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  • Commerce Square

    Commerce Square
    The Commerce Square, also known as Palace Square, is one of the most majestic squares of Lisbon. This is where the royal palace stood for over two centuries until 1755, when its was destroyed by the Great Earthquake.
  • Andy's Milchbar (Weimar)

    Andy's Milchbar (Weimar)
    Okay, this is only special for Non-US-American lomographers - nevertheless, worth a visit for everyone enjoying nostalgic interiors and tasty and hand made fast food.
  • Granvillie Island Market

    Granvillie Island Market
    Granville Island Market is one of the most visited places in Vancouver. Its the place to soak in the atmosphere of the City.
  • Schouwen-Duiveland (Netherlands)

    Schouwen-Duiveland (Netherlands)
    The Schouwen-Duiveland is a part of the Netherlands and it's a kind of a island.
  • Düsseldorf Flingern

    Düsseldorf Flingern
    Flingern is a small part of the city Düsseldorf in Germany. It's very nice there, small cafés, great shops for gifts or clothing's, and many graffitis.
  • Wilderness, Knysna, South Africa

    Wilderness, Knysna, South Africa
    Knysna and Wilderness are two spots in the huge stunning Lagoon area of South Africa. They are based on the Indian ocean, half way between Cape Town and Durban.
  • Bo-Kaap, Cape Town

    Bo-Kaap, Cape Town
    Bo-Kaap is the most colorful area of Cape Town. Immigrants from all around the Globe used to settle here since the 17th century.
  • Smallville Complex, Iloilo City

    Smallville Complex, Iloilo City
    One would love to go out on weekends after a very exhaustive week in the workplace. Some would suggest staying at home and watch TV, while others would approve a meander over a coffee shop, listen to good music, chill, or what have others called --- party.
  • The Coconut Palace, Manila

    The Coconut Palace, Manila
    The majestic views of Manila Bay sunset makes The Coconut Palace amongst the favorite venues for receptions and weddings in the Philippines.
  • Le Fontainas, Brussels

    Le Fontainas, Brussels
    Welcome to one of my favorite cafés in Brussels any time of the day: Le Fontainas is for sure one of the best places downtown to sip a coffee in the morning reading the paper, have a simple lunch and a beer at noon or enjoy some cocktails in the evening with friends, all of this while listening to some of the most interesting music selection in Brussels. In winter, you can sit inside and warm up with a hot chocolate. The interior decoration is cozy, with a nice vintage touch and huge photographs on the wall :). I particulary like the recycled chairs and tables, each one in a different shape and color.
  • A Home Far Away From Home (Vietnam)

    A Home Far Away From Home (Vietnam)
    One of my last holidays was when i was traveling with my friends to Vietnam. After seeing bustling Hanoi and the surrounding areas we needed to get out to a more quiet and relaxing place. But where to go? We were reading in the guidebook about one Place called Sapa, a place nobody of us had ever heard before. The things we were reading sounded fine but the downside was that we had to go with the train for 16 hours followed by a bus trip of another 4 hours to get there. So we were really considering whether we do this trip or not because we didn´t have so much time especially no time for wasting.
  • Tiger Stadium, Detroit

    Tiger Stadium, Detroit
    “Everything is going to be fine. Everything is going to be fine. Ernie saves the day.” I was walking back to my car after taking photos of the Tiger Stadium demolition this summer, when this guy started yelling at me as I made my way down the sidewalk. He was clutching a drink and white paper bag full of food. “Excuse me?” I said. “Ernie saved the day,” he said.
  • Ohlsdorf cemetery (Hamburg)

    Ohlsdorf cemetery (Hamburg)
    Have you ever been to a cemetery where busses drive? A cemetery with its own bus line? You will shake your head and say: “No, I’ve never been to such a place. In fact, a cemetery should be a place to find peace, a place where no sounds from the street reach your ears. There should be silence to think, to mourn, to find inner peace.”
  • Naantali / Finland (Suomi)

    Naantali / Finland (Suomi)
    Naantali is a little city in south-western Finland, about 15 km near Turku. It is one of the oldest city of Finland, founded around the medieval convent church that still dominates the skyline.It is a very popular destination for holidays : you can visit the Moomin World theme park on the island of Kailo, which is very popular in Finland.
  • Santorini Island in Greece

    Santorini Island in Greece
    This summer I had luck to visit one of the most beautiful places in the world – Santorini Island. I was shocked when I saw that incredible view when I step out of the boat. Thousands white-blue, small houses where sitting on the edge of high, rocky, lava, mountain.
  • Block Island

    Block Island
    A small island off the coast of Rhode Island, Block Island is a wonderful place to visit for a relaxing getaway. Its small and easy to get around, you don’t even need a car!
  • Far Eastern University Art Deco, Manila

    Far Eastern University Art Deco, Manila
    This is my Alma Mater. Never have I appreciated the Art Deco designs inside my school when I was in college, I don't even have a single snap shot of it in my 4 year stay in the University.
  • Corn mazes and Pumpkin Cannons! (Bon Accord)

    Corn mazes and Pumpkin Cannons! (Bon Accord)
    If that sound like it has the potential to be a bit surreal then I got the title right. The Prairie Gardens Corn Maze is not quite in the middle of nowhere, but you'll pass it on the way there.
  • Portugal dos pequenitos, Coimbra

    Portugal dos pequenitos, Coimbra
    Have you ever felt small and insignificant? Have you ever wanted to feel like a giant peering ovser the rooftops? Well... If you did, then "Portugal dos pequenitos" (Portugal of the little ones) is just the place for you!
  • Tis the Season for Jacksonville, OR

    Tis the Season for Jacksonville, OR
    Jacksonville, Oregon is a historic town found right in the center of Oregon’s wine country. It’s about a 20 minute drive to get there from my apartment in Central Point. It has always been a favorite stop for my Mom and I when looking for something fun to do on a Saturday afternoon, or when we’d have family visiting from far away, anxious to go sight-seeing.