)
    The Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam was built in 1883 by the English Imperial Continental Gas Association (ICGA). The fabric is now the home of cultural events, artists, bars, cinema. You can chill in the Westerpark as well and enjoy the view of the beautiful old factory.
  • Hoppings Funfair

    Hoppings Funfair
    *When to go*: in July *What to see*: What isn't there to see! Eat hotdogs, hamburgers, chips, toffee apples, pop corn and candy floss to your heart's content and then be thrown around in a wild, spinning, twisting-up-side-down spaceship while tripping the light fantastic and chucking your guts up. Prepare for blast off!
  • Holocaust Memorial (Berlin)

    Holocaust Memorial (Berlin)
    A 19.000 square meter huge site covered with 2.711 cement blocks, or also called "stelae". All of the stelae have the same length of 2,38m, same width of 0,95m and vary in the height from 0,2m to 4,8m. Due to the wavy ground the whole site gets a shape of a huge wave. The architect Peter Eisenman produced an uneasy and confusing atmosphere on the site that once located the Reichskanzlei (Reichs Chancellery) of Adolf Hitler during the Third Reich.......
  • Victoria and Albert Museum (London)

    Victoria and Albert Museum (London)
    What they say: V&A South Kensington is the world's greatest museum of art and design, with collections unrivaled in their scope and diversity. Discover 3000 years' worth of amazing artifacts from many of the world's richest cultures including ceramics, furniture, fashion, glass, jewelery, metalwork, photographs, sculpture, textiles and paintings.
  • The Genova Bend

    The Genova Bend
    Actually it is not called The Genova Bend, I really don't know what is it called. I just gave it that sort of a nickname after seeing a street post installed within that place. And it gave me the conclusion that it is supposed to be a residential ground development by the presence of the aforementioned street posts, concrete pavements and roads, tall grasses that have grown on the soil of the vacant lots and some undernourished, seared trees surrounding it......
  • Secret Garden (Selangor)

    Secret Garden (Selangor)
    h2. Secret Garden of a lonely Lomographer
  • Steinhude

    I was born and grew up there - a little village in the west of Hanover, Germany. The village lies next to a large lake called "Steinhuder Meer" where you can sail, surf and swim in summer and ice-skate and play ice hockey in winter - provided that the winter is very cold and the lake freezes. Unfortunately, we are in a touristic place and thousands of visitors come every year to stay there for holiday or to relax. So there is hardly a place for the natives to stay besides in/on the lake ? I love to sit on one of the many piers, watching the birds, the boats, the tourists and the sailing boats. It's simply relaxing and it is home to me.
  • Wiener Wurstlprater

    Wiener Wurstlprater
    The oldest amusement park in the world. Go there in the evening, but don't go there alone. Take night time shots of all the colored lights of the amusement attractions (Speedy Gonzalez, Rollercoasters, Hall of Mirrors, Tunnel of Horror, Riesenrad). Free entry to the park, admissions varies from 1-10 Euro per ride. Closed in winter.