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  • Pike Place Public Market (Seattle)

    Pike Place Public Market (Seattle)
    I can´t really say something about public market culture in the US, but I reckon it is everywhere different, hence the very 50 states all have a different history and flavor. I personally dig the coasts the most and therefore I was quite impressed by the fish market at the Pike Place Market.
  • Capones Island (Pundaquit, Zambales)

    Capones Island (Pundaquit, Zambales)
    Part of a group of islands frequented by campers, mountaineers and other city folk, Capones Island and Camara Island are small isles near the Shoreline of Pundaquit in Zambales. A centuries old lighthouse updated with and powered by solar panels stands steadily atop of the island of Capones and is known as Faro de Punta Capones or simply Capones lighthouse.
  • Berlin World Sandcastle Competition

    Berlin World Sandcastle Competition
    Me and a few friends were traveling around Europe in June, while visiting Berlin we noticed set up near the central station a beach covered in amazing sand sculptures, the steps outside the station are on higher ground so we could see over the fence. Wanting to do better we walked down and tried to poke our heads above the fence. Being low on money we decided to sneak in. It was amazing on the bank of the river deck chairs children making sandcastles, a bar so we sat by the river!
  • Alanta Manor House (Naujasodis)

    Alanta Manor House (Naujasodis)
    Alanta manor house is located only couple of kilometers from Alanta village in the other small village Naujasodis. The road says that you are arriving to the manor house. You will cross small bridge and the beautiful birch avenue. It is impossible to pass this manor house located in the end of the avenue. Alanta manor house buildings are in neoclassicism style. There are main building and some belonging buildings.
  • Usedom

    Usedom is an island in the Baltic Sea whose biggest part lies in Germany. The eastern part belongs to Poland. Because a lot of the towns and villages are health resorts it’s kind of quiet there. But sometimes the only thing you need is to escape from the rest of your life.
  • West Brookfield Memorial Day Parade

    West Brookfield Memorial Day Parade
    Get up on that last Monday of May, and take a trip out to the West Brookfield Memorial Day Parade. Complete with the Scouts (boy and girl), the Veterans, and of course, all the old people, it's impossible to come to this parade and not get at least a couple sweet shots. After the parade, you may even want to take a walk down Pig's Alley, or down to the Knights Of Columbus, where some more Memorial Day photos can be found.
  • Brickfields (Kuala Lumpur)

    Brickfields (Kuala Lumpur)
    Brickfields is a small to medium-sized town and residential neighborhood (as well as an administrative zone) located just outside central Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is known as Kuala Lumpur's Little India due to the high percentage of Indians living there. It is also known as the 'Little India' due to the variety and number of different Indian businesses based in Brickfields itself.
  • Shinkansen (Tokyo)

    Shinkansen (Tokyo)
    While I write this story I am sitting in a regional Spanish train. He will take around two hours for a distance of around 200 kilometer from Valencia to Alicante. No comparison to the undisputed heavyweight champion of the rail-racing world: The Shinkansen.
  • Open Air Museum (Osaka)

    Open Air Museum (Osaka)
    One might has the feeling from afar, that Japan is only about Bling Bling, manga-figures with big breasts and salary men sleeping 2 hour a day, spending 4 hours a day and working 18 hours a day. This is one of the truths in Japan, certainly, but not the only one. This country celebrates modernism and tradition together, maybe like no other.
  • Baseball in Korea

    Baseball in Korea
    There would be few sports you would name particularly Asian, maybe chess but hey this is not a sport. Obviously the creation of the most famous sports is historically a thing for Europeans and Americans. But the funny thing is, many Asian sportsmen are nowadays some of the worlds finest. Just think of Rugby and Cricket, which was brought to India and Australia while they were colonies. Another good example is baseball in Japan and especially to South Korea. In Korea it was established in 1905 and gained more and more momentum with the American troops during the Korean War in the 40ies.
  • Kiyomizu-Dera

    Kyoto must be the prettiest and most pleasant town of Japan. Certainly it is one of the most historic places of the whole country. Founded in the 7th century and modeled of the great Chinese city of Xian, it became already capital in 794, which is quite speedy in point of view. Only 4 years later the great temple of Kiyomizu was built, one of more than 2000 temples and shrines in Kyoto, which shows the deep religious bounding of the Japanese people.
  • Nara-Koen

    Nara is one of the old capitals of the Japanese empire. And a special one.
  • Settu Menu (Japan)

    Settu Menu (Japan)
    Before someone takes on the grand journey to the Island his teeth and legs shake in expectations of the massive costs such an endeavor will take on you. Everyone heard about square melons or beef by cattle, which was pampered with red wine, music and social care 24/7, and even more so that these products cost a fortune. I already saw myself washing dishes to repay my depths and wisely enough I took handy little packages of Muesli along in my baggage, not to starve while traveling. But to my big surprise all of this precaution was not necessary. There is Settu Menu and it is all you need.
  • Jacnaja Poljana, Kaliningrad

    Jacnaja Poljana, Kaliningrad
    Many German grandmas and grandpas are coming from a region called „Königsberg“. In fact we have the feeling that they are all coming from Königsberg;) But in the past, because after WWII this is Russian territory and the now called Kalininigrad was for a long time a closed area, which only was accessible for armed forces.
  • Osaka Aquarium

    Osaka Aquarium
    In most modern Asian countries there are only a few historical sites still in the shape of the original. Because wars and eventually the uprising of industry demanded high victims from the land, and fine landscapes, mountains, shores and greenery just vanished. But still people want to spend their leisure time and if there are few sights, one has to create them.
  • Bamboo Forest, Arashiyama

    Bamboo Forest, Arashiyama
    If you make Kyoto the base and center of your travels in Japan, which I would recommend, there a few nice day trips you could start from there. This would be quite smart, because the little town of Kyoto with its 1,5 million citizens attracts the incredible number of 40 million visitors a year. One of the great spots around is Arashiyama. This little town is famous for many neatly restored temples and carved stone-buddhas, which are laid at the sideways.
  • Daibutsu-Den (Nara)

    Daibutsu-Den (Nara)
    Nara is the one historic spot, where it is said the royal history of the island began. And some there are still some signs of its greatness to be witnessed today. For one, take Daibutsu-Den, which is the biggest wooden house on the planet. And the funny thing is, this version, which was rebuilt in 1709 is only two thirds the size of the original structure!
  • Anglet, France

    Anglet, France
    Just on the edge of France, in the Basque Country you can surf your brains out and sit in the sun in Anglet (not far from the beautiful city of Bayonne). The beach isn't white sanded, nor very fine, but there is surf, unlike the Mediterranean, and perhaps cleaner. To top it off, if you feel like stepping into Spain from here it is just a hop, skip and a jump!
  • Agora, Temple of Hephaistos

    Agora, Temple of Hephaistos
    It turned out to be the best spot for me to spend my day! I remembered that I dream of it before...
  • Freedom Square, Tblissi

    Freedom Square, Tblissi
    The war with big brother Russia is on. How stupid and probably how inevitable, sadly enough. And one spot, that is always in the news and makes this lomo-location so vivid, is the freedom square. The funny thing is, the face of the demonstrations change its face at all times. One year ago I witnessed a demonstration against saakashvilli. Now, with the war in the back, he has somehow united the country from within. This looked differently half a year ago: