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Here are our selected world locations! If you're after more globe trotting fun, head over to the main Locations Section.

  • A Colorful Trip to Monet's Garden

    A Colorful Trip to Monet's Garden

    There's nothing like Claude Monet's paintings to get you inspired and start taking photos. Monet's Garden is actually the place where I really started to get into Lomography. The scenery here is just so lovely that it makes you want to keep on taking photos, just to capture every beautiful sight!

  • Berlin, the City I Live In

    Berlin, the City I Live In

    It was in 2007 when I first came to Berlin and it was love at first sight! Unfortunately, I was only there for a 10-day vacation. Still, memories of that trip never failed to excite me even as I wandered around in my old hometown. As fate would have it, a year later, I met the love of my life, who, coincidentally, was living in Berlin! So I made the big leap - I got married and moved to Berlin! And to this day, that still holds the top spot as the best decision I've ever made!

  • Requested Location: Times Square - The Kiss Place

    Requested Location: Times Square - The Kiss Place

    World War II is over - let´s kiss! To commemorate the iconic "kissing" photograph at Times Square, two statues - an American Marine and a nurse have been put up in one of New York City's busiest locations, Times Square. It marks an important part of history that has changed so many lives.

  • Paris' Petite Ceinture Abandoned Railway

    Paris' Petite Ceinture Abandoned Railway

    Petite Ceinture is an abandoned railway inside Paris that goes all around the city. It is closed to the public and sometimes hardly accessible so you normally cannot go there but there is such a crazy ambiance there that so very few people know about.

  • The Horror of Auschwitz

    The Horror of Auschwitz

    Having traveled to one of the locations most associated with the Holocaust, Auschwitz-Birkenau (Oświęcim), I realize that there is simply no picture, nor words, that can fully describe the experience. I spent an afternoon exploring Auschwitz I and II and was just deeply moved by the things that I saw and the stories that I heard - a truly eye opening experience to one of history's most harrowing chapters.

  • The Blade Runner Bar

    The Blade Runner Bar

    Have you seen the Blade Runner flick? If not, then I have an assignment for you. Go to your movie rental store, watch the movie and if you like it, come back and read this article.

  • F*** Parade 2010 in Berlin

    F*** Parade 2010 in Berlin

    FuPa 2010: the demonstration of peace, joy and pancake (German phrase) At 21.08.10 the 13th Fuckparade in Berlin took place. During the last years I allways did my best to participate. A really great party , demonstration! This year I took lots of lomographic toys with my, which I used quite a lot.

  • Gothic Lolitas and Japanese Rockabillies.

    Gothic Lolitas and Japanese Rockabillies.

    Wandering around the Harajuku district is like finding oneself in a science fiction film. Its parks and streets are filled with Victorian dolls, anime characters, Danny Zuku impersonators and other similar freaks. You’re guaranteed a spectacle.

  • Where the Lomo LC-A Was Born

    Where the Lomo LC-A Was Born

    St Petersburg was not on my "Top Vacation Destinations" list even 6 months ago, but meeting a few Lomographers from Russia changed all that!

  • Château de Chenonceau, Loire Valley

    Château de Chenonceau, Loire Valley

    I bid you welcome to Château de Chenonceau. This is the ultimate dream castle for you frustrated princes and princesses out there, a castle that seems to have no business in the middle of the Cher River, in France. There are no pet dragons though.

  • Welcoming Tbilisi

    Welcoming Tbilisi

    Once you see this city, you're sure to fall in love with it! Once you meet local people, you will definitely fall in love with them too. Once you taste the local cuisine... oh boy! Be careful as you might decide not want to leave Tbilisi ever!

  • Berlin For a Night Through Indonesian Eyes

    Berlin For a Night Through Indonesian Eyes

    The first impression when i arrived in Berlin was "WOW what a great great train station", there's nothing like this in my home country. It's quite different than the 2 cities before I got to Berlin (Erfurt and Frankfurt), maybe because all of the skyscrapers in downtown. This is the third city in my summer school trip around Europe, in Deutchland or we can called it Germany.

  • City of Chernivtsi

    City of  Chernivtsi

    Today the spirit of ancient Chernivtsi, a forgotten European city or “small Vienna” as it is called , is being revived. Chernivtsi is quite a find. The city is situated in the south western part of Ukraine along both banks of the river Prut.

  • Old & rotten amusement park

    Old & rotten amusement park

    If you have a look at my articles, photos and likes you can cleary see a tendency to fun fairs, amusement parks and especially the ferris wheels. I simply love those colorful places and when I was told that there is an old and rotten amusement park out there in Berlin I had to visit it! What a great combination!

  • I Am Photokina

    I Am Photokina

    A day at the world's biggest trade fair for photography and imaging industries. This year in 2010 over 1200 photographic and imaging suppliers used the space in cologne which offered about 200.000 squaremeters to introduce new and present amazing products, both for professional and consumer imaging... One of them was the Lomographic Society International!

  • Concierge Recommends: Macau

    Concierge Recommends: Macau

    In each hotel there will always be a trusty concierge that knows about almost everything there is to know about the country. Since this is my profession, here's my take on things to do in Macau. Listen up as I give you the full scoop!

  • The Brooklyn Bridge, New York

    The Brooklyn Bridge, New York

    One of the places most beautiful in the Big Apple and certainly one of the most photogenic. The Brooklyn Bridge has stood witness to countless events and moments, both real and theatrical. Read all about my day at this important monument!

  • A Day at the Races - The Lomolocation that Could Make You a Profit!

    A Day at the Races - The Lomolocation that Could Make You a Profit!

    Do you lack lomo-inspiration? Are you fed up with photographing the same streets, the same people? Are you feeling a bit short of cash? How about a lomolocation that offers rolling countryside, beautiful people, fast moving speedsters AND the chance to make a few quid? If so, it's time to hit the racecourse...(OK, OK, I admit it, you might well lose a few quid...but think of the fun you'll have)

  • The Beaches of the Outer Hebrides

    The Beaches of the Outer Hebrides

    "Don't like the weather? Wait twenty minutes." - Scottish saying. I thought the bad weather would never end and I'd never get to see the beach on Benbecula that I'd dreamt about for weeks. Check out the beaches of the outer Hebrides!

  • Panelomo’s Lomographic Journey - Goodbye Singapore, Hello Abu Dhabi

    Panelomo’s Lomographic Journey - Goodbye Singapore, Hello Abu Dhabi

    Inspired by stouf’s Goodbye Quebec post, here’s my story of an unforgettable end and a start of another lomographic journey. I arrived in Singapore last summer of 2001, coming from my hometown in Manila, Philippines. Judging from my profession, Singapore is truly an architect’s playground.