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Here you will find a handpicked selection of the best articles.

  • A Perfect Band For A Perfect World

    A Perfect Band For A Perfect World

    That's right! Meet Faintly, the perfect band in a world of perfection. Or maybe not in the end. As lead singer Ian Ketterer asks, "Am I ruining my own career in music by writing this article?" Find out for yourself and learn to love the beauty in imperfections.

  • LomoPeople: Kris

    LomoPeople: Kris

    Next in line for our new LomoPeople series, we follow chrisdafox, who's been busy taking pictures and shooting portraits of his friends and chronicling their less than ordinary tales through the discerning eye of his analogue lens.

  • My Analogue Life: Get Masked - A Practical Guide

    My Analogue Life: Get Masked - A Practical Guide

    I get a lot of questions. People email me about cameras and film and how to achieve certain effects with their analogue cameras. But the question I get most isn’t about tips or tricks or technique, at least once a week, it’s: where do you get those masks?

  • James Dean: A Movie Icon With an Eye for Photography

    James Dean: A Movie Icon With an Eye for Photography

    We all know James Dean as the legendary actor who lived fast and died young. He was the subject of almost every photographer of his era. But aside from acting and racing, one of his passions was the medium of photography.

  • My Analogue Life: Please Don’t Fix It In Post

    My Analogue Life: Please Don’t Fix It In Post

    If we don’t talk about it, maybe it doesn’t really exist. But we all know it does, so perhaps it’s better to get it out in the open, to be grown-ups about it, to share. I’ll go first and admit to occasional cropping and removing annoying dust particles from scans. And I’ll tell you that my biggest pet-peeve is the term “digital cross-processing” because it’s such a blatant oxymoron. But I’ll also say that my life is so much easier thanks to the Adobe Creative Suite software.

  • My Analogue Life: My Favourite Mistake

    My Analogue Life: My Favourite Mistake

    Surprise and anticipation are two of the very best things about analogue photography. It’s exciting, fun, and a thousand things digital photography can’t possibly be. But sometimes the surprises aren’t so super, like when an alternative processing experiment goes horribly wrong, or the back comes off your camera and exposes the film inside. And then there’s that occasional roll of damaged film that’s too damaged and the negatives end up being a long strip of nothing at all.

  • My Analogue Life: Film Freak

    My Analogue Life: Film Freak

    I love film. I don’t just shoot it, I collect it, scavenge for it, hoard it. I’ve sacrificed half of my refrigerator and freezer for it and still, I can’t get enough. I am a film freak and I’m not afraid to say it. I know it’s obsessive and that I’m an addict.

  • Learning the Art of Letting Go

    Learning the Art of Letting Go

    Now, “don’t think, just shoot” has a deeper meaning for me: As I take each shot with my toy cameras, I simultaneously let go of worrying whether I got it right. As I press and let go of the shutter button, I let go of the fear of taking a crappy shot. Read how Lomography has taught me how to breathe easy.

  • My Analogue Life: The First Time

    My Analogue Life: The First Time

    I remember my first time. It was late spring, but summer had already set in. I was downtown, excited if not a bit nervous. I wanted to do it right even though I knew from other people that there was no real right or wrong way, that it’s a personal thing — everyone does it differently.

  • Change of Soul

    Change of Soul

    One Lomographer reminisces on her transition from digital to analogue photography and how it changed her view on the world. Join eurydice as she recounts her journey from the automatic world of digital, to the unpredictable tableau of analogue!

  • Jan Michellardi: Gloomy and All Sorts of Lovely

    Jan Michellardi: Gloomy and All Sorts of Lovely

    "He was alone and young and willful and wildhearted," Jan Michellardi quotes. And maybe she is, too. She might be young but her photographs, on the other hand, tell another story beyond these mere adjectives. Meanwhile, let us join her Universe as she talks about how lonely things and empty spaces continually amuse her.

  • All Wired Up Gallery

    All Wired Up Gallery

    You might be scared of them, as they usually look ominous with all of the crows perched atop. They might remind you of your childhood too, riding out in a cross country journey with nothing to do but count them as you pass by. Here's our little ode to telephone poles and wires!

  • My Diana Is a Lifestyle

    My Diana Is a Lifestyle

    Are you in the mood to ponder about the questions on why you are into analogue photography? Sean Miles Lotman, a writer and budding haiku poet, tackles these hot topics of discussion and elaborates on the intrinsic aura that lies in the analogue world.

  • Wandering Wayfarer Gallery

    Wandering Wayfarer Gallery

    Whether you're donning them because the sun genuinely hurts your eyes or you want to look cool and mysterious among other people, having a pair of sunglasses in your wardrobe is definitely required. Come take a look why!

  • The Most Sophisticated Drug Baron of All Time: Meet Mr Nice by David Rusbatch

    The Most Sophisticated Drug Baron of All Time: Meet Mr Nice by David Rusbatch

    World renowned artist and Lomographer David Rusbatch, has completed a series of original paintings and limited edition photographs based on the life of Mr Howard Marks (aka MR NICE). A date for the exhibition is yet to be decided, but Lomography members get an exclusive look at the paintings and Holga created work to feature as part of the exhibition! Plus Howard Marks himself has signed and fingerprinted each piece of work.

  • Vinyl + Film: Same Soul, Different Smile

    Vinyl + Film: Same Soul, Different Smile

    Vinyl records and analogue photography have a lot in common. Perhaps more than you’d think! I began to realize the similarities and intricacies between vinyl and film soon after I started using my Holga 135. Come take a look!

  • Twilight Horizons Gallery

    Twilight Horizons Gallery

    What happens when the sun sets and darkness comes? Why, you bring out your Horizon and shoot the night away! Check out this gorgeous twilight gallery sure to awaken your inner night owl!

  • Beautiful Berlin Gallery

    Beautiful Berlin Gallery

    Teeming with history and rich in culture, Berlin is and always will be, one of our Lomographic meccas! Come with us on a Lomographic journey across the wall as we scour and enjoy the different sights and sounds that we can only find and experience in Berlin.

  • Lomo In Motion

    Lomo In Motion

    The Lomo philosophy can sometimes be set into motion! With movie film formats such as Super 8mm and 16mm, Lomography can take on an entirely different nature, introducing time as another variable to be played with. (And the equipment just looks cool!) Allow me to explain and show you...

  • 35mm Film – Why Did I Ever Stop?

    35mm Film – Why Did I Ever Stop?

    Rhianne Moore is a Lomography enthusiast and a blogger who was asked by a friend why she started shooting film. And after a lot of thought, she began to question herself on why did she ever stop in the first place? Join her as she muses on the wonders of analogue and 35mm!