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LomoLit: Keepsake

This week's LomoLit entry takes on the joys of traveling and different memories and stories with souvenirs from each trip.

I always tell my friends who travel to different parts of the world to bring me a souvenir of their travels. Yes, those trinkets from tourist shops and t-shirts that say “I LOVE (insert name of place here)” are fun items to have but I’d rather have the real deal.

You know, maybe a wilted flower from the famous flower shops in Paris. I don’t even care if it’s already flattened in a French dictionary just so you can bring it home. I appreciate the gesture and the smell will all the more be preserved in the pages. Just make sure you give me the book, alright? Thank you, Bill.

And that amazing beer stein from an Oktoberfest 7 years ago? How about that? I get to be piss drunk from an authentic porcelain mug fit for a Nordic god! I confess, I really like the gilt edges and Celtic patterns on this one. It made getting drunk a little bit more classy and fun. I just need to find a way to lift this heavy brute of a mug once more. Did you say “hallo” to the lovely girls for me? Cheers to you, Bertha!

Don’t think I forgot about that lovely keffiyeh you brought home for me, Walter! I bet your trip to Morocco was an eye opener. I saw the pictures on your Facebook account. It’s nice to see that you’re having fun. How are the kids? How’s the wife? Don’t worry, I won’t tell. Man, it’s good to see you having the fun of your life.

And Martha, Martha, Martha. Don’t worry. I have never forgotten about the quilt you so patiently crammed into your luggage all the way from Pakistan. I can still feel the grains of sand and the amusing amount of dust it gathered on the way home. I like running my fingers on the thick fibers. What was it you told me again about the thread count? I don’t even know about that stuff but I’m willing to listen as long as it comes with travel stories. You were always a talker when it comes to your wanderlust. How I envied you when we were in college. No, I’m not tearing up. Don’t be silly!

But really, all those are great gifts, you guys! Thank you. I really appreciate them. They’re quite nice. But you know what really made me enjoy them? Your stories. Your words make me feel like I was with you the whole time. And those neat little bottles of earth, water and local seeds are somewhat illegal to bring home for some places but I really love them.

There’s nothing like feeling the grain of sand and soft moisture of damp soil on my palm, spritzing my arm with a few droplets of water from a river you once crossed and imagining what those tiny little seeds would have looked like when they finally bloomed by my window.

Photo by scorpie

Don’t worry! I’m going to get strong enough to go with you on those trips. It’ll be like the good old days – sleeping under the stars, getting the wind on our faces and having our hair all scrunched up and frizzy from prolonged dips in the sea and exposure in the sun. Sorry bout that, Dan. Your thinning hair does not make you less handsome. Don’t be insecure about it.

Photo by born-to-ruin

I just need to get up out of this cramped bed, maybe go on my wheels – they kind of look fetching even with just two wheels on both sides, I admit it; I make wheelchairs look good – and just roll into the PT room for a session or two. I’ll get back up on these feet. I think I just need more time. I want to feel the sand in between my toes again and the cold and salty seawater on my now albino skin. But for now, these will do. Thanks, you guys. You are the best.

written by cheeo


  1. bsdunek


    Wonderful thoughts! Couldn't agree more.

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  2. cheeo


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  3. llcooldawe


    @cheeo Thanks for using one of my shots to help illustrate your well written, poetic narrative.

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  4. alexiagraphy


    Thank you @cheeo :) It's wonderful

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  5. cheeo


    Thank you @llcooldawe and @alexiagraphy for the inspiration. Kind words!

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