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  • Town Hill at Bergamo

    Town Hill at Bergamo
    During my last Easter holidays I was in Torino with my Champi. The last week end we went to a slope style contest (the Nissan Town hill) in Bergamo.
  • Ghent By Night

    Ghent By Night
    Since last school year I've been living in the beautiful student city called Ghent. Living here as a local has learned me to appreciate the beautiful authentic village that is bursting with life.
  • Halloween International Monsters - Hong Kong

    Halloween International Monsters - Hong Kong
    If you are lucky enough - you get to Hong Kong sooner or later. But if you are really lucky, you'll discover the Halloween celebration just in the day you are there!
  • Wuppertaler Schwebebahn

    Wuppertaler Schwebebahn
    Public transport in Wuppertal is a unique experience, and also quite an adventure, especially if you're scared of heights. To get in and out of the swaying carriages of the Schwebebahn („floating train“) takes a bit of strong nerves but you'll be rewarded with a fun ride and (more or less) exclusive views into people's backyards – keep your camera ready!
  • La Défense at night

    La Défense at night
    La Défense is one of the most known and prestigious sights in the french capital. But wait a minute, i heard that the massive and modern replication of the arc de triomphe in this business quartier does not belong to Paris!? Well that might be the Parisian interpretation.
  • Home-Fig-Harvest in Algeria

    Home-Fig-Harvest in Algeria
    My trip to Algeria this summer, with its special exotic of the North-African coast, had a few moments to remember. We got attached to a family, with who we spent most of our time. They had a fantastic house at a large avenue. But behind a wall towards the street shined a quite big yard with a pretty house and even with a sub-yard, where they put all the trash. Like a massive garage. This espacio had even more quality, because a nice fig-tree was growing there and his huge branches were heading over to the "show-off" yard. Figs can be harvested two times a year, if I remember right, and for our stay in August we got lucky to be right on time!
  • Kuala Kubu Bharu Waterfall

    Kuala Kubu Bharu Waterfall
    This waterfall is cool, the water flushing is really strong and fun. The idea of going to this waterfall is to get the total jungle adventures kind of feeling. Being out of the big city, traveling and trekking up hill. Listening to the beautiful sounds of nature. When we were trekking up looking for the waterfall, the water splashing sounds were already been heard and brought all the excitement even before we actually saw the waterfall. Kuala Kubu Bharu itself, is quite a small country sites, where there are still people and community there maintaining the whole place.
  • Camps Bay side, Cape town

    Camps Bay side, Cape town
    If you are ever in Cape town, and it happens to be a foggy day, and you have no car,here is what you can do. Start in City or Bo-Kaap, go up Kloof Nek Road. It 's always up, about an hour or so, but it's quite picturesque road full of beautiful residential houses, parks and real Chocolate Factory (worth stopping at it's shop for real local made dark chocolate).
  • Fortress of Kaitbay

    Fortress of Kaitbay
    Another place to visit in Alexandria, it was our 2 days tour only but there are so much photos to share. So this is the Fortress of Kaitbay. The Fortress of Kaitbay is one of Alexandria most famous ancient lighthouse that was built in 279B.C. The term lighthouse has the meaning itself, but we do not see any lighthouse when we get there. The reason is easy and simple, it was already destroyed by a disaster that happened long time ago.
  • Cape Town, City

    Cape Town, City
    If you think that Cape town is all about Table Mountain and the oceans- it's not true. It has a CITY, too. The one which looks the same as the London one, or any other. With high building, big squares, but- almost empty.
  • Mining Museum of Lewarde, Northern France.

    Mining Museum of Lewarde, Northern France.
    On the site of a former pit, France's biggest mining museum offers a descent into the coal stoves and an introduction to daily life in the coalfield. The Delloye Colliery produced up to 1 000t of coal per day between 1930 and 1971.
  • Mambukal Mountain Resort

    Mambukal Mountain Resort
    I was invited by my lomo friend, jahzee ("": to come and visit her place. So I packed up some of my lomo stuffs like the lomo fisheye2, films, Holga and analog cameras.
  • Beuil / Old village of Mediterranean Alps

    Beuil / Old village of Mediterranean Alps
    Beuil / Old village of Mediterranean Alps. At 1500m high, Beuil is a very old perched village an hour drive north of Nice, in the renowned Mercantour National Park.
  • Calleguas Creek

    Calleguas Creek
    This dried up riverbed is somewhat out of place in this suburb. Nonetheless its a great spot for taking photos of its almost undisturbed ecosystem. During the rainy season its a river but the rest of the year its almost desert-like.
  • Vigo to everyone !! Spain

    Vigo to everyone !! Spain
    Vigo is the biggest town in the Northwest of Spain. Whooo!!! There are a lot of peculiar things in our town: Boats, graffiti, Commercial areas, rubbish, misery, happiness, parties, ducks in the gardens, big squares, little ones, … I think that you can meet all you need (more or less …)
  • Kölner Dom

    Kölner Dom
    Cologne without the Kölner Dom? That's unthinkable. The official name is "Hohe Domkirche St. Peter and Maria" but who cares, it's the Kölner Dom. The Dom is 157,38m, the third highest church on earth. The cathedral is only 250 meters away from the Rhein. The architectural style is Gothic. From 1880 to 1884 the Kölner Dom was the highest building in the world and it's the most popular sight in Germany. Since 1996 the cathedral is a world cultural heritage.
  • Elunda town in Crete Island

    Elunda town in Crete Island
    If you are tired of your job, of routine and everyday running, you need a vacations and good rest? Well then this location is write thing for you. Elunda - it’s a small fisherman village located in Crete island. I have heart that lot of tourist love that place and now I understand why:
  • The Kota Tinggi Waterfall

    The Kota Tinggi Waterfall
    Where would be the best place to visit when the weather is so hot and you are longing for a "colder" place? It's like summer everyday at Malaysia. During the time when we are hot, usually we just find a nice comfy air-conditioning room, for a drink with some close friends. But why not we step out of this air-con room and breathe the fresh air instead?
  • Cycling to work, York UK

    Cycling to work, York UK
    I have a bit of a bad habit of documenting most things I do with a camera.. at least one photo relevant to something I do/have done! well I cycle to work everyday and Im proud of myself when I say it's 7 mile a day! I have a lovely purple ladies cycle with a basket on the front and a luggage carrier on the rear and to be totally honest - I LOVE it. I get to have some me time with my cameras.
  • Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver

    Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver
    Queen Elizabeth Park is one of the most visited places in Vancouver. According to the park board the park receives 6 Million visitors a year and that it is also the highest place in Vancouver.