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Introduction to .panic’s Malta Series

One of the most beautiful and peculiar states in Europe is in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea: the Republic of Malta. Its history, geography, people, nightlife, and mysteries are all features that make this place very interesting. I enjoyed living in Malta for two weeks in 2011 and I made it one of the best trips of my life, obviously by bringing along all my Lomo cameras!

In the Mediterranean Sea, there are a lot of islands and archipelagos. A lot of times, the islands are part of the main states of Europe, Africa, and Middle Asia but sometimes they could be separate states. This is the case with the Republic of Malta, one of the smallest states in the world (after its independence from the UK in 1964).

Geography is only one of the features which make Malta unique. With this “Malta Series” I’m going to tell you about all the trips I made and about all the places that are worth visiting if you’re planning to go there. The most important thing I’d like to point out is how Lomography was perfectly integrated in my trip, a visit to one of the most peculiar states I’ve ever visited.

About the author:
Name: Alessandro Panelli
Location: Padova, Italy
Lomography Nickname: yopanic (but my real nickname is “yo.panic”, it’s just that not all sites allow me to add the dot)
Professional Nickname: .panic (you can read it “dot panic”: yes, I’m obsessed with that dot!)

About me:
Defining me is quite difficult, but I’ll try to give you all a brief description of my life. I’m a Medicine and Surgery student and an Emergency Ambulance Rescuer, but I’ve got a lot of other passions and hobbies:

As a writer, maybe you’ve read my article about the Epson V500 and about scanning tips; I usually write articles because I like to share my experience with other people. Lomography users helped me a lot to understand the basics of film photography, so I think it’s only fitting to return the favor.

As a film photography enthusiast, you will soon discover a lot of things about my style.

As an artist, I’m a photographer and many people have started asking me and commissioning me for some photo shoots. It was great to discover that people loved what- and how I love shooting. I still cannot pay my bills through my photography work though, but I hope to improve my skills day by day.

written by yopanic

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