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The Great LC-A and LC-A+ Masters

What do you get when you give a legendary camera to a Lomography master?

We are no strangers to the unmatched capability of the legendary LC-A and its successor, the now well-loved LC-A+, in producing brilliant lomographs. Although these cameras are already packed with great shooting features, it takes a great deal of creativity and experimentation to come up with truly unforgettable and timeless LC-A snapshots. When placed in the hands of lomography masters, the LC-A and LC-A+ can produce photographs that go beyond the signature saturated colors, great contrasts, and shadowy vignettes.

It was indeed a one tough act but we managed to pull it off. We are proud to give you ten of the most revered Community members when it comes to artfully shooting with the Lomo LC-A and the Lomo LC-A+!

hodachrome from Gifu, Japan

What to expect: Use of elaborate techniques such as EBS (exposing both sides) and multiple exposures

ccwu from Taipei, Taiwan

What to expect: Evocative portraits

grazie from United States

What to expect: Cityscapes and street scenes

fruchtzwerg_hh from Berlin, Germany

What to expect: Pop of colors from cross processed and redscale films

fotobes from Brighton, United Kingdom

What to expect: Stunning silhouettes and splitzer snapshots

dakadev_pui from Bangkok, Thailand

What to expect: Masterful use of multiple exposure

japsix from Sevastopol, Russian Federation

What to expect: Sun-soaked travel photographs

tracyvmoore Washington, United States

What to expect: Vibrantly colored and heavily vignetted snapshots

sobetion from Bangkok, Thailand

What to expect: Wildly experimental multiple exposures and portraits

superlighter from Osimo, Italy

What to expect: Architectures, portraits, and landscapes

This is not a definitive and exhaustive list and we are sure that the Community has a lot of other talented LC-A and LC-A+ users that are just waiting to be discovered. If you think we missed someone who should have been on this list, kindly hit the comments section below!

The Lomo LC-A is the camera that started the Lomography movement. With full controls and wide ISO range, this automatic gem is perfect for beginners and professionals alike. Get your own Refurbished LC-A in our Shop!

written by icequeenubia


  1. ekeupratama


    gocchin, adi_totp, bebopbebop and istionojr as well

    8 months ago · report as spam
  2. djramsay


    8 months ago · report as spam
  3. mnyc

    @icequeenubia scootiepye!!! I am stunned that she is not on of this list! I nearly choked on my coffee!! http://www.lomography.com/homes/scootiepye http://www.lomography.com/magazine/lifestyle/2010/06/16/diversity-in-an-analogue-world-the-beauty-by-scootiepye "We all know her pictures. For some, they may even be the images that inspired them to pursue Lomography in the first place. Take a few minutes and digest what one of the oldest Lomographers in the community, scootiepye, has to say about maturing photographically!"
    8 months ago · report as spam
  4. sirio174


    GREAT masters!

    7 months ago · report as spam
  5. alvchrist


    great people with great photoworks too :D

    7 months ago · report as spam
  6. superlighter


    wow! to be on this list is the best reward! Thank You! this summer I celebrate the 17th anniversary of the biggest infatuation of my life, My infatuation with the LC-A and the lomography world.

    7 months ago · report as spam
  7. fotobes


    A fine list, and very nice to be included, thank you @lomography and @icequeenubia

    7 months ago · report as spam
  8. kimpy05


    aw. no adi_totp and bebopbebop? These at people are my lomography idols. ^_^

    7 months ago · report as spam
  9. mephisto19


    7 months ago · report as spam
  10. icequeenubia


    Our Community members truly take magnificent photos with their LC-A/LC-A+! Thank you for helping us discover them through your suggestions! :)

    7 months ago · report as spam
  11. superlighter


    take a look at @slushy lca's works and thank you @mephisto19 for suggest my name..as you can see I'm already on the list ;) obviously that you're on my top list too :)

    7 months ago · report as spam
  12. mephisto19


    and you truely deserve to be in, @superlighter ! there are some lomographers from the old days next to the ones i mention in my big five article that made so many visual statements that are still being used, outstanding lomographs that are not just popped out of nothing. so they can also be featured! next to the ones mentioned on top, there are also @neja @wil6ka @vicuna @satomi and many more. 30 years of LC-A cannot be featured with a selection of five or six lomographers. name them, though they might not be active anymore.

    7 months ago · report as spam
  13. wil6ka


    7 months ago · report as spam
  14. vicuna


    Great lomographers selection! thanks for including me @mephisto19 ;)

    7 months ago · report as spam
  15. mephisto19


    a bit of Take That... never forget... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yoO_1FFr56k

    7 months ago · report as spam
  16. coca


    super masters and great suggestions @mephisto19...i think @warning and @disdis have great lc-a photos :D

    7 months ago · report as spam
  17. neja


    @mephisto19 thank you for remembering about my vanishing fame:))

    7 months ago · report as spam
  18. neja


    @dakadev_pui well done, my super famous friend!

    7 months ago · report as spam
  19. disdis


    wow.... so many good ones there.... of course some are missing: @maya_newman @NATALIE_ZWILLINGER @anarchy @satomi @vicuna @neja @wil6ka @scootiepye @mephisto19.... and so many others... but I'm glad to see those 10 in the list. Thanks @coca for putting my name out there anyway.

    7 months ago · report as spam
  20. grazie


    thanks for including me on this list. May I add @suizidekid @satomi @feelux @icuresick @boredbone @neja @wil6ka @vicuna @palkina @atria007 @goldie @disdis @warning . Maybe there should be another set of 10.

    7 months ago · report as spam
  21. grazie


    @jeabbz @adi_totp @gocchin as well hehe :)

    7 months ago · report as spam
  22. 134340


    hello, masters @dakadev_pui and @sobetion ;)
    All the lists are truly masters!!! :)))

    7 months ago · report as spam
  23. lokified


    Fantastic list! All mad geniuses.

    7 months ago · report as spam
  24. bebopbebop


    thank you for your suggestion @kimpy05 ! you are my idol as well !

    7 months ago · report as spam
  25. satomi


    I've actually never been very good with LC-A, but thanks for the thought @grazie, @mephisto19, and @disdis!

    7 months ago · report as spam
  26. gepo1303


    I nominate @mephisto19 please!

    7 months ago · report as spam

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