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  • Rt. 507 Sagamihara

    Rt. 507 Sagamihara
    Not too far from where I rest my head, lies the Rt.507 tunnel. I don’t know what it is about this spot that gives me chills, but I’ve driven by this place a handful of times. And I just think how rad it would be just to wander around this tunnel.
  • Beijing 798 Art Zone

    Beijing 798 Art Zone
    Gone thru Beijing, visited all the historical places and now you think that you've seen it all? Sooooo wrong! Don't dare to leave without dropping by to one of the most impressive exhibition districts in the world, called "798" (Chi-Chio-Pa in Chinese). You will be shocked to find that outstanding kind of treasure.
  • Museum of Siam, Bangkok

    Museum of Siam, Bangkok
    Are you looking for real Thainess? I am looking for REAL Thainess. Real Thainess has a multitude of roots. If you want to know about our real lives, come and touch our roots at Museum of Siam, National Discovery Museum Institute.
  • Lake Païjänne, Finland.

    Lake Païjänne, Finland.
    There are 187 888 lakes in Finland ! Lake Païjänne is the second largest lake in the country. It is 119 km long and 23 km wide, and it's surface area is ca 1,1000 km. It is located about 200 km north to Helsinki. The lake is very suitable for boating, recreational fishing, and summer residence.
  • Escolta Museum at Calvo Building

    Escolta Museum at Calvo Building
    Walking down turn-of-the-century Escolta was like a stroll though today's happening Bonifacio High Street or Eastwood City, where commerce and culture thrived as Manila embraced, willingly or otherwise, the 20th century. Elegantly dressed residents regularly visited this street to visit the numerous boutiques, shops and department stores that sold the latest clothes, cigars, jewelries and other fineries. Automobiles, horse-drawn carriages and Meralco tranvias (tramcars) shuttled them through this beautiful street. Indeed, it was "the" place to be seen.
  • Metallist Kharkov - The real deal

    Metallist Kharkov - The real deal
    This was an endeavor of the spontaneous kind, and it was beautiful. Recently I worked Kharkov, the second biggest city in the Ukraine, for to weeks and on a Thursday I was checking the live-results of the German football teams in the UEFA Cup.
  • Comino

    Last summer me and the missus went traveling to Malta. While Malta is a really beautiful country, I think it's definitely worth taking a boat to the nearby island called Comino. Comino is a deserted little island with 2 small hotels and otherwise nothing. That's right: NOTHING!
  • St. Anne Church Bukit Mertajam

    St. Anne Church Bukit Mertajam
    My last visit to Penang Island, the last destination of the trip was headed to St. Anne Church. The church located at Batu Kawan, Bukit Mertajam.
  • A night at the Carnival - Geraldo Costa Square

    A night at the Carnival - Geraldo Costa Square
    Some small towns have a big square where these little Carnival stops on special dates. By the nature of these places, with a lot of colorful things and full of neon or lights, it´s a perfect spot to take your lomo lc-a to a night safari. I call it safari because you´ll find many human "subjects" to "hunt", if you know what I mean. Every type of people come to the Carnival at night on the weekend, and you´ll be pleased with the portraits possibilities.
  • Old Town White Coffee

    Old Town White Coffee
    Old Town White Coffee is famous with its original white coffee origin from Ipoh, Perak. The aroma of the coffee smells really good. I managed to drop by the OldTown White Coffee at Java One, PJ with my Lomo Member during dinner.
  • Pantai Cahaya Bulan

    Pantai Cahaya Bulan
    It's a memorable location here in Pantai Cahaya Bulan or as so called PCB, 10 km South from Kota Bharu centre, which I reckon it's not far from town for driving, probably takes around 15 minutes, because the road is quite narrow.
  • One day stroll in Vilnius

    One day stroll in Vilnius
    I was in Vilnius recently for work and had only one day to walk around the city – it was definitely a perfect day! Vilnius city center is quite small so very easy to discover by foot. At first, I wandered around without a clear objective in which then turned out to be the Jewish ghetto. As a matter of fact the city was once known as the Jerusalem of the North and you can still see many traces of this community in the narrow and historic streets of this part of town.
  • Commerce Square

    Commerce Square
    The Commerce Square, also known as Palace Square, is one of the most majestic squares of Lisbon. This is where the royal palace stood for over two centuries until 1755, when its was destroyed by the Great Earthquake.
  • Andy's Milchbar (Weimar)

    Andy's Milchbar (Weimar)
    Okay, this is only special for Non-US-American lomographers - nevertheless, worth a visit for everyone enjoying nostalgic interiors and tasty and hand made fast food.
  • Granvillie Island Market

    Granvillie Island Market
    Granville Island Market is one of the most visited places in Vancouver. Its the place to soak in the atmosphere of the City.
  • Schouwen-Duiveland (Netherlands)

    Schouwen-Duiveland (Netherlands)
    The Schouwen-Duiveland is a part of the Netherlands and it's a kind of a island.
  • Düsseldorf Flingern

    Düsseldorf Flingern
    Flingern is a small part of the city Düsseldorf in Germany. It's very nice there, small cafés, great shops for gifts or clothing's, and many graffitis.
  • Wilderness, Knysna, South Africa

    Wilderness, Knysna, South Africa
    Knysna and Wilderness are two spots in the huge stunning Lagoon area of South Africa. They are based on the Indian ocean, half way between Cape Town and Durban.
  • Bo-Kaap, Cape Town

    Bo-Kaap, Cape Town
    Bo-Kaap is the most colorful area of Cape Town. Immigrants from all around the Globe used to settle here since the 17th century.
  • Smallville Complex, Iloilo City

    Smallville Complex, Iloilo City
    One would love to go out on weekends after a very exhaustive week in the workplace. Some would suggest staying at home and watch TV, while others would approve a meander over a coffee shop, listen to good music, chill, or what have others called --- party.