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  • The White Crater (Bandung)

    The White Crater (Bandung)
    This location is near Bandung, West Java,Indonesia. The White Crater is famous for its beautiful scenery, which makes it an ideal place for family trips and excursions. This place is also very famous for being the most used place for pre-wedding location. When I went there for a hunting session with my Lomofriend there was a couple doing their pre-wedding photo session.
  • Gateshead Trinity Square Multi-Storey Car Park

    Gateshead Trinity Square Multi-Storey Car Park
    Designed in 1962 in the then cutting-edge Brutalist style, by the time it opened in 1969 the style was no longer fashionable. Raw concrete and angled edges towered above Gateshead, easy to spot from most points in Newcastle across the Tyne. It was featured heavily in the 1970 film 'Get Carter', by which point it was already in decline.
  • Yorkshire Sculpture Park (Wakefield)

    Yorkshire Sculpture Park (Wakefield)
    Yorkshire Sculpture Park is a great Lomo opportunity. The grounds are enormous, taking in open fields with sculptures seemingly randomly dotted about, woodland areas, 'park' areas with more concentrated works, and indoor galleries. Each one is a new Lomographic challenge!
  • Stelmuze Oak

    Stelmuze Oak
    Stelmuze oak (Lithuanian: Stelmužės ąžuolas) is one the oldest oaks in Europe and the oldest oak in the Baltic states. This oak grows in the Stelmuze village which is located in the east Lithuania near the Latvian border.
  • Endless Langkawi

    Endless Langkawi
    Westin Langkawi Resort Spa - I saw this long jetty many times since the project was going on last year, but haven't got the right time to go there. Well, this time I've made myself another favorite album from there. By applying the green filter, I find it useful for strong sun ray reduction and it makes my pictures more clearer. It's not difficult to get to the location and you it's absolutely free to enter to that jetty, it's beside the Westin Resort hotel.
  • São Pedro de Moel

    São Pedro de Moel
    Situated between pine-forests and the sea, São Pedro de Moel is a beautiful village with magnificent beaches, a place where you can enjoy the surrounding nature. Ideal for relaxing but also for those who seek open air sports like volleyball, surf, tennis, fishing, biking, etc.
  • Luang Prabang

    Luang Prabang
    Luang Prabang is a small town at the River Mekong in North of Laos. Among the Laos mountains this little unique town hosts about 30000 inhabitants and because of its state of being UNESCO world heritage you`ll get the feeling there are twenty times more tourists. The state of World heritage was given to Luang Prabang because of its mass of Buddhist temples and the colonial architecture the French left there in 1995. But architecture is not the only left over, you`ll get there really fresh made, superb tasting chicken baguette right at the market.
  • White Beach (Torrijos, Marinduque)

    White Beach (Torrijos, Marinduque)
    Traveling to the island province of Marinduque during the Holy Week was a test of patience. But rewards are abound. The stretch of white sand beach of Poctoy is proof to that. The privacy of a beach cove was perfect for sleeping right at the shore. The following day was excellent for getting a tan, playing beach volley, throwing Frisbee or just take a dip!
  • Bruxelles Pub (Dublin)

    Bruxelles Pub (Dublin)
    This has to be my favorite place to be on either a sunny or (more then likely) rainy evening in Dublin city. Relax outside under the heat-lamps and have a drink in memory of 'Phil', or head inside and get-down with some great tunes.
  • Hampstead Heath

    Hampstead Heath
    Such a gorgeous, huge park. With a lake, wildlife, and expansive greenery!
  • Architecture in Stuttgart: Weißenhofsiedlung

    Architecture in Stuttgart: Weißenhofsiedlung
    Thrills up and down my spine. This was what I experimented when I was walking across the streets of Weißenhofsiedlung in Stuttgart. Directed by Mies van der Rohe, 17 architects created a neighborhood in 1927 just to show what the “New Architecture” would be. There you can see from a detached house to an apartment block.
  • Golden Gate Park Festivals

    Golden Gate Park Festivals
    When the autumn's Indian Summer hits San Francisco, the only place to be is outside and at a festival in Golden Gate Park. Speedway Meadows fills up with thousands of peace-loving folk and the air becomes saturated with rhythm, song, dance, hoola-hooping, flowers in your hair, positive energy and a lot of that funky green smoke.
  • Go Green at Rod Fai Park (Bangkok)

    Go Green at Rod Fai Park (Bangkok)
    How hot is our world! It’s a popular sentence people speak out loud today. I’ll say yes to Global Warming. We are part of the biggest world’s problem. The earth has higher temperature, it must have many bad factors and we, everybody, make it happen without being unaware. There are too main causes activating Global Warming. First, it is “water pollution”. And second, it is the “forest losses.” If we could have been more responsible for the earth, Global Warming would have never happened. Don’t take it too seriously, I am peaceful.
  • Besalú Bridge

    Besalú Bridge
    Besalú is a little village in the north-east of Catalonia (Spain), in a region known by its volcanoes (all inactive, I think) and for being the place more similar to the Tolkien´s "The Shire".
  • The Danube River

    The Danube River
    I spent 5 months in several cities in central Europe and one of the common elements in my stay in different capitals and countries was the river Danube.
  • Central London

    Central London
    Trafalgar Square, Charing Cross, Soho - busy haunts dotted around the hustle and bustle of central London, where a mixture of people and cultures melt together to create a fusion of colour and fascination.
  • Demonstration in France

    Demonstration in France
    If you went to France once, you perhaps had the "chance" to see one of the most typical social attitude of the French people: strike and demonstration. You can have a look at this specific social contest in almost all big cities, mostly in Paris of course, but also other main
  • Xochimilco (Mexico City)

    Xochimilco (Mexico City)
    Xochimilco is one of the many neighborhoods in Mexico City, but it isn’t just any neighborhood, it’s one of the most fantastic places in Mexico City. It's a zone that maintains a lot of colorful, fantastic, and fun traditions. The most interesting thing about Xochimilco probably is the many water channels with houses, “chinampas” (chinampas are pieces of land that are put into a lake to get some more place to live in or plant crops.
  • Burnham Park

    Burnham Park
    Laid-back Baguio locals may wax nostalgic about their home city's cooler temperatures and easy traffic along Session Road back in the 1980s and decades before, but Burnham Park -the heart of how I remember this century-old mountain city located 250 kilometers north of Manila - still retains much of its rusticity and charisma.
  • Spreepark (Berlin, Germany)

    Spreepark (Berlin, Germany)
    On the outskirts of Berlin in the heart of the Treptow district, lies the remnants of what was once the only amusement park in the former German Democratic Republic (Deutsche Demokratische Republik, or East Germany). Built amidst a forested area known as the Plänterwald along the banks of the river Spree, the park was opened in 1969 as "Kulturpark".