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  • Sungai Petani, Kedah

    Sungai Petani, Kedah
    Sungai Petani is a town in the state of Kedah, in the northern part of Peninsular Malaysia. Sungai Petani is the second largest town in Kedah after Alor Star. The name Sungai Petani has its roots from sungai meaning river and petani meaning farmer in the Malay language. Sungai Petani in full means "Farmer's River", due to the huge concentration of paddy fields and farmers in the state.
  • Cardigan, Wales

    Cardigan, Wales
    Wales, or West wales to be exact is a rugged, tough, windswept place where the people are made of steel and granite and courage. Every year i go there to visit my friends a few times. To this day i have not been there and not been rained on. But that's the magic of Wales.
  • The Gowanus Canal (Brooklyn)

    The Gowanus Canal (Brooklyn)
    Designed by Major David Douglas in 1849, the Gowanus Canal was created as a passageway for commercial ships going to Upper New York Bay. As a result of the canal, the surrounding area became quite industrial, with new refineries, warehouses, and factories being built. Many of the original buildings are still there today, and while some still serve their original purpose, others have been transformed into artist studios, retail stores, and private residences.
  • Piazza San Marco (Venezia)

    Piazza San Marco (Venezia)
    It is the center of the city, the city of water: Piazza San Marco in Venezia. I am not easily blown away, but Venezia has got the something that makes refrain and thinks: ' it is awesome to be here at the moment!`. Besides the whole water-thing this very spot is outstanding.
  • Avenyn, Gothenburg, Sweden

    Avenyn, Gothenburg, Sweden
    "Kungsportsavenyen" (Avenyn/The Avenue) is the main street of Gothenburg, located in the very center of the the city.
  • Outdoors in Portland, Oregon

    Outdoors in Portland, Oregon
    Every time I go to Portland I discover new things and find new favorite places while I'm there. My absolute favorite spot is Pioneer Square. Smack in the middle of downtown, this “outdoor living room" as it’s called can sometimes host flower festivals, be dressed up around the holidays, or simply provide a relaxed place to chill on some stairs or play hacky-sack with friends (it doesn't hurt that there's a Starbucks located at the square, too).
  • Experiencing Chicago through Lollapalooza

    Experiencing Chicago through Lollapalooza
    For the past two years my boyfriend and I have flown from Central Point, Oregon to Chicago, Illinois in order to attend the 3-day long festival known as Lollapalooza. Besides getting to see many of our favorite bands (NIN, Radiohead, & Pearl Jam to name a few) we were able to experience the very exciting and very green city of Chicago.
  • Vientiane, Laos

    Vientiane, Laos
    Vientiane (pronounced as "Wieng Chan" by the locals) is the capital city of Laos. I went there on a family vacation last August and boy, did I have a good time. Situated in the Mekong Valley, it is a laid-back city void of traffic jam, noise pollution and other qualities of a bustling metropolis; a perfect getaway from the clutter of urban life.
  • York

    After spending the first 22 years of my life living in york, i realized that i'd never really looked around me, my time was consumed (like so many others) with dashing to and from work, the pub, or a friends house! so i decided it was time to explore the world around me.
  • Nelson, B.C.

    Nelson, B.C.
    Nelson (population: 9,258) is one Canada's finest heritage cities, with over 350 Victorian-style buildings. This acclaimed, small-town arts community delights visitors with its rich history, creative energy and mild climate. Nearby Kootenay Lake is the largest inland lake in BC. Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park is renowned for its old-growth forests and glorious wildlife in the Selkirk Mountains. In winter, the area's diverse terrain makes for great skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling and snowshoeing.
  • Perm

    I spent a day in Perm, a city that covers an area of 799,68 square km. It takes the third place among Russian cities, after Moscow and Saint-Peters burg. The city is situated on hills. The distinguishing feature of the city's relief is the large quantity of small rivers and brooks.
  • Hartz Chicken Buffet : Eat 'till you drop!

    Hartz Chicken Buffet : Eat 'till you drop!
    It was like a tradition for my friends and me to go to Hartz Chicken Buffet when one of us is having a birthday. Last Saturday It's my turn to have that birthday in Hartz Chicken Buffet. The word buffet seems to be close to "a way to eat so much until you drop" :) .
  • Toy Joy

    Toy Joy
    Toy Joy is an adult toy store (Not the kind you think. Get your mind out of the gutter.) located on Guadalupe (Pronounced Guad-uh-loop in Texan.) near "The Drag" in Austin. They feature interesting toys from around the world that might be of interest to the university students who inhabit nearby nooks.
  • Kicking Horse Mountain Resort

    Kicking Horse Mountain Resort
    If alpine activities are your thing, then Kicking Horse Mountain Resort is your place. Snow covered mountains that reach the skies (2450 m. summit peak) offer the best snowboarding and skiing the world has seen. With 106 runs, an average snowfall of over 650 cm and thousands of acres of open slopes and bowls....this mountain offers it all!
  • Water-Ferries Venezia

    Water-Ferries Venezia
    You don't believe it until you see it. Sure, every child knows that Venezia is City of Water. But you have to see, feel, smell and touch it. Otherwise it is incomprehensible. But to do that you will have to take a water-ferry from the outside, like thousands of workers and even more thousand tourists. They all have to leave their motorized vehicles outside and take the water cab.
  • Helsinki - Finland (Suomi)

    Helsinki - Finland (Suomi)
    Helsinki is the capital and largest city of Finland (Suomi). It is in the southern part of Finland, on the shore of the Gulf of Finland, by the Baltic Sea. The population of the city of Helsinki is about 560 0000, making it the most populous municipality in Finland by a wide margin. The foreign-born population stands at around 10%.
  • Photoautomat in Hamburg

    Photoautomat in Hamburg
    A wonderful discovery of the wonderful black and white Photoautomat at Feldstraße in Hamburg. I guess you all know those old instant photo booths where you could do 4 different snapshots (originally for using those pictures in your passport) or get as many of your friends into the cabin and try to get all the heads on one picture.
  • Khao San Road, Bangkok

    Khao San Road, Bangkok
    At the busy neighborhood of Banglamphu north of the Grand Palace lies the famous backpacker's Mecca: Khao San Road. Chaos is constant in Khao San, a pulsating plethora of multicultural, gastronomical and commercial life... true to the images swirling in my head as I read Alex Garland's cult-classic-turned-blockbuster about a secret paradise with a dark side, called "The Beach" :
  • The Belgian Pier

    The Belgian Pier
    There is a little piece of history in my town and it's called 'de pier.'
  • Independence Square, Kiev, Ukraine

    Independence Square, Kiev, Ukraine
    Situated at the northern end of Khreschatyk, Kiev’s Independence Square received global media attention in 2004 as the focal point of Ukraine’s Orange Revolution. Orange-clad demonstrators gathered in the Independence Square in Kiev during November, 2004. On some days, the number of protesters in the center of Kiev reached hundreds of thousands (one million by some estimates). Today, things have calmed down a little and the tented city that sprung up overnight has long gone. Independence Square, however, is still the city’s most popular spot for meetings, late night drinking and people watching.