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  • Hampstead, London

    Hampstead, London
    A gorgeous place in North London, with lots of lovely cafes & food places, high-end clothes stores, and plenty of historic buildings. A lot of culture to be found, and it's right next to Hampstead Heath - which is beautiful, calm and often has musical concerts. Great fun in the sun!
  • Buenos Aires

    Buenos Aires
    Buenos Aires is a truly intoxicating place. With streetscapes and a culture of both Latin American and European influences, the different neighborhoods of BA provide the perfect excuse for aimless wandering and shooting. The Recoleta Cemetery houses some of Argentina's most (in)famous characters, and an incredible array of monuments and alleyways. Maps are available, but it's quite an experience to let yourself get lost among the statues and stray cats.
  • Pingyao, City Wall

    Pingyao, City Wall
    After looking in the large pile of pictures, which I have made during a trip of three months in China, I surely discovered location-treasures. I have been first to China in 1999 and I spent about three months traveling around. Quite soon I bought a bike to take some tours with it. I soon understood, that this is stupid in such a massive country. But I had to learn. I bought the vehicle with the help of some students in Xian. From there I went south with my bike and I wanted to see how far it takes me. The ride itself was the adventure all ready, hence traffic is meanwhile quite wild in china. But at the same time you have your own speed and you don’t have to talk to anybody. Well not everybody. But it´s amazing as soon as you are on the streets cars and motos drive pass you in a slow gear and are amazed by seeing a laowai (long nose, foreigner) on their street. It is a bit like being Brangelina. I remember stopping at a melon-vendor aside the highway and soon after the place was crowded, because the wanted to be part of the gossip. I slept in the cornfield and with some repairs I reached Pingyao and I was done. But the sight on the UNESCO world heritage built me up again. The centre of the city of 400.000 is one of the few remaining city walls of the past Chinese empire. Most of them have been torn down over the years and used for other buildings. But this wall reminds you so much of martial art movies set in ancient times. I wonder if Pingyao is the true Hong Kong Movie-Mekka.
  • Huangguoshu (Biggest Waterfall in Asia)

    Huangguoshu (Biggest Waterfall in Asia)
    If you are on backpacking trip in China and didn´t have a shower in a while, or your clothes ought to be washed rather soon, you should go to Huangshou. This is for the one reason, that there is no chance that you will get out this place dry. The largest waterfall in China will show you what kind of force large amount of water can develop. It will rain from aside and from the top. From below and from within. This nature spectacle is eighty meters wide and an impressive site to watch. Also interesting is the way the Chinese make business at tourist-site, a very special kind of capitalism under the red flag. Ok, first you have to spend some yuan for the entrance ticket. You walk in and you see a sort of open-air-lift. Sure you have to take it and there is no other way to the water. And surely this is to be paid. Once you do your walks at the waterside you will have to walk through the caves.
  • Yangshuo

    China is quite a country of contrasts. Not only if it comes to mentality and economy but even more so in the geography. I mean it is a vast land and certainly there are differences in the landscape. These differences are best seen in the mountains There are steep and sharp mountains in the north, Flat ones in the Middle, Cliffs in the yangzee and there are the round mountains of Guilin, a region in South-China.
  • Dragons Backbone Rice Terraces (Longji)

    Dragons Backbone Rice Terraces (Longji)
    Because I can’t really find my Lonely Planet of China I have to recall how I have traveled, taking my diary and doing the most awkward thing: remembering! When I was in Guilin I ended up in a hostel and kind of got attached to a Frenchman. The fellow had contact to a Chinese tourist-lady and asked me, if I wanted to come on a trip to some legendary rice terraces.
  • Castaic Lake (Santa Clarita, Ca)

    Castaic Lake (Santa Clarita, Ca)
    I've been hitting Castaic Lake in Santa Clarita, CA for a few years now and finally decided to take a date - my Diana F+! There's a swimming area, you can bring friends and a BBQ, or if you feel adventurous, you can bring a kayak or a boat and explore the shores!
  • Stone Alphabet (Ashtarak)

    Stone Alphabet (Ashtarak)
    One sometimes gets the feeling, that there are no secrets anymore and no insider-information to be shared. The Internet left us with no doubts and lack of knowledge. But still there are some lomo-locations, that are truly mysterious and barely to be found otherwise. There is a spot in Armenia, which I passed by on a recent trip. It is situated around a city called Astarak, directly aside to the highway leading to the capital Yerevan.
  • Metro Tokyo/ Osaka

    Metro Tokyo/ Osaka
    Tokyo is a city of roughly 20 million inhabitants with all the suburbs included. Yet the city is not dying of car-pollution and noise-explosion, hence 80 percent of all traffic is done by public transport, which is generally breaking down to buses, JR (some sort of city train) and metro.
  • Osaka-jo

    The castle of Osaka is the major attraction of the town, and it surely is worth a visit. From the inside and the outside it represents the great history and future of this magic place called Japan. The Castle grounds covers 60.000 square meters, maybe the largest park in town. It dates back until 1583 when the famous Conqueror Toyotomi Hideyoshi started building it, but was many times looted and rebuilt.
  • Labyrinthus (Merville)

    Labyrinthus (Merville)
    Last summer I got lost: officially. And it was the whole idea behind it. There is a massive labyrinth in the french alsace area, to find it is easy to find back is much harder. So we took our sun-umbrella, because you never really know, when you will find the next source of water, while you are lost. It is consisting of high grown huge corn and it is so big that you need hours to find your way through.
  • Pole Dancing in London

    Pole Dancing in London
    Quite amazing, sliding up and down a post is a major fitness trend in Australia, UK and the US. Despite the fact, that the girls doing it with clothes on and not in a night club, the whole thing is still very sexy. But that is the idea: Bringing fitness and fun together.
  • La Vendee

    La Vendee
    Aici lo tems s'en, va res l'Eternitat ... Here in this place, time moves away towards eternity...
  • University of Sto Tomas (Manila)

    University of Sto Tomas (Manila)
    The oldest University in Asia is situated in the heart of Manila. Established by the Dominican Order in 1611, UST was transferred to its current location from Intramuros. A grand Stone Archway stands at the entrance of the university and is called the Arch of the Centuries. It was taken apart and rebuilt after World War II.
  • Boston

    The city of Boston has many places that can be a great experience to visit. One way to see the city is from the water. Seeing the city from the Charles river can prove to be a relief from the busy streets on land. The sights that can be seen are really "sights to be seen".
  • Wedding Hill (Utena)

    Wedding Hill (Utena)
    There is a tradition after the wedding ceremony to go on the small hill located near the Utena city. This hill is called “wedding hill”. It is located only one kilometer to the north from Utena by the Utena weir. In the late 90's some artist made wooden statues imitating traditional Lithuanian wedding ceremony. Statues are located around little park. Traditionally bridegroom carries bride over the bridge which is in front of the hill. This place is interesting, you can see newlyweds there, not only statues, hill, or the lake.
  • Berlin Museum of Natural History

    Berlin Museum of Natural History
    “Oskar“ – the huge brachiosaurus skeleton in the entrance hall – together with other skeletons of dinosaurs such as an archaeopteryx without doubt the highlight of the Museum fuer Naturkunde (Berlin Museum of Natural History).
  • Pyramid of Giza (Cairo)

    Pyramid of Giza (Cairo)
    The Great Pyramids of Giza, one of the Seven Wonders Of the Ancient World. It was a breathtaking experience as we marveled there. The feeling of standing in front of a giant staircase like Pyramid, the size of each stone there is about the size of an unit standard shop lot that we see in shopping complex nowadays.
  • Amsterdam ARCAM (Centre of Architecture)

    Amsterdam ARCAM (Centre of Architecture)
    If you are interested in modern architecture, and you are on a holiday in Amsterdam, you should visit the ARCAM, the centre of architecture. The building itself is a great peace of architecture designed by Dutch architect René van Zuuk in 2003. It is situated between NEMO and the shipping museum.
  • Amsterdam Grachten

    Amsterdam Grachten
    What makes Amsterdam such a special city are the Grachten which crosses the whole (inner) city annular. “Gracht” is Dutch for canal. The Grachten are small waterways spanned by lots of bridges. The start of their building was in 1612 because of more comfortably transport of wares form one depository to another but also for drainage and defense.