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  • Amsterdam Street-Markets

    Amsterdam Street-Markets
    One of the most interesting shopping possibilities in Amsterdam is the several street-markets which can be found all over the city. The most famous one is maybe the Waterlooplein –market. There you can buy second-hand clothing but also new clothes, dvds, cds, rummage, and so on. It has its own metro-station and it is open from Monday to Saturday, 8:30 am – 5:30 pm.
  • Aix en Provence (France)

    Aix en Provence (France)
    Found by the Romans in 123 BC, Aix en Provence is famous for its thermal hot springs. The name of Aix comes from Aqua, which means water, or springs. There are still thermal bath, built on the antique one. You can find more than twenty public fountains in the old center. Some are very ancient, most of them were build in 19th C.
  • Alnis Lake and Hydrographic Reserve

    Alnis Lake and Hydrographic Reserve
    This interesting and beautiful place is located in the Aukštaitija regional park in the eastern Lithuania. Aukštaitija regional park is well known because of lovely forests and thousands lakes and rivers. The Alnis Lake is deep in the forest surrounded only by trees and nothing more. There is only breathtaking beauty of nature. You can climb on the top of the hill and to see clear like a glass water of this lake. This place is like paradise. There are few camping places where you can stay after pay some euros (I don’t remember the cost).
  • Rokiškis

    If you ask Lithuanian people, "Do you know Rokiskis?" 9 of 10 will tell you that it has the mental institution-prison in Lithuania. To tell you the truth it was the only thing that I know about Rokiskis too. The trip to this city was unplanned and very interesting and surprising.
  • Alanta Village

    Alanta Village
    Alanta is old and very beautiful village in the eastern Lithuania. This village is located on the high hills so the trip to this village is very exiting. Village is bigger then the average village in Lithuania. There a lot of old buildings which was build few hundreds years ago.
  • Bambouseraie de Prafrance

    Bambouseraie de Prafrance
    Bambouseraie of Prafrance is a very beautiful park, in the south of France, is located 11km south-east of Alès and 2km north of Anduze. A large park with an area of 34 hectares, as its name suggests it is mainly bamboo of planted ,with all sort of bamboo, but there is a lot of different vegetables like pubescens trees ,Ginkgo Biloba (a fantastic tree), a bonsaî garden, a Japanese garden, a Lao Village, a Bamboo labyrinth etc...
  • Hang Gliding at the Büchelstein (Straubing)

    Hang Gliding at the Büchelstein (Straubing)
    I spent a day in the Bavarian forest, near of Straubing and we went to the "Büchelstein", a mountain where the hang gliders like to jump and fly like birds. The place is very impressive because of the huge view you can have all over the Bavarian landscape.
  • Trnava

    The city lies at the crossroads of two roads of international importance; from the Czech Republic to southern Slovakia and from Bratislava to northern Slovakia. The D1 motorway connects the city to Bratislava, Trenčín and Žilina and the R1 motor road connects it to Nitra. A part of a planned bypass is currently under construction.
  • St. Stephen's Cathedral (Vienna)

    St. Stephen's Cathedral (Vienna)
    Ever felt so strange and like being totally childish mistaken with something? Now I have this feeling when I am trying to submit a place, that could be natural and boring for all the Austrian Lomographers, including the mighty LSI. That is the St. Stephan's Cathedral right in the center of the Vienna oldtown...
  • Vratna Free Time Zone

    Vratna Free Time Zone
    Vratna the name that left a huge impact in my memory bank and in my Lomography archive. It is a small place, even not a village – just a cable-car station with some cafes, a restaurant and a huge parking lot for your car. But if you're wise enough, you'll come there by bus...
  • Liškiava Monastery Complex

    Liškiava Monastery Complex
    Never stop getting excited hearing stories about superb locations in unknown places. I did understand that after visiting some small towns around my home, that I did not know they exist. For example, this Liškiava town is one of my pearls right now – I would advice everyone to visit it. It is a small village in south of Lithuania, but it's not the village itself.
  • The Cherry Blossom Festival (Washington D.C.)

    The Cherry Blossom Festival (Washington D.C.)
    The National Cherry Blossom Festival is a two week event in the spring that celebrates the gift of Japanese Cherry Trees to the United States. The Cherry Blossoms are planted in an area that stretches from the Washington Monument, to the Jefferson Memorial, and to the Tidal Basin. There’s even a small stone Japanese Pagoda at the Tidal Basin.
  • Kėdainiai Old Town

    Kėdainiai Old Town
    Right in the geographical center of Europe, lies a town, called Kėdainiai. At first glance, even to Lithuanians this town is an urban place, where people do make a lot of chemical stuff, do a lot of gardening (it is called the capital of cucumbers), but it is kind of unique with it's history and old-town. There is a thinking that the name of the town comes from one of the traders of the old times, Mr. Keidangen, who bought a small fishing port. Yes, the town lies on both sides of river Nevėžis, and the it has the 4th old town in Lithuania (only the major towns did rescue it during the wars).
  • Vlkolínec (UNESCO Village)

    Vlkolínec (UNESCO Village)
    Let's be straight forward - you are going to hear about a unique place, that is in the center of Europe, and you have maybe even never heard about it.
  • High Tatras (Tatranska Lomnica)

    High Tatras (Tatranska Lomnica)
    The High Tatras are one of the smallest and, let's be honest, one of the cheapest to visit mountains in the whole Europe. But, mister Criticism, let's start things from another side. It has high altitudes, huge snow and brilliant skiing routes in winter, and it can offer beginner-intermediate routes for hiking in summer. What is more, the places are clean, beautiful and capturing the breath.
  • Phoenix

    Phoenix, Arizona can be a quite formidable place to visit. Fortunately with some advice, it can also be quite welcoming. With summer highs exceeding 110 degrees Fahrenheit it's not a bad idea to visit during the winter months, or pack some extra sunscreen. Just a 10 minute drive from Sky Harbor International Airport, downtown Phoenix is the cultural epicenter for the arts in Arizona.
  • Botanical Gardens & Conservatory of Flowers

    Botanical Gardens & Conservatory of Flowers
    Golden Gate Park's outdoor Botanical Gardens and the indoor Conservatory of Flowers are two amazing places to visit that you can't believe are in the middle of an urban city. There are incredible plants from all over the world.
  • Hotel Yorba (Detroit)

    Hotel Yorba (Detroit)
    __"Well its 1 2 3 4__
  • Ferreira River (Porto)

    Ferreira River (Porto)
    The Ferreira River (in Portuguese: Rio Ferreira) is a Portuguese river located in Porto, the second largest city in Portugal, flowing from its source near Paços de Ferreira into the Sousa River, in Lugar da Ribeira de Cima, Foz do Sousa. It runs for about 30 km by the parishes of Paços Ferreira, Valongo (where I live) and Gondomar.
  • Tower of The Clérigos Church (Porto)

    Tower of The Clérigos Church (Porto)
    There is a Baroque church in the center of the city of Porto, in Portugal: the Clérigos Church. Its tall bell tower, the Tower of the Clérigos Church (in Portuguese: Torre dos Clérigos), can be seen from various points of the city and is one of my favorite buildings in Porto! The church was built for the Brotherhood of the Clérigos (Clergy) by Nicolau Nasoni, an Italian architect and painter who left an extense work in the north of Portugal during the 18th century.