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  • Sormiou (Marseille)

    Sormiou (Marseille)
    Sormiou is one of the most beautiful Calanque of Marseille. What is a « Calanque » ? It is a rocky limestone cliff falling right in the sea ; a Mediterranean Fjord.
  • Pasir Salak Historical Complex

    Pasir Salak Historical Complex
    Pasir Salak is the site where JWW Birch, the first British Resident of Perak, was killed. The Pasir Salak Historical Complex is 70 km from Ipoh City in southern Perak. Pasir Salak is in the heartland of Perak Malay culture. Within the area around Pasir Salak are no less than 10 royal mausoleums to past Perak Sultans.....
  • Bukit Tinggi

    Bukit Tinggi
    Bukit Tinggi is just over an hour's drive from Kuala Lumpur City centre and lies some 2,500 feet above sea level.Colmar Tropicale, located in Bukit Tinggi, Pahang, is a replica of a collection of buildings from a north-eastern village in France dating back to the 16th Century. It's just like a picture postcard. It's surrounded by lush tropical forest land.
  • Kellie's Castle in Batu Gajah (Ipoh)

    Kellie's Castle in Batu Gajah (Ipoh)
    Kellie's Castle, (or Kelly's Castle as it is sometimes wrongly spelled) some kilometers out of Ipoh, is a great tourist attraction. And the story about the castle is as impressive as the castle itself.
  • CPH Graffiti

    CPH Graffiti
    In Copenhagen's south harbour, hidden in the middle of different industries behind H.C Oersteds Vaerket (an old powerplant), lies a area, where graffiti artists can go express themselves without being disturbed. As always changing you'll often find new stuff. The art you'll find here is of very nice quality, and if you like graffiti you should definitely check it out.
  • Teotihuacán (Estado De México)

    Teotihuacán (Estado De México)
    Teotihuacan, meaning “city of gods” was one of the first (and biggest) cities of America, it was mysteriously abandoned by its inhabitants, there are many possible reasons for the desertion of Teotihuacan but they are still theories.
  • Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

    Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
    When the day isn't just right to hit the beach - the fog has nestled into the sand, there are a few too many sink-nosed sunbathers, or you've become a bum and just have to get off the beach - the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is the perfect place to take in some fun.
  • The "Villa Arson" International Art School of Nice

    The "Villa Arson" in Nice is a famous modern art school of the city. The place is a mixture of modern architecture mixed with an old 18th century building and a beautiful Mediterranean garden.
  • Vienna at Christmas Time

    Vienna at Christmas Time
    When I was first discovering Vienna 9 years ago it was around Christmas Time. I was very happy to stay there, of course, but coming from Nice, on the Cote d'Azur, where the winter temperature is nevre going under 10°, I was a little bit surprised of the cold and wet weather in Austria during this season.
  • Philippine National Railways (Metro Manila Line)

    Philippine National Railways (Metro Manila Line)
    In greater Manila, the Light Railway Transits may be the preference of most commuters nowadays, but we mustn't take for granted the granddaddy that started it all.
  • Caza Vizantina

    Caza Vizantina
    Much of the pomp and grandeur that was the Pearl of the Orient was carpet-bombed to bloody rubble during the Second World War. But whatever pitiful remains escaped the terror of Manila's dark chapter suffers a sadder fate: the slow death of indifference and neglect. Such is the case of a magnificent house in San Nicolas.....
  • Tam-awan Village (Baguio City)

    Tam-awan Village (Baguio City)
    At the northwest portion of Baguio City, one can enjoy a sneak peek of ethnic Cordilleran life amidst the lush greenery of Barangay Tam-awan, where on a clear day one can see the South China Sea in the distance, giving the place its name which literally means "vantage point."
  • Arenas Business Center (Nice)

    Arenas Business Center (Nice)
    Near the Nice airport is the Arenas business center, perhaps the most impressive area of the town concerning modern architecture.
  • Domm de Milan

    Domm de Milan
    The Duomo di Milano aka 'Domm' is the main cathedral in Milan and one of the finest examples of gothic architecture. Made in marble, its white striking figure is well known to every tourist who comes in Italy.
  • Ludington, Michigan

    Ludington, Michigan
    Most of the year the small town of Ludington, Michigan is nothing more than a small retirement community off the east shore of Lake Michigan, complete with shuffleboard, a mini golf course, and many, many antique shops. But once a year the town comes alive on the Fourth of July for one big communal block party!
  • The White Crater (Bandung)

    The White Crater (Bandung)
    This location is near Bandung, West Java,Indonesia. The White Crater is famous for its beautiful scenery, which makes it an ideal place for family trips and excursions. This place is also very famous for being the most used place for pre-wedding location. When I went there for a hunting session with my Lomofriend there was a couple doing their pre-wedding photo session.
  • Gateshead Trinity Square Multi-Storey Car Park

    Gateshead Trinity Square Multi-Storey Car Park
    Designed in 1962 in the then cutting-edge Brutalist style, by the time it opened in 1969 the style was no longer fashionable. Raw concrete and angled edges towered above Gateshead, easy to spot from most points in Newcastle across the Tyne. It was featured heavily in the 1970 film 'Get Carter', by which point it was already in decline.
  • Yorkshire Sculpture Park (Wakefield)

    Yorkshire Sculpture Park (Wakefield)
    Yorkshire Sculpture Park is a great Lomo opportunity. The grounds are enormous, taking in open fields with sculptures seemingly randomly dotted about, woodland areas, 'park' areas with more concentrated works, and indoor galleries. Each one is a new Lomographic challenge!
  • Stelmuze Oak

    Stelmuze Oak
    Stelmuze oak (Lithuanian: Stelmužės ąžuolas) is one the oldest oaks in Europe and the oldest oak in the Baltic states. This oak grows in the Stelmuze village which is located in the east Lithuania near the Latvian border.
  • Endless Langkawi

    Endless Langkawi
    Westin Langkawi Resort Spa - I saw this long jetty many times since the project was going on last year, but haven't got the right time to go there. Well, this time I've made myself another favorite album from there. By applying the green filter, I find it useful for strong sun ray reduction and it makes my pictures more clearer. It's not difficult to get to the location and you it's absolutely free to enter to that jetty, it's beside the Westin Resort hotel.