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  • Twin Pagodas, Taiyuan, Shanxi province, China

    Twin Pagodas, Taiyuan, Shanxi province, China
    In history (like everywhere) the bigger is better. Same in religion, but accompanied with the meaning of being closer to heaven. This time it is about two octagonal pagodas (the tallest pair in China :), each one of more then 50 meters tall, standing since 16th century and accompanied with the temple and peony garden, which supposed to blossom beautifully in spring.
  • Manaoag Church

    Manaoag Church
    The town of Manaoag Pangasinan was named after a legend of a man who was walking along a field and heard a sweet voice calling. When he trailed the voice, he saw an image of a woman with a rosary in one hand and a child in her arms standing on a branch of a tall tree. After the apparition, the tree was taken down and carved into the image of the Virgin Mary. Thus the name, "Manaoag" which is "man" meaning "to" prefixed to "taoag" meaning "to call" is given to the place where the apparition of Mary occurred. Some versions of the story say that it was lightning that struck the tree down but it left an imprint of Mary’s face on it.
  • The Famed Glory of Sta. Barbara

    The Famed Glory of Sta. Barbara
    Next from my hometown is a wonderful little place called Sta. Barbara. This town is dotted with some heritage and scenic landmarks not only for the city of Iloilo but to the whole country. History of the Municipality of Santa Barbara covers four centuries that as early as 1617, the missionaries attended to the spiritual ministration of a community or "pueblo" then known as Catmon. The name was derived from a fruit –bearing tree, which served as an imposing landmark in the vicinity.
  • Jaro, Iloilo

    Jaro, Iloilo
    After visiting the Jaro belfry, I think it's best to serve you with yet another toast of this beautiful town. Jaro is a suburban place with more than 10,000 population. It is taken from the word Saro or Salog (floor) which Spanish inquisitors cannot pronounce thus the naming of Jaro en-official. Once it has been the trading center of Siam and Chinese merchants since this place is located in-between Dungon Creek and Jaro River, making an easy-access to the mouth of the ocean.
  • Tomas Morato

    Tomas Morato
    Italian? American? Chinese or Mediterranean? German or Japanese? Name the gastronomic delight of your fancy and chances are, this short strip in Quezon City will probably have something to sate your desires. Be it formal, casual or even romantic, Tomas Morato St. will definitely cater to you.
  • Xihui Park, Wuxi, Jiangsu province, China

    Xihui Park, Wuxi, Jiangsu province, China
    Wuxi, the not-so-big metropolitan for Chinese scale (4.5 millions) serves as a strong industrial center and is considered one of the less attractive city among those prosperous, resided on Grand Canal.
  • The Jaro Belfry

    The Jaro Belfry
    The belfry, campanario, or bell tower is a given fixture of every Catholic church. It houses the bells, which basically toll the hours, call the people to mass, and announce important events.
  • Songshan Mountain Geopark to Shaolin Temple, Henan Province, China

    Songshan Mountain Geopark to Shaolin Temple, Henan Province, China
    Shaolin, the temple and the legend. We've passed there too, but chosen the backdoor to the temple because of two reasons: first, to avoid the overcrowded tourists and second, to enjoy the beautiful 3-hours track in Songshan Geopark.
  • Ma's Restaurant

    Ma's Restaurant
    Hear the name "Ma's" and you might conjure up the image of an old, large, greasy woman flipping pancakes and grumpily asking what you'd like to order, according to my boss; apparently the name didn't entice many customers in the early years. But prejudices finally subsided and people were pleased to discover that Ma's was actually a locally owned Chinese/Thai restaurant found right in the heart of downtown Central Point, and has now not only been thriving for the past 10+ years, but has been my place of employment for the last 3 of them.
  • Holga in Newport Beach, CA

    Holga in Newport Beach, CA
    It amazes me now, in retrospect, that I spent seventeen years of adolescence waiting for the day when I could leave my hometown of Newport Beach, California. Ten years later I recently spent a month back in the place that I was raised and now wonder how I ever took such a place of beauty for granted. Sea, sand, surf and surfers: Newport Beach is truly a place unlike any other.
  • Viña del Mar

    Viña del Mar
    Viña del mar is the most important tourist city in Chile. It’s only two hours far from Santiago (capitol city of Chile). Viña is also known as City garden because it’s full of beautiful floral adornments.
  • Multnomah Falls

    Multnomah Falls
    Multnomah Falls are located about 20 minutes east of Portland off the 84 freeway. I have been there many times in the Summer and this was the first time I was there in the Winter. It was in the middle of an Arctic Storm so the walls around the falls were completely frozen!
  • Praia da Vieira (Vieira Beach)

    Praia da Vieira (Vieira Beach)
    Located in the central Atlantic coast, Praia da Vieira is a village of many costumes, it is a fisherman village,..
  • Alubihod, Philippines

    Alubihod, Philippines
    We all love beach, don't we? We all bask ourselves under the heat of the sun every summer! But what about during the Christmas Holidays?!
  • Sungai Lembing, Kuantan

    Sungai Lembing, Kuantan
    We slept at 2am, wake up at 5am.
  • Sky Experience Adventure at Crown Regency Hotel

    Sky Experience Adventure at Crown Regency Hotel
    What I love about Cebu is that every time I come home, the place has always something new to offer: a new mall, new restaurant, new hangout, new beach hideaway, and new friends. No wonder travelers simply can't get enough of the Queen City of the South, making Cebu the most visited city in the country.
  • Expo 2000 Area Hannover

    Expo 2000 Area Hannover
    It´s 9 years now already since the world was visiting Hannover for the Expo 2000. Since then the whole area becomes a perfect location for lomo enthusiasts from all over the world.
  • Bukit Tabur; Rainy n' Misty

    Bukit Tabur; Rainy n' Misty
    29th December 2008, this is where I was, I went to Bukit Tabur to get myself away from the city, far away from work, I just wanted to breathe with empty mind, thinking of nothing but to reach to the peak of this hill. It was raining when we arrived the hillside, 7am. We were 50/50 to decide whether to go for it or not. Well, we decided to take a special opportunity of this rainy trip up. Wet, slippery, cold and misty... Definitely adventurous than normal.
  • Train station in Marijampolė

    Train station in Marijampolė
    Marijampolė it‘s not a big town. It‘s in the seven place by size of all Lithuanian towns, but it‘s my home town and I Love it. Marijampolė don’t have a lot famous locations, but there are some which you definitely need to see.
  • The massif of Esterel.

    The massif of Esterel.
    In France, between Cannes and St Raphael, lays the mass of Esterel. It's a 280 million years old volcanic mass of red porphyry falling down the Mediterranean sea. The contrast between the flamboyant red rocks and the indigo blue of the sea is breathtaking.